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review 2019-11-28 11:41
REVIEW BY MERISSA - Shy Girl vs Popular Boy (Forever Love #3) by Jordan Ford
Shy Girl vs Popular Boy (Forever Love #3) - Jordan Ford

@mpearlauthor, #Contemporary, #Romance, #Young_Adult, 4 out of 5 (very good)

Shy Girl vs Popular Boy is the third book in the Forever Love series, and now the focus moves to Bianca, Cam, and Stacey.

Cam likes Bianca but has a horde of girls who wants his attention. He doesn't think anything of it as he is not interested in them, but Bianca sees it. With her low self-esteem she wonders how he could ever really like her. These two swing backward and forward throughout the book, but it does give them a HFN finish.

Stacey plays a huge part in this book, and although her storyline does impact Bianca and Cam, I felt it almost overshadowed them at times. Don't get me wrong, what she goes through is horrendous, and Bianca and Cam SHOULD be there for her, just like everyone else. It just felt like this story almost matched Bianca's life - pushed to the background for Stacey.

Saying that, I still really enjoyed this story, and can't wait for the next installment in this series that is turning into a family saga rather than 'just' a contemporary romance. This family is intertwined, now and forever, and I sincerely want to continue to find out about all of them!

I have no hesitation in recommending this book, but due to the intertwining, I would recommend you start at book one, otherwise you will miss out!

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2019/11/27/Shy-Girl-vs-Popular-Boy-Forever-Love-3-by-Jordan-Ford
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review 2019-11-14 09:01
Warrior of the Altaii
Warrior of the Altaii - Robert Jordan

Well. I don’t know what I was expecting. It’s a 1970s fantasy novel written by a man whose major series I gave up on eight books in because I got tired of his characters. I guess I just had to see if Jordan was really capable of writing a complete novel that clocks in at a measly 352 pages. (Spoiler: He was.)


It was mildly entertaining, but the main points of interest for me were the bits and pieces I recognized that would later reappear, far more developed and polished, in Wheel of Time. Here we can clearly see the seeds that would later grow into the Aes Sedai and their Warders, the Aiel and their Wise Ones, and so on. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this book was more fun for me as a WoT Easter Egg hunt than as an actual fantasy novel. As fantasy novels go, I thought it was pretty average.


I’m sticking my notes here under a spoiler tag. They’re not terribly spoilery (the last one is the only spoiler, really), and I didn’t get very far before I got bored documenting every time something ripped me out of the story. But if you want to know why it took me ten days to get through this book, these notes will give you a good indication.





The MC’s name is Wulfgar and it is super distracting. I know the name’s been around since before it showed up in Beowulf, but I associate it with R.A. Salvatore’s barbarian character from the Drizzt books. It is so jarring to see it here, applied to a similarly hyper-idealized barbarian. At least this Wulfgar doesn’t wield a hammer.


Above, Loewin chased across the sky, driven there in its battle with Ban and Wilaf, with t’Fie and Mondra. – That’s on the very first page, offered without explanation, and it was a while before I realized those are all probably the names of moons. Ugh. Could I get some context, please?


Jordan keeps throwing around made-up words without explaining them, as if I’ve got an illustrated guide to the world this book is set in. It’s super annoying. What’s a gromet? What’s a fanghorn look like? What are Runners and why’d they kill a bunch of barbarian dudes and leave nothing but bones? Who the hell knows?


So what I’m getting from this so far is that Jordan being crap at writing women was a problem from the outset.


This is definitely a ’70s fantasy novel. Magic is for the wimmins, and for some reason the wimmins have to get naked to cast spells?


I advanced on him singing my death song. My swords sang the song in the air. – The style is doing my head in a little bit. I’m suddenly super grateful Wheel of Time wasn’t in first person.


Her breasts were firm, upstanding globes. Oh, Robert.


There’s a whole lot of people being stripped/getting naked in here. Need to do magic? Get naked! Have you been taken prisoner? Get stripped! Need to rape the barbarian guy you’re trying to tame as your slave? He’s already been stripped (see “Have you been taken prisoner?”) so go ahead and get naked! Helloooo, ’70s fantasy novel!

(spoiler show)


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review 2019-11-14 06:58
So Wright (The Wrights Book 1) by: Skye Jordan
So Wright (The Wrights Book 1) - Skye Jordan




Sexy takes a walk on the sensitive side and delivers heartstopping drama. So Wright is the beginning of series that will break a heart, even as it tempts your senses. First up is Miranda Wright, a firecracker with a chip on her shoulder and a whole lot of heart. Bruised by life, battered by love, she's determined to make a place for herself. She had no way of knowing that fate had other plans in store that would rock her world to it's very core. So Wright is a battle of bruised egos, battered hearts and hard won romance that will turn your heart inside out before it finally lays claim to your soul.

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text 2019-11-05 09:17
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review 2019-10-23 20:45
Warrior of the Altaii by Robert Jordan
Warrior of the Altaii - Robert Jordan


Black Cat Square: The 'warrior brand' of the Altaii, a snarling predatory cat, is depicted on the cover


'Warrior of the Altaii' is Robert Jordan's first novel. It was not published until 2019 because the publishers who bought the novel in the '70s and '80s failed to publish it. By the time the rights reverted back to Jordan he had moved on to other projects and, eventually, 'The Wheel of Time'.


This book is a real treat for diehard Jordan fans, but, for most readers this book will just be a really fancily packaged 1970s barbarian fantasy novel. It was on the strength of this manuscript that Jordan's editor and future wife would recommend him as a new writer for the 'Conan the Barbarian' novels in the 1980s. No one is trying to sell this book as anything but an awesome Easter egg for Jordan fans.


Even if you haven't read much barbarian fantasy or seen any of those movie-films you know there's going to be some, uh, dated, troubling, cringey, problematic, you-name-it elements to the book. You may ask, 'Is this going to be a 'Gor'-sized garbage fire, or just an amusing macho exercise?'


I forgot it was friggin' Robert Jordan so I did not expect the last-act genre-twisting awesomeness.


But first, let me confirm for you that there is slavery, torture, one fade-to-black rape scene where it was non-consensual for both parties (it's hard to explain), and so, so much gratuitous nudity. The men aren't exempt from all of that, but its mostly the women who get the sex drug smeared on their breasts for some reason. Jordan wrote scenes that would make the most eye-catching covers, it was the times.


All of that is terrible. But WAIT! Robert Jordan created here a world where magic is a woman's domain and the 'Sisters of Wisdom' offer up some interesting characters. There are one-way dimensional travelers known as 'wanderers', who are exclusively female, and its implied that they come from Earth! A very cool concept that doesn't get used as much as it should have. The female characters end up being the most interesting of the novel. The warriors, heroes and villains, tended to blur together, but the women were more distinct as allies or as enemies.


The bulk of the novel is macho warrior ego stuff and battle strategery for those who like that sort of thing (Jordan was great at it), but there are further genre twists that I won't give away that make the novel interesting reading for someone looking for seeds of 'WoT'.


Moment of zen: One character, a man no less, is described as having 'slashed' clothing to better show off multiple colors of fabric. It's a Jordan thing.


I enjoyed this.

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