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review 2015-01-06 23:19
By giving back all the money she’s taken from him, Teddy is withdrawing her implied participation not only with the coming robbery, but with everything Louis did to earn that first wad of bills too. She’s making her distrust of him foremost in the relationship again. She’s choosing her self-worth over his expedience. And she’s doing it without being at all idealistic or naive: she knows damn well what that money could mean for her, but she knows she would betray herself by accepting it. She’s principled in a realistic, grounded way.
Filthy Lucre - Sharon Cullars

My long, long analysis of money and morality in Sharon Cullars' Filthy Lucre.

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review 2015-01-02 18:15
"A Gentleman in the Street" by Alisha Rai - A Book Review
A Gentleman in the Street - Alisha Rai

Triggers: Right now, I don't remember any, but if someone else read this, please let me know.


Okay, so, this is my first time reading this author. And I'll admit I was a little bit worried. As much as I love(and still root for) interracial romance novels, I have most definitely been burned by them before. In fact, repeatedly. So, I was really, really concerned. 


BUT!...I was happily, tremendously surprised by this, and I honestly couldn't get enough. This is by far one of the best IRR Romances I've read, if not in general, then most definitely in a long time.  


It was refreshing. Akira was the right mixture of vulnerable and tough. She didn't want to nor need to be saved by Jacob's love, and Jacob didn't cheapen his feelings by saying that he was. He also didn't try to "love-her-because-she-doesn't-love-herself". He wanted to show her that she deserved love and everything else that she had. I also liked the fact that Akira was bisexual and polyamorous, and that she was highly open and blunt about her sexuality and needs sexually. I also liked the fact that mention of multiple partners wasn't just held or put to one scene(usually, for the hero'es pleasure first then the heroine's) but mentioned or brought up repeatedly and comfortably. That being said, this is highly explicit, still being tasteful mind you. But there were a few things even I wasn't prepared for and found myself wanting blush at, and I've been reading erotic romance/erotic fiction for a while. 


Jacob. -enter swoon and sigh here- I adored him. It was probably due to the fact that I saw him as Chris Evans that made him even more attractive. But he was sexy and attractive even if there wasn't a face claim to him. Like I said, I liked the fact that he wasn't trying to change Akira from her ways, with the obvious exception of her not loving herself, her ideas on love, and etc. I don't want to say that he conformed to her sexuality. It was more of he became more aware of his own sexuality and what he liked and wanted from a relationship as well. Basically, they both learned something from one another. I also liked the fact that after he decides how he really feels about Akira he doesn't start acting like his old self and becoming distant or whatever toward her. He basically knows what he wants but does it in a way that isn't sexist/gross/over-bearing. He proceeds at a pace that they're both comfortable at with each other, if that makes sense. He doesn't really go in a "I-know-you-love-me" type of thing, thankfully. It's more of "we-know-we-both-like-each-other-but-we're-too-trapped-up-in-things-to-let-it-happen", each side for various reasons. I don't want to give too much away. 


I also liked the way it ended. It fit both of them. That made me happy. 


The sex scenes were hot, super hot. Like I said, this is extremely explicit. In a great way. There were times I had to walk away due to what I was reading. They were definitely one of a kind and didn't feel like the same old, same old, if that makes sense. 


 I had tons of fun reading this, and I really hope I get read more by this author.


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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text 2014-07-07 11:31
It's Time for The Swirl Awards

The Swirl Awards are basically the book awards for IR Romance and/or IR fiction in general. If I remember correctly, this is just the second year of The Swirl Awards but I’m not for certain. 

Anyway, here’s the current finalist list for 2014. Check it out. Voting is still open; the winners will be announced at the end of July. So, feel free to vote or just find books to read. :)

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook as “Swirl Awards”. 

Happy reading!! 

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text 2014-05-23 05:49
Currently Free Over at AllRomanceEbooks
The Masseuse - Violette Dubrinsky

So, this books is currently free. I'm not sure how long it will last though. If I remember right, it's BW/AM. 



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text 2014-05-20 03:57
More IR Books That I Found Out About
Deeper Volume 1 - Kimberly Kaye Terry
Pull My Hair - Kimberly Kaye Terry

Here's more IR books I found out about 


This author has more out. So, i'm just going to post a link to her website and GoodReads page. (NOTE: I've only read a previews of this authors books so, I'm not entirely sure how they are. However, I wanted to go ahead and put them out there) 






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