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text 2018-07-24 17:06
Reading Habits Book Tag!

1. Do you have a certain place in your home for reading? - Yeah, my bed or my couch! Best lighting in my house so I can keep reading longer until I absolutely have to get up to turn on a light.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper? - Both, but I try to use a bookmark if I can.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop reading after a chapter / certain number of pages? - I have to set a page goal, usually to the next hundred.

4. Do you eat or drink while reading? - If it’s an ebook, yes. I would never eat and read a physical book at the same time. I don’t trust myself like that.

5. Multitasking: music or TV while reading? - Music! I like to pull up long playlists and read till they’re done.

6. One book at a time or several at once? - Both. Usually several, but I’ll drop other books for an important one.

7. Reading at home or everywhere? - Everywhere!

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head? - Silently in my head.

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages? - Nope! Sometimes I skim but then I feel bad and read the passage fully.

10. Barking the spine or keeping it like new? - Like new!

11. Do you write in your books? - Absolutely not.

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text 2018-04-09 13:22
Passenger - Alexandra Bracken

Welcome to my blog! Since this is my first post on BookLikes, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself. I'm Julia C., and I am to write the posts on my blog, "Julia's Blog" (creative, I know). My favorite genre is realistic fiction, however, if a book has enough description, it will pass in my eyes. I am currently reading Passenger by Alexandra Bracken at the recommendation of my close friend. While I am not particularly far into it, I can tell a lot about its tone and style.


So far, I have met the main characters, Etta and Nicholas. While their stories are not currently related, I predict that they will intertwine fairly soon. I have also noticed that Alexandra Bracken includes great amounts of detail in her writing. For example, the text says,"it looked like an endless ribbon of steps that had been draped over the rough, rocky face of the cliff, rising and falling with the natural shape of the landscape" (Bracken 8).

As I read more, I will learn even more about Ms. Bracken's style and techniques, but until then, I can view her website (http://www.alexandrabracken.com/) for information. 

I will be sure to post as I get further in my novel! Until next time!



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text 2017-11-06 22:58

Get ready for my dream cast line up and character introduction for my romance book Accepting the Unexpected. How do you like it??? :D



Leila Pierce, Creative Director Sleek magazine:



Blake Collins, Actor/Model 



Richard Speal , former NFL player:


James Higgins, RAF engineer.



Jessie , Receptionist at Sleek Magazine.



Miranda Cain, Editor and chef Sleek Magazine.



Jasper Sharratt, Fashion Designer.


Accepting the Unexpected - Mollie Jo JosephWhoever said love hurts... was not lying! When Leila Pierce, a creative director for a magazine named "Sleek" got brutally ditched by the man she thought she was going to end up with, that was just the start of her life being turned upside down. After the heartbreaking betrayal, she then found herself in a dark emotional tunnel, veering towards depression.
She finds herself packing her bags and leaving Cornwall, England and heading to New York to help Sleek international magazine make it big in the US. Leila is great at her job, and this means she can quell any anxiety over this amazing opportunity, and when she somehow gets introduced to Blake Collins, an actor and model, things start to look up. 
To add more drama to the mix, she also meets the mysterious Richard Speal, a retired NFL player with a drinking problem and some pretty big emotional baggage of his own. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to Richard—could they be kindred spirits?
How could she possibly fall for another man when she's still broken from the last one? And the bigger question is: which man? 
The one that is too good to be true?
 The mysterious one? 

 The one she thought she was supposed to be with in the first place?
Too many questions and not enough answers. She needs to work all this out and impress her boss, Miranda Cain, editor and chief at Sleek NY by making the magazine a success. That's a lot for anyone to deal with right?



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video 2016-12-12 12:53
Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Mindful Being - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Mindfulness Training Alchemy of Love Course are:
- Mindful Being towards Mindful Living; and
- Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents.
The Courses are 12 Modules (weeks) Self-Development Mindfulness Training with 100s of practical Personal Improvement tools. This video is a Welcome Video that explains the Methodology used within the training.




Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPSQYhZsbq0
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review 2016-11-06 12:01
Children's Review: If You Were Me and Lived in Poland
If You Were Me and Lived in...Poland: A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World - Kelsea Parks Wierenga,Carole P. Roman

We received this book to give an honest review. 

You know I never really knew much of anything about Poland so this was a nice book about the different things that is within Poland. Like all the other books in this series we get to learn what people eat there, festivities if there are in, what you would call your parents and so much more.

These are great books to have in a classroom so children can learn about different places around the world.

K really liked the Children's Day that they celebrate over there and has decided we should do that here. 

I think this series is good of children from ages 5 on up because it gives them information on different cultures in different parts of the world, but in a fun way. 


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