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review 2017-04-08 03:07
If You Give a Moose a Muffin
If You Give a Moose a Muffin Book and Audio CD Set (Paperback) - Laura Numeroff,Felicia Bond

If You Give a Moose a Muffin is a fun story about a moose that is given a muffin, then wanting jam to go with it, then he'll want to go to the store to get more muffin mix. I read this story along with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie when I was a child, and I enjoyed both of these stories.


This book would be great to use in a kindergarten or first grade classroom. You could either do a lesson on cause and effect, or sequencing. For cause and effect, you can together make a cause and effect anchor chart and determine which events in the stories are caused or affected by which. You could also make a sequencing anchor chart and have the students put the events in order.

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review 2017-03-28 17:20
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! - Dr. Seuss

I love this book and movie! It definitely gets everyone in the holiday spirit so I would use it around the Christmas season. The Lexile level is 510L. I would use this in a 2nd or 3rd grade classroom. I would first read the book aloud to the class so that they know the story. Then we would sing the song together while they all have copies of the lyrics. Then we would go through the lyrics and find the similes and metaphors and write them on a T chart. There are so many fun things to do with How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

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text 2017-03-27 18:48
A Bad Case of Stripes
A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon

This funny story is about a young girl named Camilla, a lover of lima beans and a worrier about others' opinions of her. On the first day of school, Camilla wakes up to find herself covered in stripes. The Lexile level is AD540L. I would use this in a 2nd grade classroom and read it aloud. I would have a T chart on the board that everyone could see and it would be divided into two categories: Internal Traits and External Traits. As we read the book, we would stop to add to each category. At the end, we would talk about which category is more important and how having beautiful internal traits is more important than having beautiful external traits. 

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review 2017-01-25 02:53
The Rhesus Chart, Charles Stross
The Rhesus Chart - Charles Stross

Mysteriously, this book never made it to my on-line shelves the first time I read it.
Second time around, it was fun enough but I found parts repetitive - recapitulating the basic set up of the series once makes sense - especially for people jumping on board at this late stage - but four or more times? (I lost count.) Also Stross appears to think his readers are stupid because it felt like the shenanigans of the plot are explained several times over, too.


There's something going on in this series that I'm not sure I understand. Each book (I think it happens in all of them) picks up some recent or long-lasting trope of pop-culture and uses it as a major plot or thematic element. We've had Occult Nazis, James Bond, Vampires and Superheroes that I can recall off-hand. Several of the books have a bizarre essay about the theme that makes like there's some profound examination of the reasons for the popularity of these themes going on; it seems entirely absent from the actual novels, though and it comes over as trying intellectualise something that is fundamentally silly.

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text 2017-01-21 13:14
Reading progress update: I've read 174 out of 352 pages.
The Rhesus Chart - Charles Stross

A little bit repetitive.

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