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review 2017-07-25 17:12
Nyxia/Scott Reintgen
Nyxia (The Nyxia Triad) - Scott Reintgen

Emmett Atwater isn't just leaving Detroit; he's leaving Earth. Why the Babel Corporation recruited him is a mystery, but the number of zeroes on their contract has him boarding their lightship and hoping to return to Earth with enough money to take care of his family.


Before long, Emmett discovers that he is one of ten recruits, all of whom have troubled pasts and are a long way from home. Now each recruit must earn the right to travel down to the planet of Eden--a planet that Babel has kept hidden--where they will mine a substance called Nyxia that has quietly become the most valuable material in the universe.

But Babel's ship is full of secrets. And Emmett will face the ultimate choice: win the fortune at any cost, or find a way to fight that won't forever compromise what it means to be human.


OHMYGOODNESS this book was 10/10 and I am so in love and I need the sequel now and you need to read it now.


It's kind of like Divergent meets Ender's Game, and if anyone loved the Remnants series as much as I did, I have a feeling the sequels could have the same amount of philosophy.


And I could not put it down.


So nyxia is a substance found on another planet that can be manipulated in many ways, and that gives this book a fantastical element. But a realistically fantastical element. Like sci-fi with a bit of magical realism thrown in. It makes for a really unique plot that, though it incorporated elements of other books I've loved, was different to anything I've read before in many ways.


But the characters are really what sell this book. I am in love with each and every character because I feel like I got to know them all and they are all so very human and flawed and perfect and real. And there was such a variety, too! I do wish that some had been fleshed out more, but I felt like there was respect given to each of the different cultures that were represented as well. Even the medics in this book have their own stories and purposes.


I was especially enamoured with Morning and with Kaya. Oh, and Bilal--finally, an accurate representation of Middle Eastern culture casually in a book. The least interesting character was Emmett, our main character, but I love him anyway. His self-doubt and self-determination and adoration of his family made him a really easy narrator to follow beside.


The book has a futuristic element to it that gives Earth more intrigue too, and I loved elements such as music that were incorporated into it. I loved the commentary on healthcare and on money and on morals.


This is an excellent book. If you've ever enjoyed sci-fi or YA, I 100% recommend it. If you haven't, I still recommend it. Though maybe wait until the sequels are out so that you don't have to deal with a cliffhanger! :)

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text 2017-07-20 15:15
On sale
Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than A Man (Vision (2015-)) - Mike Del Mundo,Gabriel Hernandez Walta,Tom King
Vision Vol. 2: Little Better Than a Beast - Tom King,Michael Walsh

Amazon daily deal. 


Shop here for volume one and here for volume two.


It's one of my favorite series!

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review 2017-07-12 22:46
Stunning artwork.
I'm Just a Little Someone - Sharen S. Peters,Amanda Alter

This is a beautifully illustrated book about loneliness and the difference it makes when you have a friend to share things with. The Little Someone of the title is sad rag-doll, until she spots a sad boy-doll on the other side of the toy shop. Once they meet and become friends they are both much happier. And when a toy dog joins them, their happiness is complete.


A very simple story with a moral about friendship, suitable for young children from about 3 to 6 years. It is available on Kindle, which is a plus, as it enables entertaining youngsters away from home without resorting to games or videos on the Ipad.


This book has rhyming text, which I enjoy in children's books, but I need the words to flow to a precise pattern and in places this fails to do that - hence the dropped star.


There are nineteen activities at the end of the book, from counting and naming colours, to drawing faces to express feelings.




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review 2017-07-06 05:05
She dragged her Secret Around too Long
Sweet Little Lies: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel - Jill Shalvis

Honesty is a big important point in a relationship for me and this chick couldn't do it.
The story was good the characters were great except the female MC Pru. What a soggy piece of bread she was. Wishy washy, I'll do tomorrow what I should do today type. She played with other people's lives, put herself in someones life in a dishonest way and just kept making excuses not to be upfront and honest. Sure she was giving, and kind and gave up nearly everything to make up for her parents crime. But when it came to telling one man, one thing, she got all selfish ? Pffiiitt ! She blamed on her needy body. Whatever. She killed a star on the rating for me.
The rest of the cast were excellent varied people with quirky traits. I look forward to more from them, Jake most of all. Jake is a wheeling, hard body, with a huge thick streak of honor.

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text 2017-07-02 18:20
Reading progress update: I've read 25%.
Sweet Little Lies: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel - Jill Shalvis

Well holy snags, that is something you should get said asap girl !

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