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text 2019-10-24 12:23
6 Ways That App Development Can Benefit Your Brand’s Profile

With innovation and progress in the technological world, customers are shifting towards mobile services with leaps and bounds. The latest tech that is being introduced for mobiles has made it compulsory for the brands to have a mobile app.


A mobile application can significantly improve the business profile and help the brands to communicate with their desired customer segment efficiently. Here are 6 ways that hiring an app development company in Sutton for app development can actually benefit your brand:


  • Improves Brand Recognition

As communicating with the customers is the foremost goal of the companies, app development can significantly help in creating a communication space needed. The companies can feature their services and products on a mobile app, making it easier for the customers to access them. 


In addition, mobile app services can give better customer retention, since the customers won’t need to log in to browsers. The ease of access delivered through a mobile app can easily elevate customer interactions.


  • Better Interaction


The primary goal for every brand is to engage customers as much as possible. Customer interaction can help improve brand loyalty significantly. Having a mobile application would give customers the ease of interacting with their favourite brands without any hassle.

News, new deals, special bonuses, discounts, etc. can easily be used to interact with the customers over mobile app. In addition, the brand itself can communicate easily with mobile applications through notifications and messaging.



  • Gives Customer Interaction Insight


Another competitive advantage of using app development services in Sutton is that it gives you a competitive insight on how the customers are interacting with the brands. It’s necessary to know what parameters influence customer behaviour and purchase intention, and a mobile app is one of the easiest ways that a brand can use.


The time spent on the average viewing of any product or service, the most products searched and viewed, and similar other metrics can easily be evaluated using mobile apps. Moreover, mobile app access will give competent proficiency in having real-time product feedback too.


  • Helps Engage Socially

Another competitive benefit that the mobile app gives is engaging customers by tagging along with your social media marketing. EWOM is one of the most common means of communication between customers over social media.


The approach of allowing the customers to communicate with others via your mobile application will give them a reliable source. You can easily benefit your marketing campaigns by giving promotional discounts via promoting and sharing of your products through your mobile app to social media platforms.


  • Gives An Insight On Your Website

A mobile app is like a mini display of your main website. Having a mobile application will give you an effective growth, and aid in standing out from the rest of the brands in the market. Since the mobile application is known to compliment the website, it can give significant customer interaction from the customers that are finding your website compelling.


With its ease of use, the mobile app is a great way that the customers can keep themselves connected with your brand without having to interact with the main website. Moreover, the current mobile users are more than 4.68 billion, which is expected to increase further. Hence, it clears the importance of mobile app.


  • Easy to Maintain


Apart from its interactive parameters, mobile apps are easy to maintain. If you’re hiring the best app development company in Sutton, you are more likely to get a highly interactive, easy to maintain and amend the application. This would benefit giving customers further ease of access, and will also boost their loyalty.


A user interactive app will have an appealing theme, quick easy to navigate the positioning, and real-time viewing perks. Moreover, the development team can simply make amends, and launch them as a new update that the customers can easily download.

Source: bellwey.co.uk
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review 2019-07-16 02:05
Fortuna Sworn (Fortuna Sworn #1) - K.J. Sutton

AHHHH I have so many burning questions! I can definitely say Fortuna Sworn will leave you wanting more in a wonderful (MADDENING) way.


I really enjoyed Fortuna and her journey into the world of the Fae. She was a good leading lady, strong, smart, audacious and stubborn as all get out. My kinda gal! It's everyone else I'm so unsure of! Every time I thought I had one of them figured out I was thrown for a loop and the story went in another direction I wasn't expecting. The men in Fortuna's life are quite puzzling. I was hoping to get a little better of an understanding of at least a few of them by the end but alas I will have to wait until the next book.


The pace is pretty consistently steady which makes for a quicker read. I thought the Fae politics were brilliant! The trials were very interesting but I did feel like the end of them was rather anticlimactic, which was surprising as they seemed to start of really strong.

You'll find many familiar mythical beings in this one, and even a few unique ones! I liked that the author really made the familiar ones her own though. With some subtle and some larger tweaks.

All in all an enchanting start to a magical tale. I'm looking forward to more...and really figuring out these mysterious men!


I received an ARC of this book from the author and this is my honest review.

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review 2019-06-24 15:21
Review: Fortuna Sworn by K.J. Sutton
Fortuna Sworn (Fortuna Sworn #1) - K.J. Sutton



Fortuna Sworn is the last of her kind.

Her brother disappeared two years ago, leaving her with no family or species to speak of. She hides among humans, spending her days working at a bar and her nights searching for him. The bleak pattern goes on and on... until she catches the eye of a powerful faerie.

He makes no attempt to hide that he desires Fortuna. And in exchange for her, he offers something irresistible. So Fortuna reluctantly leaves her safe existence behind to step back into a world of creatures and power.

It soon becomes clear that she may not have bargained with her heart, but her very life.





*I received a free e-copy from the author and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!*



4.5 ★


I absolutely adored this book. It had everything I love in a good book. Supernatural beings, snarky humor, romance, action and many surprises along the way.

We deal with the Fae mostly but there are plenty of other supernatural groups as well. Overall I must say the world building was awesome, I loved their world mixed with ours. The author did a great job with world building, no info dumping but also not too slow or boring. I also enjoyed that some of the lore we know, does not apply in this world. Some do and others get a fresh spin on it.

The overall pacing of the book was good as well, there were a few times it just sped up out of nowhere but overall it was steady and great.

I loved Fortuna, she was strong, funny and still had a good head on her and made good decisions……. Most of the time. I liked that she stood her ground and did what she thought was best no matter what others said. She also accepted her faults and short comings and made it work.

Collith, I really liked I also liked that he is somewhat of a mystery and we along with Fortuna have to figure him out.

Laurie was one of my favorite characters and I’m dying to know more about him.

Oliver, …. Hmmmm not sure to be honest, even at the end……..   Sometimes it just left me a bit confused.

Overall. I really loved this book. Going in, I had no idea this is a new series and when I saw the ending I knew…… But man, what an ending it was. We get a major cliffhanger that keeps you begging for more and that I, myself did not see coming.

If you like fantasy or even urban fantasy, I highly recommend this book I’m so glad I had a chance to read it and find a new series to look forward to.


 I give it 4.5 ★










Will be available July 9th 2019





Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/index.php/2019/06/24/review-fortuna-sworn-by-k-j-sutton
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text 2019-06-22 23:09
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Fortuna Sworn (Fortuna Sworn #1) - K.J. Sutton

OMG. That ending ...... 


Full review to come 

Image result for OMG gif

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text 2019-06-20 16:49
Reading progress update: I've read 48%.
Fortuna Sworn (Fortuna Sworn #1) - K.J. Sutton

well that didn't go as she thought it might  lol 

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