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review 2018-02-15 04:22
Bridged (Callahan & McLane #2) (Audiobook)
Bridged - Kendra Elliot

CW (because I forgot for the first one): drug addiction of a side character (family member of an MC)


So as with the first book, this is dual narration, which is still not my favorite. But also as with the first one, each narrator does a great job with their individual parts. It's a catch-22 any time this situation comes up. *shrugs*


The author is also continuing with the villain POV, though I thought it was better integrated here and the reveals as to why he was doing what he was doing and how he was connected to the victims was handled better. Still don't really care for villain POV in mysteries like this, but she does it better than most.


There was one thought that kept niggling at the back of my mind while listening to this: how much time exactly had passed since the previous book. If they mentioned it, I didn't catch it, but it didn't seem like a whole heck of a lot of time had passed. Yet already Mason and Ava are practically living together and act like they've been a couple for years instead of still getting to know each other. I'm not sure I really buy that level of synchronicity so soon into a relationship. 


Also, Ava was shot in the shoulder at the end of the previous book and she's still going to physical therapy for the injury - but she's already cleared for field duty? Um...if you say so. She should either still be on desk duty (and did she even do a psyche eval?) or there should have been a lot more time between books. There was really no need for this book to pick up so soon after the previous one.

And given all the injuries poor Ava sustains again at the end of this book, there really better be adequate time between books - and psyche evals better actually happen for both her and Mason. Jeez.


Really, is Ava going to be severely injured at the end of every book? Can she not? Surely it's Mason's turn next. :D

(spoiler show)


The mystery itself was interesting up to a point.

It kind of stretches believability that every single one of the victims still lived in the Seattle area after nearly two decades. The congressman and Derrick I can see staying put, and even Joe since he was a slacker. But the other two could have just as easily moved out of state and realistically probably would have given what happened all those years ago.


Also, it was rather convenient that Jane was date one of the potential victims. Because of course she was.

(spoiler show)

Still, it was better paced than the previous book, as I mentioned before, and it was odd enough to keep my attention even after I figured out what was going on. The lead up to the climax looked like we were headed toward Silly Town but the author was mostly able avoid it. And I like how Mason and Ava were able to remain professional (fancy that!) and keep their cool under pressure. 


I'm starting to get annoyed with Jane. Ava reminds me of those parents who constantly bail their kids out of trouble so they don't have to face the consequences of their actions and then are amazed when said kids have no moral compass or impulse control. Ava, you're doing sisterhood wrong. 

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review 2018-02-08 05:15
Vanished (Callahan & Mclane #1) (Audiobook)
Vanished - Kendra Elliot

Right away, this audiobook has one of my least favorite things: dual narrators. Both narrators do a decent job with their respective POVs, but having to hear two different sets of voices for all the characters is just annoying. I also thought the guy more natural than the female narrator, though she did grow on me over time. Just please, if you're going to pay for the expense of two narrators, put them in the studio together and assign them parts instead of POVs. It can only improve the product.


The author also does the thing I like least in mysteries: gives us the POV of the perp. Let me figure it out! Then again, this perp was so ridiculously out of left field, that giving us all the villain cliches via bad pseudo psychology wasn't going to hurt it too much. :D


What I did like about this was the relationships between all the characters. Mason's got a family tree that makes the Brady Bunch look like child's play, and they all get along. No snipping or vindictive exes, no patronizing new husbands to threaten the old husband. They're all adults, they all put the children first and they all put their egos aside. So that was refreshing. Jake has to suffer stupidity at the exact wrong moment for the sake of Plot and Climax, but other than that, they're all pretty well written. 


Ava's the one with the mixed up family dynamics, since she has a narcissistic twin sister who screws up her life every time they come in contact. That dynamic was actually pretty well done too.


And suddenly this is a romance. LOL. I didn't expect that and honestly don't think the story needed that, but whatever. Mason and Ava fall "in love" over four days. Ok, sure. But it was neat to see them work together and respect each other, and for the tough, intelligent woman not to turn into a bimbo as soon as she found true love, which tends to happen too often in M/F. 


Overall, this is a pretty decent start to the series. I can live with the dual narration, but I hope we don't get any more villain POVs. 

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review 2016-10-31 22:28
Great Story and Characters
Death and Her Devotion (Rogue Vows) - Kendra Elliot,Kate Rudd

Solitaire hadn’t had a murder since December and then Stevie just got notified there was a body at Crying Indian Campground. It was in the woods. Stevie was to get married this weekend, Stevie was actually happy that she could avoid all wedding talk for the next ten hours. Zane was Stevie’s fiance and the police chief. It turns out that an A list actor Chase Ryan had been murdered. Chase was the star of a national detective  television show  and Chase’s body was posed in the same way as a  crime Chase’s character had investigated.  Chase was with his brother Spider and two childhood friends Josh and Toby and Spider’s son Brandan for a week of camping. Once the word gets out Solitaire’s is over run with all kinds of people include paparazzi  and news media from all over. Zane and Stevie get together a long list of suspects who all seem to be hiding  something such as: Chase’s manager, a stalker, and fans of the show to name just a few. Also the people Chase had been camping with all painted a different picture than the cops were finding out. Then the night before Stevie and Zane were to get married the reception hall is set on fire and burned down to the ground.

I loved this book it had a little of everything in it : a small town, close family, betrayals, secrets, lies, murder, intrigue, a popular actor, paparazzi, many suspects, a stalker, romance and so much more. This novella was a quick paced read. I really enjoyed the twists and turns of this book as well as the stress of a coming up wedding. Where this gets really heptic when the reception hall burns down which starts Stevie wondering if the wedding should be cancelled until after the murderer is found. Stevie has a good heart and mine went out to here the stress of the wedding and then a murder. This story definitely drew you in and kept you until the end of the book. I didn’t realize this was the first part of a two part story or I probably would have waited to have both parts before I read this. There was questions still to be answered. But the writing was very good as was the plot. The characters were great and the ins and outs are also very good. I highly recommend.    

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review 2016-02-25 03:46
Finished Known by Kendra Elliot
Known - Kendra Elliot


Not bad.  Thought I read a few of Ms. Elliot's books in the past but it was a different author that was very similar in writing style.  I'll read more from Kendra Elliot.

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text 2016-02-23 04:03
Started Known by Kendra Elliot
Known - Kendra Elliot

Not bad so far.

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