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review 2017-09-09 00:29
Review: The Joy Luck Club
The Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan

So, I hate when I keep books on my 'TBR' list for so long that I regret waiting so long to read them.  I loved the movie, so I knew the book would be even better.  After having read the book, it is better (of course), but doesn't take away from the movie.


This is a book about mothers and daughters.  About the generation gap, cultural gap, and language gap between the Chinese born mothers and their American born daughters.


It's sad in some ways because it seems as their their relationships are base on obligation more so than love.  The mother's wanted so badly for their daughters to be worth something and to have nice things  and better opportunities in America, that they waited to long to instill their Chinese beliefs/wisdom in them.  Which was very much to the detriment of the daughters.  The girls (for a time) only care about being American and fitting it with their American peers.  And it wasn't until later in all of their lives that they realized what they had missed out on.


The mother's obviously loved their daughters very much; however, the way the showed it was so foreign to the girls that they really had no clue; all they saw was harassment, disappointment, embarrassment...  Their stories, which were life lessons, seemed like nothing but fairy stories from the "old country".  The two generations were battling a language gap, not because the daughters spoke English where their mothers spoke Mandarin or Cantonese, but because they spoke the languages of two separate generations from two different countries.  


The mothers clung so much to the old ways, except where raising their daughter's were concerned and by the time they realized what they had done (or not done) it was too late.  And the daughters never paid attention to the lessons that they were taught.  And by the time they realized that they were lessons, it was too late.


The mothers and daughters spoke to one another, but it all seemed to get lost in translation.  As was said in the book, the daughters would hear less than what their mothers had said, and the mother's would always hear much more than what their daughters had actually said.


They were all broken, emotionally injured in some way or another, and because none of them had learned to communicate with each other, it was near in possible to help.  It was beautiful and so very sad, especially for me as a mother of two daughters.  I hope that I have learned to not only speak clearly, but hear what my daughters say.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-07-27 12:05
Solange du atmest
Solange du atmest - Joy Fielding,Petra S... Solange du atmest - Joy Fielding,Petra Schmidt-Schaller,Der Hörverlag

€ 19,99 [D]* inkl. MwSt. 


€ 22,50 [A]* |  CHF 28,50* 

(* empf. VK-Preis) 


Hörbuch MP3-CD (gek.)ISBN: 978-3-8445-2691-2




Erschienen: 24.07.2017 





Robin, die jahrelang keinen Kontakt mehr zu ihrer ziemlich kaputten Familie hatte, erfährt, dass jemand auf ihren Vater, seine neue Frau Tara und deren Tochter Cassidy geschossen hat. Tara erliegt kurz darauf ihren Verletzungen. Als Cassidy im Krankenhaus zu Bewusstsein kommt, wendet diese sich sofort an Robin – so wie ihre Mutter eindringlich geraten hatte. Robin ist klar, dass es viele Menschen gibt, die einen Grund hätten, ihren Vater zu hassen, oder war es wirklich jemand aus der Familie? Und was für ein Monster schießt auf eine Zwölfjährige?



Gelesen von Petra Schmidt-Schaller.


(1 mp3-CD, Laufzeit: 9h 52)


Meine Meinung:

Nachdem ich im letzten Jahr Die Schwester von Joy Fielding gehört hatte, war ich sehr gespannt auf ihr neues Werk. Freundlicherweise wurde mir dieses als Hörbuch vom Verlag zu Rezensionszwecken zur Verfügung gestellt. 


Ich muss sagen, anfangs war ich etwas genervt, da nur von den Gedankengängen der Protagonistin Robin erzählt wurde, während sie einen berufsbedingten Termin hat. Als die Geschichte sich dann weiter entwickelt hat mit der Nachricht ihrer Schwester und dem Aufbruch in die alte Heimat hat die Geschichte dann mehr Fahrt aufgenommen und konnte mich total fesseln. 


Zu den Charakteren kann ich sagen, dass ihre Schwester Melanie wirklich ein harter Brocken war und es ihr nun wirklich nicht leicht gemacht hat. Ich fand es allerdings etwas komisch, dass Robin als Psychologin selbst psychische Probleme hat.


Das Ende fand ich recht überraschend, auch wenn es sich in den Seiten vorher schon etwas abgezeichnet hatte, aber auch sehr erschreckend. Mehr möchte ich hier natürlich nicht verraten. 


Die Sprecherin hat ihre Sache wieder sehr gut gemacht. 


Alles in allem hat mir das Hörbüch wieder sehr gut gefallen, ich kann hier absolut eine Hörempfehlung aussprechen, lediglich am Anfang hat es mich etwas gelangweilt, danach habe ich es aber recht zügig durchgehört. Von mir bekommt das Hörbuch sehr gute 4,5 Sterne. 

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review 2017-07-17 03:37
Don't Cry Now
Don't Cry Now - Joy Fielding

It was so hard for me to get into this book because the last couple books I read (different series/author) were so good and this one just wasn't the same level of writing. I've had this book sitting around for so long I was just determined to read it and pass it along. 

The story itself wasn't bad but the main character seemed to do a lot of dumb things. I found this especially irritating given that she is a teacher and supposedly a very good one who cares about her students. Many things that happened in the book were not very realistic to me - like the police looking through the dead woman's room with the supposed prime suspects there too and touching everything. There were parts later on in the book that I liked though. I'm glad I read it but it doesn't make me want to read more by this author.

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text 2017-07-16 13:03
Nattiness on page 259
Don't Cry Now - Joy Fielding



Am I the only one who didn't know this word? I've never heard it before. I thought it rhymes with ratty so it must be bad but that didn't make sense with the context.  Natty makes me think of how my hair looks when I wake up in the morning after I've tossed and turned all night.


I asked my son when he passed through and he didn't know either. He looked it up.


adjective: natty; comparative adjective: nattier; superlative adjective: nattiest
  1. (especially of a person or an article of clothing) smart and fashionable.
    "a natty blue blazer and designer jeans"
    synonyms: smartstylishfashionabledapperdebonairdashing, spruced up, well dressedchiceleganttrimMore
    antonyms: scruffy


    P.s. I have to finish this book quickly.  The third book in the Shetland Island series by Ann Cleeves in coming soon to a mailbox near me. Once it gets here I won't be able to stick to this one.  

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