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text 2022-07-08 08:55
Don't Be a Victim of Workplace Bullying: 5 Tips From an Employment Lawyer

Consider this scenario: You're sitting at your desk, working hard on an important project when suddenly your boss storms into the room and starts screaming at you for no reason. You ask what you did wrong, but he just keeps shouting, calling you names and telling you that you're worthless and stupid. Then, he storms out of the room again, leaving you shaken and embarrassed in front of your coworkers. This type of behaviour happens all too often in the workplace – it's called workplace bullying or harassment – and unfortunately, it's also illegal in many states. The Employment Lawyer Auckland can help you with it.



1) Where does workplace bullying come from?



Workplace bullying can come from anywhere. It might be your boss, a co-worker, or even someone you don't work with. Sometimes it's hard to tell who is behind the bullying behaviour. If you are being bullied at work, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Here are five tips from a Commercial Lawyer Auckland on what to do if you are being bullied at work.



Employment Lawyer Auckland



2) The real dangers of bullying



Being the victim of workplace bullying can have long-term effects on your career and mental health. Here are five tips from an employment lawyer on what to do if you're being bullied at work.

  1. Speak up.
  2. Keep a record.
  3. Find allies.
  4. Seek professional help.
  5. Know your rights.


3) Preventative steps you can take



  1. Get to know your employment rights. An Employment Lawyer in Auckland can help you understand what constitutes workplace bullying and what doesn't.
  2. Talk to your supervisor or HR department. Let them know what's going on and give them a chance to address the issue.
  3. Keep a record of the incidents. This will come in handy if you need to take legal action later on.
  4. Avoid retaliation. It's important to remain professional and not stoop to the bully's level.
  5. Seek support from co-workers, friends, or family members. It can be helpful to have someone to talk to about what you're going through.
  6. Know when to walk away.


4) The importance of your working environment



Your working environment is important for your physical and mental health. If you are the victim of workplace bullying, it can lead to absenteeism, low productivity, and high levels of stress. You may even start to dread going to work. If you think you're being bullied at work, here are five tips from an employment lawyer that can help you take action.



5) Understand what you can do if you are being bullied



If you are being bullied at work, it is important to understand that you have options. You may be able to speak to your human resources department or file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Additionally, you may be able to take legal action against your employer if the bullying is severe enough. If you are being bullied, it is important to document the behaviour and keep track of any witnesses who can corroborate your story. An experienced Employment Lawyer in Auckland can help you understand your rights and options if you are being bullied at work.



Source - https://best-employment-lawyer.blogspot.com/2022/07/dont-be-victim-of-workplace-bullying-5.html

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text 2022-06-20 07:52
Family Lawyer Guide on Unmarried Mothers' Rights & Paternity Matters

If you're an unmarried mother, it can sometimes feel like the deck is stacked against you. You're responsible for the care and well-being of your child, but you have fewer legal rights than if you were married to the father. It's true that as an unmarried mother, there are some aspects of parenting that are more complicated than they would be if you were married. However, being unmarried also gives you some benefits: for example, if the father isn't a good parent or doesn't want to be in your child's life at all, he can't force his way into yours. In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about parental rights as an unmarried woman—and how to protect yourself. We'll cover topics including child support, paternity laws and establishing paternity as suggested by Best Family Lawyer Auckland, and what happens when a parent tries to alienate their child from another parent.


Unmarried Mothers' Rights and Child Support


Unmarried mothers are not eligible for child support. If you have a child with someone who has not married you and no court order has been issued, you may be able to pursue child support from the father. However, there is no legal obligation for the father to pay child support in this type of situation since he did not consent to be the parent of your child through marriage or court order.


Unmarried mothers are also not eligible for joint custody unless there is a written agreement or court order specifying that another party will share parenting responsibilities with an unmarried mother and father (in which case they would also be able to request visitation rights). In this case, it's important that any agreements made between both parents are kept up-to-date so they continue being legally binding when disputes arise; otherwise, one parent could end up being denied access by another should they change their mind later on down the line (which could happen if things don't go smoothly).


Another thing worth mentioning is that unmarried fathers face similar challenges as well! They're unable to seek visitation rights without first obtaining legal consent from both parties involved--and because most women are hesitant about giving such permissions out of fear over financial responsibility or commitment issues from these men. It doesn't often happen very often either way."


Hire Family Lawyer


Unmarried Fathers' Rights/Paternity of a Child


If you didn't get married before your child was born, but you

are sure that the child is yours, then you have the same rights as a married father. This means that if your baby has been born and he/she needs to be taken care of, then you should be able to take them home with you.


However, this doesn't mean that things will be easy for an unmarried father who wants to retain parental rights over their children. They will first have to prove paternity before they can get any legal protection or recognition from any state agencies or departments. In order for them


to establish paternity of the child and their custodial rights without going through any formal proceedings in a court (which can be both expensive and time-consuming), there are several options available:


  • A DNA test might work best if both parents agree on who fathered which child(ren). It's also good news if both parties want something more solid than just having sex with each other; this way, they can still get some peace of mind regarding parenthood issues later down the line while also strengthening their relationship together as a couple! As long as everyone involved agrees on how much money they're willing to spend

Parental Alienation and Visitation Rights


If a parent is alienated from their child, the court may be able to make orders about contact between them.


Parental alienation is a theory that explains how and why children are made to reject one of their parents by the other parent or other people involved with the family. The theory holds that this happens as part of psychological warfare in custody disputes, and it can leave children feeling extremely confused about who they should love. Their feelings toward one parent may be replaced by hatred for them, even though there was no reason for this hatred before.


The courts can deal with cases of parental alienation in two different ways: by granting rights to both parents equally; or by granting legal rights only to the parent with whom the child has been living (normally called "sole managing"). For example, if your child lives permanently with you but spends time at weekends and during holidays with your ex-partner, then you would likely qualify for sole managing rights unless there were exceptional circumstances which meant they needed shared care instead (for example, where one parent was unable to care properly due to illness).


As an unmarried mother, it's important to understand your rights.


As an unmarried mother, it's important to understand your rights. The following information is provided as a general guide to help you understand what you should expect and what steps you need to take.


The father of your child has the same rights as an unmarried mother if he asserts them:


  • He can ask for custody or visitation.
  • If he wants custody, he has to file a petition with the court within one year after the birth of his child or six months after learning about its birth (whichever comes first). If he does not file within this time period, he will not be allowed any further involvement in determining who gets custody of your child.
  • He can ask for child support from either parent at any time until one year after the child turns 18 years old (or 19 years old if still attending high school).



Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts in life. It can also bring about some very complicated legal matters when you are unmarried and don't know the father of your child. If you have questions about establishing paternity or any other legal matter related to parenting for unmarried parents, get in touch with an experienced Best Family Lawyer Auckland today.


Source - https://www.apsense.com/article/family-lawyer-guide-on-unmarried-mothers-rights-paternity-matters.html

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text 2021-07-14 11:20
Basic Family law aspects that you should know

Everyone in life might need a lawyer for some purpose either for some personal issues or other professional issues.

But it’s important to be aware of various types of law to deal with challenging issues.  It’s said that having basic knowledge is better than having no knowledge.

If you will have knowledge of certain laws and awareness about legal information then you will be able to understand and analyze real-life cases, also it will help to fix personal issues and give you the confidence to stand for your own.

Divorce is a common family issue that is faced by the majority of families because of not having understanding and other personal problems.

Family lawyers are the lawyers that can help with both personal as well as divorce issues.

Family issues are not the thing that can be ignored or else they will get toxic day after day. Consult the expert family lawyer Melbourne if you are going through any family issue to get the problem fixed soon.

You might know the basic family laws and other laws if you belong from a law background, below are the basic family law aspects that everyone should be aware of.

1)    Human rights

We don’t realize the importance of human rights until and unless anything wrong happens to us. There are various types of rights such as children’s rights and many more that is all about whether the child should be involved with the trial or act as a witness.

2)   Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse and violence are common in most families and it might turn out problematic. Whether it is a romantic relationship or context of familial, this all comes within the public criminal law system.

Conveyancing lawyers Melbourne

3)   Domestic and international child abduction

Domestic child abduction is the case in which one parent moves to other parts of the country with a child without the permission of other parents while international child abduction is the case in which one parent moves to other countries without the permission of other parents. In this case, one might proceed with the help of a reputed family lawyer to find the appropriate solution.

4)   Guardianship

The most common areas of family law are parental rights, child custody, adoption, parental responsibility, and many more. Special guardianship is the legal law by the family court that allows a child to live with someone other than the parent on notice of long-term basis. Guardianship is basically a type of parental responsibility that is given to other people to maintain a link between real parents and children.

Final thoughts,

Awareness is always better than being dumb and unaware of basic laws. Family law helps to protect the rights and responsibilities of loved ones and helps to find the way out of the wide spectrum of uncertain situations. Take the help of the professional divorce lawyers Melbourne lawyer before taking any decision on your own. Taking decisions with an unstable mind can make situations even worse. Proceeding legally and in the right manner will help to acquire good results, whether you need a family lawyer or a conveyancing lawyer for the property issue, always hire experienced Conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne in case of property buying and selling.


Source: Basic Family law aspects that you should know

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text 2020-11-24 08:43
11 Ways To Completely Ruin Your Aboriginal Act

Is definitely an Injury Attorney Worth It?

There’s an unlucky series of occasions that direct approximately any incident. Then, in An immediate, your rushed on the clinic. Injuries sustained call for on-likely health care treatment method for months. You shed wages, the opportunity to generate wages; there’s house to replace and an incredible volume of pain and suffering. The insurance provider proves to be difficult. Details uncovered on the internet is complicated, misleading, or merely simple incorrect. When you heal from accidents, you’re needing Qualified suggestions to get fair compensation. This is simply not an unusual scenario. 

Insurance provider Fails To Compensate

Handling the insurance provider after an accident is usually an exceptionally annoying knowledge, particularly when you’re not the negligent get together. To begin with, you’re a target to an cglaw act of carelessness which has brought on serious accidents and other damages. (This is certainly tragic in alone.) Then, you’re victimized again by the insurance company of another occasion. Insurance policies companies who depict the person or individuals at fault might be impolite, pushy, and unfair. They have already been recognized to intimidate victims by proclaiming that injuries, or suffering and struggling are “exaggerated” or simply “manufactured-up.” Accepting their “a lot less than fair” offer you to settle might be like receiving victimized all over again.

Discomfort & Suffering Calculators Misleading

Stressed out about the situation, you, like several incident victims just before, will probable seek out choices. Absolutely free “ache & struggling” or “lawsuit estimate” calculators are effortless to discover on the internet. Nonetheless, these applications are employed by some law firms to “entice” wounded persons to Get in touch with their company more than another. There’s no compensation calculator or assessment Device which will properly assess the value of a potential injury lawsuit. A form is really a lead Software that provides standard information. Also, personal injury damages are too complicated and separately special to get evaluated accurately by any sort of variety. For that reason, agony and suffering calculators are deceptive. In the long run, you’ll have to have an expert to Individually and accurately evaluate the potential of your respective circumstance.

Not Prepared To Make Informed Determination

When accidents occur, they catch people today off guard. A significant accident lawsuit would require educated and strategic steps to guard your well being, property and long term. A private injuries attorney is worth it to circumvent getting to be a target consistently. The purpose of a personal damage lawsuit is to acquire optimum payment for ALL damages. So that you can reach this objective, a reputable harm legal professional will perform to establish and demonstrate fault. The greater professional your law agency is, there much more likely they may do that speedily, and effectively. Action Legislation Offices focuses a hundred% on particular personal injury conditions. For in excess of 20 yrs, harmless incident victims have been represented by Motion Law, and in the long run delighted with the end result.

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text 2020-11-24 04:27
The Top Reasons People Succeed In The Canadian Aboriginal Law Cases Industry

Is An Injury Attorney Worth It?

There’s an unfortunate series of events that lead up to any accident. Then, in an instant, your rushed to the hospital. Injuries sustained require on-going medical treatment for months. You lose wages, the potential to earn wages; there’s property to replace and a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. The insurance company proves to be difficult. Information found online is confusing, misleading, aboriginal law group or just plain incorrect. While you heal from injuries, you’re in need of professional advice to obtain fair compensation. This is not an uncommon scenario. 

Insurance Company Fails To Compensate

Dealing with the insurance company after an accident is often a very stressful experience, especially if you’re not the negligent party. To begin with, you’re a victim to an act of negligence that has caused serious injuries and other damages. (This is tragic in itself.) Then, you’re victimized again by the insurance company of the other party. Insurance companies who represent the person or persons at fault can be rude, pushy, and unfair. They have been known to intimidate victims by claiming that injuries, or pain and suffering are “exaggerated” or even “made-up.” Accepting their “less than fair” offer to settle would be like getting victimized yet again.

Pain & Suffering Calculators Misleading

Stressed out about the situation, you, like many accident victims before, will likely seek alternatives. Free “pain & suffering” or “lawsuit estimate” calculators are easy to find online. However, these tools are used by some law firms to “entice” injured people to contact their firm over another. There’s no compensation calculator or assessment tool that can accurately assess the value of a potential injury lawsuit. A form is a lead tool that provides general information. Furthermore, injury damages are too complex and individually unique to be evaluated accurately by any type of form. For this reason, pain and suffering calculators are misleading. Ultimately, you’ll need a professional to personally and accurately assess the potential of your case.

Not Prepared To Make Informed Decision

When accidents happen, they catch people off guard. A serious accident lawsuit will require informed and strategic actions to protect your health, property and future. A personal injury attorney is worth it to prevent becoming a victim repeatedly. The goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to obtain maximum compensation for ALL damages. In order to achieve this goal, a reputable injury attorney will work to establish and prove fault. The more experienced your law firm is, there more likely they will do this quickly, and efficiently. Action Law Offices focuses 100% on personal injury cases. For more than twenty years, innocent accident victims have been represented by Action Law, and ultimately pleased with the outcome.

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