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review 2017-09-26 15:47
Remote Viewing & The CIA – Vicki’s Key by P M Terrell @pmterrell
Vicki's Key (Black Swamp Mysteries, #2) - P. M. Terrell

Vicki’s Key by P M Terrell has been sitting, ever so patiently, on my Kindle…waiting for me to find it again. It’s like that one sock that your washing machine eats, only I don’t think ya ever find that one, but I did find Vicki’s Key. And I am glad that I did.


This was a fabulous read and I would love to visit Vicki again, and again, and again….




Vicki's Key (Black Swamp Mysteries, #2)

Goodreads  /  Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA




I found the true aspects of the government use and involvement in the psychic truly amazing.


I love everything about the book, the swamp for burying bodies, secrets to be revealed and remote viewing to exotic locations…and into danger. But, sometimes, danger is closer than you think.


The CIA wanted her to stay, but after her last mission, she knew it was time to move on. Does she really believe they would let her walk away?


She was an orphan, with siblings she knew nothing about. She didn’t know how the CIA found her. She grew up in an institutional setting under their guidance and control, treated like nothing more than a lab rat, taught to perform. They wanted her psychic ability, not her, the person. It’s a wonder she didn’t go mad or turn to the dark side.


She wanted a life…a normal life and she was going to Lumberton, North Carolina to find it. She would serve an apprenticeship, of sorts, with an old lady and her tropical fish. Easy peasy, right?


She immediately runs into Dylan Maguire, the fish lady’s nephew. Woo hoo to the hottie, but Vicki’s spidey senses are tingling, just a little for her, but a lot for me. I think there is much more to him than meets the eye, but I like him nonetheless. He has an air of danger, yet a sweetness and desire to please her.


It’s a good thing Dylan can cook, because Vicki can’t even brew a cup of coffee. Who is this man Dylan, loving, caring, thoughtful, romantic and sweet, yet fiery, passionate, protective and beware those who wish Vicki harm


Vicki can psychically project herself to a specific place and time, able to tell everything about the place, the people, and the events taking place. Better than GPS.


So…I wonder how long Vicki will contain her curiosity about the elusive Auntie and open the door to the forbidden room.


I love that the mystery and problems popped up early. Gets me involved, invested in the story and the characters. I really do think thing’s are ‘fishy’, but who is the guilty party and what it’s all about I can’t say for sure…yet. Will she be in danger? And from whom?


The mystery is slow building. It is no surprise they both have secrets, baggage that has followed them to Lumberton. P M Terrell has created mysteries within mysteries and I am unable to figure them out. She weaves intrigue and danger into a suspenseful romance with characters I love to hate and love to love. I am a sucker for happy ever after endings and I am waiting for Vicki’s knight in tarnished armor to come to her rescue. Now…that’s a surprise!


P M Terrell keeps the romance light and sweet.


Vicki’s Key by P M Terrell had everything I could want and more. Some truth, some fiction, woven into a rich and complicated tale that left me wanting more.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Vicki’s Key by P M Terrell.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/remote-viewing-the-cia-vickis-key-by-p-m-terrell-pmterrell
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review 2017-09-18 18:49
A Key to Every Door by dreamlittleyo, rivers_bend
A Key to Every Door - dreamlittleyo,rivers_bend
A well written short told from Dean's pov. Dean is freaked out when Sam admits his desire for his brother.
Source: archiveofourown.org/works/190461
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review 2017-09-17 12:44
Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen
Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen

Get my thoughts on this book @ Ms Bridget Reads on Blogger

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review 2017-09-09 09:52
#60 - Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen

This book was really pleasant to read! It approaches many interesting subjects that could be helpful for a lot of teenagers (and not only teenagers). It is so simple yet so true and full of important lessons. I strongly recommend this book.


It's the story of Ruby, a teenager who lives on her own after her mom left, until her landlord discovers it and she has to go live with her sister. We then follow her journey, where she will meet new people and discover new things, especially about herself.


I particularly enjoy the romance which feels like a real life teenager relationship. It was authentic, like you do not really know if you are dating or not, it is a bit awkward etc. Real life experience! It was not cheesy at all.


I also really enjoyed seeing Ruby’s evolution throughout the book; it was well done and again, felt real.


The other characters were well developed as well. You do not get as much of them as you get of Ruby, but it was nice and refreshing to also get to know them through Ruby’s eyes.


In brief, I enjoyed reading this book. I gave it 3.5/5 and not 4 because I’m not sure I will re-read this book one day. I liked reading it, but not enough to feel the need to re-read it in the future.


Have you read it? What is your favorite Sarah Dessen book (I need recommendations)?

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text 2017-09-07 11:11
Reading progress update: I've read 274 out of 422 pages.
Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen

Going kind of slow with this one... But I LOVE IT! My first Sarah Dessen read (I know, I know) and I have to say I'm impress at how simple but how beautiful and true this book is.


I'm reading slowly because I have a million things to do these days (changes at work, planning my short trip to the States next week, starting to plan my wedding... I'm also secretary for a basket club and president of a youth club so with the return from the summer holidays I have a lot of my plate right now but I love it).


Anyway, I'm definitely going to read more Sarah Dessen books in the future.

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