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text 2018-07-13 06:23
How do I get a genuine Auditing Clerk Mailing List?

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text 2018-07-12 19:18
What are you reading: Summer of Spies


I cannot imagine my Summer time without good mysteries and fast paced thrillers. And now I have to add spies. All because of BookLikes bloggers' trend in summer reading. It's called Summer of Spies. Hop on board, we'll give you a tip how to find a good old spy story! 


How to find summer spies books? 




Use the book search as a tag search. Type in Summer or Spies or Spies and click TAGS. Voila. A library of summer of spies at your fingertips! Click the covers and +Shelf the spy books you need to read this summer. 



Recommended reading:

Book titles are tags - finds book reviews and book posts

How to start a book blog on BookLikes 

6 ways to blog about books

7 tips how to write a book review on BookLikes

- BookLikes How-to: Advanced Shelving Options

BookLikes How to: book search tips

It's time for a reading challenge!




Go to Reading Lists sections (main menu -> apps -> reading lists) and use the search box on the right: type in spies and you'll see the lists tagged as spies or having books with spies in a title. 



If you love mysteries, make sure to check these summer spies reading lists:


2018 Summer of Spies, created by Wanda's Book Reviews





Women of Intelligence, created by Themis-Athena's Garden of Books


In tune with the 2018 BookLikes "Summer of Spies" and my "Women Writers" project, a few books on spies and spying written by women ... and a few books on woman spies written by men.


Inspired by Wanda's original list of Summer of Spies and Moonlight Reader's equally inspiring authorised copy of Wanda's list, I'm also tempted to read some spy fiction - but only on the side. I have no illusions of finishing all of the titles on this list but wanted to have a pool of titles that I know I already own or can get from the library.
 A somewhat narrower list of spy fic for my Memorial Day to Labor Day festival of espionage in 2018. For series books, I've just included the first book. I've also just included one book per author, although I made read additional books if I enjoy the representative selection.
Recommended reading: 

Maintenance update info:


- BookLikes -> Goodreads synchronization - the feature is under review and will be turned on shortly 

- Twitter connection is under review and will be turned on shortly 


Happy reading! 
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url 2018-07-09 08:31
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Source: www.carlsonsmedia.com/amazon-web-services-email-lists
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review 2018-07-08 08:52
A Book of Book Lists
A Book of Book Lists: A Bibliophile's Compendium - Alex Johnson

This was a lot of fun.  Johnson has compiled book lists, but not the usual "you must read" sort.  These are lists like Darwin's TBR, Oscar Wilde's bookshelf at Reading Gaol, the books on Scott's Discovery bookshelves (he had them in every room of the ship), books seen to be on Sheldon and Leonard's living room bookshelves in Big Bang Theory.  Fun stuff like that.


Some of the titles listed are no longer to be found (Henry III's books, for example; probably hard to find if not impossible, and expensive to boot), some of them don't exist (books never written list - how did The Giant Rat of Sumatra not make this list?), some have yet to be written (the future library), and some of them are all to readily available and might be the death of any reader's TBR.  Personally, I was doing pretty well until the very end, where he includes a list of books about books.  My kryptonite!  Aaahhhh... 

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text 2018-07-08 04:54
Reading progress update: I've read 88 out of 203 pages.
A Book of Book Lists: A Bibliophile's Compendium - Alex Johnson

Queen Mary's Doll House.  I can't even.


The author failed here a tiny bit because before he explained the thing of wonder this doll house's library is (and it is, I assure you) he stole his own thunder by explaining that the doll house has running hot and cold water and flushing toilets.  


Oh, and a wine cellar.  With wine of course.  What kinds?  There's a wine catalog in the library, along with around 200 tiny, Moroccan bound books containing mostly unique, never before published works by authors like Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (his has since been published), Kipling, Wharton and Hardy.  


I can't even.

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