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review 2018-09-18 06:25
Why Is Project Management Is Considered As An Important Management Discipline

Imagine yourself going north for about 100 kilometres of distance in a dark night!


You know the direction and the distance to be traveled (i.e. the final outcome of the project). What you do not know is the path, preparation, terrain, obstacles, conditions and more.


Would it not help our journey if we study more, plan for the travel and prepare for our journey before we begin the journey? And keep in mind, we may also have to make course corrections during our entire journey! This could be called as project management! In other words, a systematic approach to meet the project outcome.


Without a plan and preparation, we may not reach the desired destination or may not reach in time or reach with injuries or may never reach at all!


In project management terms, our project may not complete in time and under budget! Alternatively you could say, our project may not meet the defined objectives!


Real World Implementation Notes:

The outcome of any project is generally defined at a high level.


Three key challenges before the project begin;


  1. It takes a lot of time to define every detail of the outcome of the project,
  2. It is difficult to define the details and
  3. The organization may not have the subject matter expertise.

So, most of the project would begin without much details about the outcome! As the project progresses, the mystery unfolds.


Without a systematic approach, these projects would not complete as desired.


Hence, project management has gained importance in recent years as separate management discipline.


The high level project processes as below:


  • Understand the objective (define)
  • Plan (detail) how to meet objective
  • Executing the plan (doing it)
  • Making course corrections (controlling)

Meeting the project objective (handover and close)

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review 2018-09-14 08:07
Six Sigma Training in Green & Black Belt Certification

Six sigma is a process to manufacture the product in a manufacturing company. Six Sigma training is designed to set of tools and techniques and it helps to improve the process in an organization. The primary goal of six sigma training and certification is invalidating the individuals who process the skills to identify the errors or defects in business. Which company achieves the six sigma training it has limited errors and defects free performance. Organization of all sizes of cutting and boosting productivity and profits by introducing this six sigma training in their organizational culture. Not only the manufacturing companies the financial institution, healthcare organization and also service providers of all kinds and all sizes are implementing six sigma. Six Sigma service provides the reducing the cost and cash flow can be a challenging for any organization. Service related industries are no exception. Some company offers a board range of six sigma training and certification options and specifically designed to focus theses concern in the service industries.


Six sigma training in black and green belt:


Who are rolling out a six sigma related changes will offer in black belt training members as a way to bring everyone on board and provide a basic literacy regarding the process and jargon associated with six sigma in any company. Aspiring leader and interested in long-term application and development in six sigma and lean six sigma strategies. Green belt six sigma training is most common in companies.  Mostly professional pursuing green belt training in three years of full-time work not counting internship in the process will be related to processing improvement. In coursework, professionals will need to pass the 100 questions in multiple choice exams. Green belt training is varying from institution to another institution but the depth of analyzing the case of study to demonstrate six sigma tools and processes. The six sigma process and tool include the Practical and theoretical knowledge.




The professionals learn how to charter a project by business or studying already in process. Leadership training will learn how to develop allocate responsibilities and take the voice of the customer or client. The leaders will learn how to view the data to gauge progress.




Professional learns how to map the processes support the organization effectively in the second area of the curriculum. Leaders will learn the study aspects of data collecting, analyzing and reporting by using specific six sigma measurement tool. Understanding and becoming proficiency in data collection tool and students able to calculate the performance, set goals and prepare reports to support project goals.




A deeper understanding of six sigma quantification tool, professionals will learn to analyze the data using a variety of method. Green belt six sigma students learn how to communicate with the black belt leaders through developing expertise in reporting tools.




It is increasing the effectiveness and decrease the redundancy means sustaining the changes over the long haul.




It has advanced skills and tools geared toward applying statistics and other measurements tools to keep track of performance. It is the fifth area of the curriculum.


Black belt training:


Six sigma black belt training must have completed at least three years of work in one of the knowledge area which must have been fully paid employment including internship. Professional will master six sigma principles to lead the effective team over a wide range of strategies. Students will take multiple choice exams comprised of 15 questions after the course completion.

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review 2018-09-12 06:54
Improve the Business Process Through Lean Six Sigma

Lean six sigma is a methodology in which removing the waste by an effective group. Also, it is used for decrease the variation.  Lean six sigma is emerged with lean manufacturing or lean enterprise to reduce the eight kind of waste, which are as follows:  defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion, and extra-processing. This process is not only to reduce the amount of waste, the cultural change of overall organization also, takes framework from this process. Define, measure, analyze, improve, control, recognize and standardize are the tools for six sigma respectively. Kanban, error proofing, productive maintenance, reduce lot sizes, line balancing, schedule leveling, visual management, kaizen, value stream process mapping, set up time reduction and 5S are the tools needed for lean.


kinds of waste in lean six sigma:


  • Waste can be categorized as follows:
  • Wait time waste or idle time waste, which is product creation time.
  • The product waste or delivery waste, which is the time to get the product.
  • Waste in the work.
  • Inventory and operations take time for it and do not make money.
  • Extra-processing waste also called as waste in the work.
  • Waste in operations also referred to motion waste.
  • Defect waste or rejected parts waste, which are the particular pieces can be thrown out or reworked.
  • The person who is untrained for the work will be pressured to try the work and forced to complete the work can be called as non-utilized talent waste. This is a final waste.

benefits of using lean six sigma:


The benefits of lean six sigma are boundless. The everyday competition will grow up. The organization faces rising costs. Lean six sigma will solve these problems and will improve the business in the following ways:


  • It improves efficiency and effectiveness.
  • It will increase the company profit.
  • Helps for employees to develop their knowledge.
  • A small, medium, large businesses use this lean six sigma.
  • The smaller organization will grow up to the large organization in few years. Because smaller organization have fewer people for work.
  • It reduces the cost and increases the revenue.
  • It approaches people in a positive way.
  • Decreases the cost.

Lean six sigma will reduce the organization’s cost by removing the waste in which we get from the production process. Problems may occur on during the process. This may be solved by lean six sigma. The lean six sigma determines lean and six sigma to the simple cost of production. Through this process we can speed up the time for production, improve our product quality, it gives the confidence to stay competitive, and one more important factor is we can save money by this method. Six Sigma will identify the kind of waste, and lean will be concentrated on reducing the waste with low price. Lean and six sigma combination will be more helpful for businesses. Both are aimed to solve the solution and save some money.

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review 2018-09-11 15:08
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for Business Process

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is certified to the professional who is qualified in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, who has many improvement projects. And they have teamwork for the complex improvements of projects. Lean Six Sigma is removing the waste like defects, overproduction, motion, extra processing by the team. It improves the profits, customer satisfaction. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is fully understood the lean six sigma methods. There are several types of phases in these methods:

  • Design
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt understands how to perform, interpret, implement and it applies Lean Six Sigma at high levels.


Exam details for the certification


Lean six sigma green belt certification has the exam of 100 questions. It has been allotted for three hours for these exams. It has a true or false question and 20 multiple choices for the knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. It has 8000 testing centers in all over countries in the worlds. It has online exams also.


Requirements for the certification


To achieve Lean six sigma green belt certification, you have to attend and write the exams. You have to take 385 points out of 500 points. For attending the exam, you have to know the application and knowledge of this exam. Before that buy Green belt exam voucher.


Preparation for the exam


The Lean Six Sigma training has been given in the qualified institution. The qualification of candidates who applied for the Lean Six Sigma exam is required:


  • The candidate must finish the degree
  • They should be experienced in the real world of Lean Six Sigma
  • They should have experience of project

Course certification


International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) issues the IASSC Green Belt Certification. IASSC Green Belt Certification includes the Certification Number.


The measure of Lean Six Sigma Certification


  • To get the Lean Six Sigma Certification to follow the procedures:
  • You can choose any fields.
  • By training employees, you can get a 15% productivity increment.
  • Learn how to implement the Six Sigma techniques in the working area.
  • Set your knowledge by critical thinking, problem-solving.
  • Get the improvement skills through the Lean Six Sigma training.
  • In Lean Six Sigma training get the challenging business process.

Improve the qualities by keeping many tasks. Improve the quality. Make projects for the organization. Establish the process for firms. For the improvement of the driving, process does the techniques of quantity. They provide management strategy. You have to change the project. And you have to analyze the project details.


The knowledge of green belt


The topic and the knowledge is commonly represented and accepted for the knowledge. There is an expected knowledge and practical version of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. IASSC aimed to protect the Lean Six Sigma providers. IASSC Accreditation determines the alignment for the Knowledge of IASSC. According to the knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, the topics have been covered for the exams of Lean Six Sigma Certification.

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review 2018-09-10 15:07
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification

SkIL, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Institute offers Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt Course for professionals working in medical coding, Team Leaders, accounts receivables Industry.

Source: www.skilglobal.com/lean-six-sigma-green-belt-training-certification-program
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