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url 2018-06-12 04:27
Transferring Photos from iPhone to Windows
  1. By using iCloud  
    1. Importing photos using Autoplay
      1. Transferring it using Windows Photo App
      2. If you are stuck while performing these above-mentioned steps then you don’t need to make any hassle just reach us at apple Technical Support Toll Free Number, which can be contacted at any time of the day i.e. 24x7.

Source: www.instantcomputersolution.com/how-to-transfer-photos-from-iphone-to-computer
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text 2018-04-05 07:01
Why iOS App Development Is The Future Of Mobile Application Industry?

Apple’s iPhone is considered one of the most popular and widely used smartphones available in the market today. It seems that the iOS app development has a bright scope in the future.

Apple is one of the greatest smartphone organizations in the world and has the large client base. The company is consistently developing high-tech iOS apps with great features. The future scope of iOS app development will be brilliant and this market is going to blast in coming years. The greater part of the IoT supported by iOS and ultra current home computerization applications are created by utilizing iOS. It is famous for the fact that it provides easy, simple, and intuitive interface and exceptional nature of iOS platform makes sure that the application will be faster and flexible.

Today, people across the globe are aware that how customizable and easy-to-use iPhones are. On the app store, large quantities of iOS apps are available. It can vary in different segments like e-commerce, gaming, news, or entertainment, etc. So, everything is available on iOS platform. That is why, the iOS app development has a great demand in the future. The business visionaries see the iOS apps as the profitable resource to uplift the business. To deliver the right service to the clients through customized applications, various businesses find iOS as the best platform.

Here are some top profiting variables of the iOS app development :

Swift is the future of iOS development

Swift a new innovation that is used by iOS app developers and this incorporates less coding efforts with very less errors. As compared to Swift, java is an exceptionally verbose programming language and needs around 40 % more code to write. And as you know that bigger possibility of bugs comes with the bigger line of codes. This programming language is accepted and heavily used by the iOS app developers. Of course, there are people who prefer Objective-C, and that is perfectly fine as well. But, it is clear that the swift is the future of iOS app development.



  • Emulators: In terms of support and speed android emulators are no match for iOS. It slows down the overall mobile app development process and makes it difficult for android app developers.
  • Time Consuming: Android app development with its longer codes and slow emulators is more time consuming than iOS app development.
  • Support and developer tools: Apple shows more commitment to its app developers. A perfect example of this is XCode being better than the android studio.
  • Revenue: iOS users spend more time on apps and always get ready to upgrade the higher versions of OS. It has more revenues than the android apps.
  • Security: iOS comes up with inbuilt security, thus related apps are regarded as their progressed secure framework.


The bottom line

The iOS app development process is easier and less time-consuming. Thus, switching to this app development is worth considering. It has a bright future scope with rising opportunities.

Source: www.appschopper.com
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text 2018-03-30 12:19
5 Tips for Stunning Travel Photos with an iPhone

Thanks to technology, adventurers no longer have to carry a bulky, heavy, and complex DSLR or film-based camera along anymore. Over the last few years, the iPhone has easily replaced more expensive cameras and outranks them for convenience. When traveling, it is incredibly easier to whip out a smartphone and take photos, whether on a safari in Africa or floating the canals of Venice. However, there are always ways to better photography skills, even with a camera as basic as the most recent iPhone. Here are five ways to improve photographs while traveling with an iPhone:



1) Tripod: Using a tripod can increase opportunities for interesting shots and beautiful time lapses. Making sure that the iPhone is stable and given a view of a weathered landscape or busy traffic area, set a time-lapse for at least three or four minutes. This can capture the movement or life that a photo could not embody otherwise. Note: time-lapses do not record sound.


2) Lighting: Unlike older versions of the iPhone, updated iPhones easily capture portraits and landscapes in low-light. New sensors and faster aperture mean that the iPhone automatically photographs better in low light. Editing photos can also increase or change the exposure of a photo. Make sure never to delete photos that may seem “too dark” at a glance - editing can be the effect that brings out the desired image. 


3) Focus: Different focal lengths can change the theme of any photo. Wide angles give a better sense of environment or setting and macro lenses enhance the details. An iPhone camera lens attachment takes photos to a different level, competing in quality with DSLRs quality. 


4) iCloud: once the adventurous day is over and everyone has returned to the hotel or AirBnB, it’s time to select favorite photos and upload them to iCloud. Losing photos, whether it’s because of phone damage, a lost phone, or stolen phone, is devastating. Be diligent about uploading photos on a regular schedule while traveling. 


5) Editing: find a photo editing application that fits the needs of the photo. Always try adjusting the exposure, contrast, and saturation of any photo, even the ones that seem perfect without editing. Keep the original photo and edited photo as separate files, there is always the chance that the original will need to be edited again. 


Hitcase provides top-quality iPhone camera lenses to take photos to the next level. Compact and easy to attach, Hitcase iPhone camera lenses capture crisp and clear images that survive the wettest and highest-impact adventures. 


About Hitcase

Hitcase offers a selection of durable iPhone cases and iPhone camera lens options that allow users to take stunning pictures wherever they are in the world. The company’s innovative, top- quality products help get people ready for adventure.


For more information, visit Hitcase.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/AdHVuB


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text 2018-03-19 12:48
Get Stunning Pictures with an iPhone Camera Lens and Case

The world is a great big beautiful place. And by adding an iPhone camera lens to their phones, people can capture their experiences and adventures within it better.


iPhones and smart phones have opened up our lives in amazing ways (and yes, this includes all those goofy kid and pet videos). People can tuck them away and carry them just about anywhere—beaches, mountains, jungles, you name it. And when they get there, they can snap a picture or shoot a quick video to remember the occasion. Attachable camera lenses and cases protect phones and enhance the quality of images and videos.


Some Phone Camera Lens Basics


Basically, a camera lens is like an eyeball. On a regular camera, it focuses and guides the light that hits the film and allows an image to form.


A iPhone camera or a standalone digital camera works differently than a film camera. Obviously, it does not use film to capture images. Instead, light travels through the iPhone camera lens and hits an image sensor chip, which breaks the image down to millions of tiny pixels.


By itself, almost any phone camera will have some disadvantages to most standalone film or digital cameras. For one thing, the lens built into the phone itself needs to be relatively small or it would not fit. And because the lens is so small, it cannot see as much or have as many moving parts.


This is where an attachable iPhone camera lens can come in handy. In a way, it acts like a telescope or glasses for the iPhone’s built-in lens—it lets someone see more and see it in greater detail.


Protecting the iPhone and Camera Lens


Camera lenses are not much good if they get cracked, scratched or otherwise damaged. The best iPhone camera lenses are designed to be waterproof and dust-proof, allowing people to take them more places.


At the same time, an iPhone camera lens will not be worth much if someone’s iPhone is broken. This is why an iPhone case is a smart investment.


Hitcase can provide iPhone owners with a top-quality iPhone camera lens and case. Its outstanding TrueLUX lenses allow people to capture stunning imagery and withstand shocks and water.


About Hitcase


Hitcase offers a selection of durable iPhone cases and iPhone camera lens options that allow users to take stunning pictures wherever they are in the world. The company’s innovative, top-quality products help get people ready for adventure.


For more information, visit Hitcase.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/VMghj4


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video 2018-03-17 05:08

Take Incredible Photos with Hitcase’s iPhone Camera Lens

With the all new TrueLUX Wide lens from Hitcase, iPhone users can fit twice as much photo into the frame. The super-compact lens is waterproof and shockproof, making it ideal for landscape, sport or travel video and photography. Hitcase delivers crisp images and incredible, best-in-class clarity across the entire field of view.

For more information visit https://www.hitcase.com/collections/iphone-lenses

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