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url 2018-09-03 12:42
Mr. PICK IT Arabic App Help Kids with Good Reading and Math Skills

The unique facet of Mr. PICK IT Arabic vocabulary app is in its different learning stage, which develops a keen interest in learning more. The key highlights of Mr. PICK IT Arabic vocabulary apps for iPhone are:


Visit - 


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url 2018-09-03 12:07
See How an Interactive App Can Help Your Kid Learn While Playing

Since we all are attracted towards smart gadgets, we thought why not use them to bestow early childhood education. And who are we exactly? We are MR. PICK IT, an emergent technology-based learning notion for toddlers.

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text 2018-08-31 07:15
How Onboarding Techniques Can Help In Boosting App Engagement?

Everybody wants to get huge amount of downloads for their app but what about the retention rate? Along with download, it is the retention rate which plays a very crucial role. Only a signup cannot mean that the app users are getting engaged. It is only 14% of users which return to an app after downloading it. Generally it is the way you present your app to users and its working efficiency which determine the users engagement within the app.


ios app developers define customer onboarding a process by which users get accustomed to become a customer and beyond. Research indicate that a well managed customer onboarding process has the potential to increase the user engagement by 4x. However, creating an effective onboarding process is not that easy task. All onboarding process are different therefore, it is vital to make your technique different to stay at top.


Here’s some of the ways by which onboarding technique can be applied and bring greater user engagement within the app:


Focus the onboarding on the benefits of the app


You should give focus on the benefit of the app in onboarding process. Obviously all benefits cannot be shows therefore, focus on few of the major ones only to make your app stand out. You can show the benefits before users signed up for your app or when they created an account. The best way is to highlight some of the most prominent benefit of the app before registration.


Persona based onboarding


Generally an app target multiple buyers personas. Using same onboarding process for different personas may not provide the personalized touch to users. For targeting multiple personas together, you can have two options:


  • Create a generalized onboarding process
  • Create a highly customized onboarding process based on buyer personas


Persona based onboarding process can help in increasing the engagement because you are in a better position to communicate how app can provide value.


Make first success easy to achieve


Users download an app for satisfying its needs. There is different reason for different people to download an app such getting information, solving problem, having fun etc. Generally, when users achieve success with the app, the level of customer engagement would increase.  Developers from tablet app development agency suggest that if users achieve first success with in the app quickly, the chances for making the user staying for longer increases.


Users guidance and tutorial


One of the common reason users don’t come back, because they don’t understand the usability of the app. It is the tutorial based onboarding process which is a perfect fit for any app to guide users about what they want to achieve first success and how get started with the app.


These tutorials should not be a length ones, it should simply help users to get started. However, while giving guidance keep a room open for exploration which can bring high engagement such as:


  • Interactive tutorials
  • Coach screens
  • Progress bars
  • Tooltips, etc.


Simplifying the sign up process


A signup form is a part of onboarding process. These are meant to capture leads, hence, they have to be simple, short and should be used at the right time. Sign up process also leads to better conversion rate to bring better user engagement.


Use these simple ways to create your onboarding process which can bring exceptional users engagement.

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text 2018-08-30 07:52
The Market for California Cell Phone Accessories to Rise Rapidly: Research

After intensive market analysis, researchers have found that the demand California cell phone accessories is going to rise at a rapid pace. With the increasing demand for mobile phones, the demand for its accessories will also increase.


Studies say that it is nearly impossible to live without mobile phones and their respective cell phone holder accessories, like power banks, head phones, mobile cases etc. Hence, there is no denying the fact that market for mobile accessories would certainly get an escalating boost by leaps and bounds. The statistic shows the revenue of the global mobile phone accessory market worldwide from 2016 to 2013. In 2016, the mobile phone accessory market was worth about 60.42 billion U.S. dollars.


Furthermore, several factors have been found out that drive the growth ofmobile and accessories market. Some of the major ones are mentioned as under –


  1. Affordable Smartphones

Smartphones have become so affordable that anyone can afford them. This is basically due to increasing demand, growth in market size and number of players increasing in the market. With the smartphones, the accessories are also getting affordable.


  1. Urbanization

With the increase in population and spending capacity in urban areas, the demand for the coolest phone cases and other accessories is also increasing. People are more likely to spend their salary on mobile accessories than any other product in the market.


  1. E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websitesplay a major role in fueling the growth of mobile phone and accessories market. The online stores have greatly helped the vendors in increasing their sales. With amazing discount offers and benefits of online shopping, the demand kept on increasing and is still at its peak.


  1. Network Connectivity

Improved network connectivity is also one of the reasons why mobile phones and their accessories are high in demand these days. People from across the world and strata of society increased the adoption of smartphones in their daily lives.


Accessories for iPhone is Getting the Highest Demand


The above factors are the major drivers that led to the increasing demand for mobile phone accessories. But, do you know iPhone users are amongst the top growth enhancers for mobile accessories? Designer silicone phone cases and other similar products are much in demand among the iPhone buyers. Reports say that due to the expensive and delicate nature of iPhones, iPhone users are more likely to invest in ‘accessories’.


In simple words, the growth is steadily increasing and is expected to continue its pace for a couple of decades in the future.


For more details visit Hypepercent.com

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text 2018-08-30 06:14
Mobile App Development in Madurai- Android and iOS App Development Madurai

Android and iOS Development Company in Madurai

Techno Genesis is a Mobile application development company that offers end-to-end app development services for all leading platforms. As you must be aware, mobile apps have completely changed the business scenario today with billions of new apps being developed every day.


Our Mobile App Development Services are,

We help your business equip with the latest mobile application development techniques and help you compete against companies in your domain. At Techno Genesis, we have No.1 Mobile app developers in Madurai and we delivering cutting-edge custom mobile applications to multiple business needs. Our customers are 100% satisfied with our mobile app development services in Madurai.

 Stay in Touch With Us,

Mobile: 9790261892, 9894169153

Telephone: 04524246979

Email: info@technogenesis.in

Website: http://www.technogenesis.in/

Address: #35/2, Shakthi  Velammal Street, S.S Colony, Bypass Road, Madurai-10.

Source: www.technogenesis.in/mobile-application-development
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