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text 2019-10-09 02:13
Reading progress update: I've read 6 out of 160 pages.
The Uncertain Land and Other Poems - Pat... The Uncertain Land and Other Poems - Patrick O'Brian

Patrick O'Brian wrote poetry???
And Nikolai Tolstoy is his son???!!!

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text 2019-10-05 11:41
DDA K1 Zone is the Best for the Investment

Dwarka sub-city is part of Zone-K and is part of the city expansion scheme approved by the Authority as part of the Land Pooling Policy and Master Plan Delhi 2021.



The main objectives of the zonal plan are: -

1. Providing appropriate shelter for the allocated population along with social and physical infrastructure.
2. Development of comprehensive business and institutional uses across the main corridor of transportation.

Conservation of the environment for providing the open space -

1. Participation of the private, the public and community to avoid bottleneck and delay in land assembly by mixing land acquisition and fresh assembly methods involving the private (property owner) government sector.
2. Regularization of current unauthorized colonies / built up in accordance with public policy, with the goal of offering fundamental facilities.

Last October 2018, the fresh Land Pooling Policy was launched by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) S.O. 5220(E) dated 11.10.2018. In accordance with this policy, farmers can request that the organization pool tiny aggregates of property and create infrastructure there so it can be handed over to the holders themselves without ever altering the hands of land ownership.

Land Pooling Policy:

Delhi's population growth is observed by few and feared by many. Delhi has achieved a figure of 1.94 crores, with the development graph rising each year, according to the latest stats. If action is not taken quickly, this will lead to a disaster. According to the DDA (Delhi Development Authority), they do not have sufficient infrastructure and resources to satisfy current population requirements. If this is the situation today, the situation will deteriorate after 5 or 10 years to the extent that a big population is seen taking refuge on highways instead of homes.

The primary issue of inadequate housing development is the acquisition of property. It is not feasible to acquire direct property. So DDA (Delhi Development Authority) has come up with Land Pooling Policy, a wonderful idea that can alter Delhi's future. Simply put, Land Pooling Policy has a significance that adheres to its name that pools enormous quantities of land. So there are a lot of new sectors announced in Dwarka.

There is only one scheduled housing scheme in zone DDA K1 Zone, known as Lok Nayak Puram, established by the DDA with a region of about 80 ha. The 100 m R / W highway is also suggested as the main transport corridor connecting the K-2and K- 1 area with NH-1 and NH-8.

In LPP, investors ' land is valued at market rates and they are paid back some quantity of their property, regardless of the land use to which their land is allocated. There's nothing to lose and to profit from everything. However, there is a requirement that landowners cannot invest property below 5 acres


Source: www.ddak1zone.com
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text 2019-10-05 10:53
High Quality Housing at DDA J Zone Under LPP


DDA J Zone came into existence when Master Plan Delhi 2021 was announced by DDA. Delhi’s National Capital Territory is divided into 15 zones. It is situated in the South Delhi which is close to Badarpur, Haryana and Mehrauli boundary. The most important part of the Zone J is the Dwarka sub-city in Delhi which is also a part of 2 extension plan which has been approved by the authority responsible as part of the master plans and Land Pooling Policy of Delhi 2001 and 2021.


The main goals for the planning of the J zone include:-

  1. Sufficient shelter to be offered and both physical and social infrastructure for the population assigned.
  2. The development of the commercial and institutional uses in the transport corridor.


Development of the Extensive commercial and institutional uses at the transport corridor:-

  1. Public, private and community so as to remove the bottleneck and delay in the land assembly with the mix of the new land acquisition and assembly procedures which involves the private and the public sector.
  2. Standardization of the colonies built up unauthorized as per the government policy with the goal of providing the basic amenities.


Features of DDA J Zone:-


If you look at J Zone's topography, you will discover it does have a gentle slope in the direction of Najafgarh Drain. For this reason alone, there is the continuous flow of storm drain from neighboring regions such as Bakkarwala, Mundka, Nilothi, Rohtak Railway Station, Ranhola (Safipur) and numerous other villages built region of unlawful colonies to Najafgarh Drain. The population of this area is around 5.0 lakes, as per the 2001 census, and this population lives in a number of around 26 villages and 1802 unauthorized dwellings. The DDA J Zone covers an area of 6515 hectares, of which approximately 2883 hectares are accessible in the form of unlawful colonies or built-up areas.


There is only one scheduled residential unit, DDA J Zone projects, and it is named Lok Nayak Puram, this housing scheme was created by the DDA's efforts and is distributed over a region of approximately 80 hectares. A 100 m R / W highway was also suggested across this area. The suggested highway will serve as one of the major transport corridors that connect J Zone with NH-8 and NH-10. The affordable housing home assignment was specifically intended in accordance with MPD 2021.

Source: www.ddajzone.com
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review 2019-10-02 02:57
Longmire's back home and hunting for killers (human and animal alike)
Land of Wolves - Craig Johnson
It’s hard to think of a place in Wyoming where the wind doesn’t reign supreme; where the sovereignty of sound doesn’t break through the parks of the Bighorns with a hoarse-throated howl. I sometimes wonder if the trees miss the wind in the infrequent moments when it dies down, when the air is still and the skies are a threadbare blue, thin and stretching above the mountains. Needled courtesans—the lodgepole pines, Douglas firs, and Engelmann spruce—stand at the edge of the great park like wallflowers awaiting the beseeching hand of the wind to invite them to the dance floor. And I can’t help but wonder that when the sway passes and the trees are still, do they pine for that wind; do they grieve?

Ahhh...it's good to be back in Absaroka County.


Walt starts off investigating the death of a sheep—probably at the hands, er, teeth of a wolf. This wolf is likely from Yellowstone and kicked out of his pack. Now that he's probably/possibly killed a sheep, it certainly appears to be open season for him soon. Oddly, there's no sign of a shepherd for this dead sheep, which gets Walt and Vic to go looking.


Sadly, they find the shepherd hanging from a tree—possibly the loneliness of the Wyoming wilderness got to him, or maybe he was killed. Neither case looks easy to wrap up, which means that it's time for Walt to get back to focus more on the job and less on recovery from the horrible injuries (physical and mental) sustained in Mexico.


Walt is largely ready for this kind of thing, he needs something to focus on. He has to first deal with a labor and wildlife advocate who knew both the wolf and shepherd, and she doesn't trust Walt's approach to either. There's also the shepherd's employer—a member of the same family that left then-Sheriff Lucian Connally without a leg. There's a populace worried about the presence of wolves in the area (ignoring the fact that there's only one that's been seen). Also, Henry adds the possibility that this wolf is actually a messenger from the spirits with a vision for Walt. Lastly, the entire Sheriff's department wonders how long it'll be until Walt does something to endanger his life—and just how bad that'll be.


Most dramatically, a computer is installed on Walt's desk, "the slippery slope to a cell phone." Despite this intrusion of the 1990's into his life, Walt perseveres.


This brings Walt back to Absaroka, he hasn't spent a novel here since 2015's Dry Bones (it doesn't feel like it's been that long), and the citizens are aware he's spending a lot of time away. We see the old regulars, which should make long-time fans happy. But best of all, the story is classic Longmire—an exploration of Wyoming's past and future just as much as it is the past and future of the characters (regulars and new to the series).


Early on, Walt's on an unexpected hike and it's taking it's toll:


I pushed off the tree and started back at a slow pace, wondering if I ’d ever pick up the step I'd lost in Mexico. Maybe that was the way of things; sometimes you paid a price and never get to make another deposit into your account and eventually you are overdrawn. Lately, I’d been feeling like I was standing at the counter, the cashier always closing the window in my face.

That neatly summed up my fears about the series in general, particularly how it'd work after Mexico. If the series was going to continue in the vein of Depth of Winter, I'd have a hard time sticking around. But I'm happy to say that while the effects of Mexico linger, and will continue to be felt for some time, I'm not going anywhere. There were repeated signals throughout this novel that the status quo shouldn't be taken for granted when it comes to any of these characters (except maybe Henry, he'll only change when he wants to), but the same things that have been drawing readers to Walt Longmire for 15 books are still at the character's and series' core.


Leaving the state of the series aside, this was one of my favorite installments in the series (sure, I might be extra generous given my fears after Depth of Winter). The characters shone—it's one of Sancho's best outings, and Vic was just great. The story was compelling, a great mix of a drama and comedic moments, and the mystery was satisfying (maybe a little easy to suss out for the reader, but Johnson hit every beat correctly). I'm already counting the days until #16.

2019 Library Love Challenge 2019 Cloak & Dagger Challenge

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2019/09/30/land-of-wolves-by-craig-johnson-longmires-back-home-and-hunting-for-killers-human-and-animal-alike
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text 2019-09-26 15:22
BMW and Jaguar Land Rover announced electrification collaboration

There have been numerous pundits of BMW's endeavors in the realm of zap. Right now, the main unadulterated BEV that the Bavarians have is the BMW i3 and its range fails to measure up to its rivals. Nonetheless, the brand is buckling down on the eventual fate of jolt off-camera and it's currently notwithstanding cooperating with another brand — Jaguar Land Rover. Both BMW and Jaguar Land Rover perceive the need to work together to make due in this new car scene.


Dubai is a beautiful place that is always developed. Apart from its attractive structure, Dubai is also an important business hub in the UAE. It receives the entry of businessman day by day. To enjoy your stay, it is advisable to rent a car rather than ride on public transport or taxi. You can get the cheap car rental deals from top hotels. Most people consider taxis less expensive than hire. However, you can eventually hit your travel budget. So, most Middle Eastern transport drivers are a little more aggressive and not always reliable. Therefore, hire a private car protects you from unnecessary issues with public transporters, which may affect your personality. Also, public transport does not cover the entire area of Dubai. Therefore, rent a car your own enables you to easily go everywhere. Car lease Dubai is always providing you the cheapest car and standard able as well.


The car business is experiencing a lofty change. We consider joint effort to be a key for progress, additionally in the field of zap. With Jaguar Land Rover, we found an accomplice whose prerequisites for the future age of electric drive units fundamentally coordinate our own. Together, we have the chance to provide food all the more viably for client needs by shortening advancement time and bringing vehicles and best in class innovations all the more quickly to advertise," said Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development.


Right now, BMW is taking a shot at its Gen 5 eDrive powertrain innovation. The Gen 5 eDrive is involved in an electric engine, transmission and power gadgets in a single lodging. Moreover, it isn't made utilizing uncommon Earth materials, making it more affordable and less dependent on uncommon materials pushing ahead. Not exclusively will the Gen 5 eDrive powertrain control the up and coming BMW iX3 and BMW I NEXT yet it will likewise be utilized by Jaguar Land Rover for future electric vehicles. Try not to feel that JLR won't carry anything to the electric table, however. Puma is entirely bit in front of BMW in the EV game, in any event deciding by the autos at present marked down. The Jaguar I-Pace is a wonderful electric SUV and one that figures out how to join the noteworthy range, phenomenal execution and lively dealing with all in a shocking looking bundle. Indeed, the I-Pace is one of the most balanced EVs available.


This new joint effort will help keep advancement expenses down, as growing new EV tech is very costly. So the two gatherings can part improvement costs while as yet getting first-class innovation. All the more critically is the new capacity to share thoughts and systems, subsequently making the most ideal EVs. Sadly, this comes directly as Jaguar's lead architect Ian Callum ventured down. Callum is one of the most perfectly awesome car originators in the business and is the man in charge of the majority of Jaguar's present wonders, including the I-Pace, F-Type, and XJ. It would have been cool to see a Callum-structured BMW EV. In any case, Jaguar's group is as yet extraordinary at structuring autos, so perhaps a portion of that will rub off on BMW.

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