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review 2016-02-14 13:15
Finished: Desire Untamed — What the hell?
Desire Untamed - Pamela Palmer

There is so much of this book that doesn't work for me. I've never been into shifters so this is my first shifter book. Honestly, I don't know how I ended up picking it up at the library book sale. Maybe I blacked out from book ecstasy. I can't say I like it any better and will seek out such books now, but maybe I won't dismiss them out of hand. 


The mythology is freaking dumb. Not all of it, but some it really is. Seriously. They call each other weirdly spelled versions of their animal names. They live in "Feral House". Most of all, it seems most of their rituals are conveniently revolve around sex, which you all know is just not a draw for me. 


Instalove. The book takes place over two or three days!!


And something that drives me nuts every time I read a version of it: the hero calls the heroine "little one". That is so creepy. I never understand why authors have their heroes infantilize the heroine like that. Am I supposed to be comfortable with them having sex? Blech.


However, there was something about this book that I really liked. I had to pry myself away from it. I really can't explain what it was that got me hooked and wouldn't let go. I wish I could. All I know is that I'm definitely continuing with the series.

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text 2015-07-09 06:21
13% — Ughhhhhhhh
The Inner Circle - Brad Meltzer

You are so lucky you were interesting enough to hook me, book. Otherwise I would have flounced you quickly. There is no more shitty storytelling than switching from first person to third and back. Tell it in either first or third! If you can't, you need to reevaluate your story. And while you're doing that, ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING FIRST PERSON. GOD. Why is it infecting everything? I'm being assaulted with it more and more in mystery-thriller, and romance, and OMFG it's the worst. 

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text 2015-05-12 06:46
Pg. 284 — Poor beleaguered fiction-reading lawyer
Birthright - Nora Roberts

LAWYER bit character: "And I'll warn you such an allegation is libelous as well as preposterous."
Me: *closes book . . . pats it a little* ". . . libelous? The allegations she just made about your father verbally are LIBELOUS?!

*twitches uncontrollably*


LAWYER bit character: "I'm going to insist you cease and desist making any libelous or slanderous statements about my father."
Me: "I will punch this guy in the head. SAY LIBELOUS ONE MORE TIME!"

 "*grumbles*damn books*grumbles*"

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text 2015-05-03 12:03
Birthright - Nora Roberts

There's a (Douglas) Edward Cullen in this book as well as a Jacob who is part Apache. Thankfully the heroine's name is Callie and Doug can't be part of a love-triangle with her. 

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text 2014-10-16 02:53
50% – Why Does This Book Hate Me?
Shadow Woman - Linda Howard

Remember how I posted once that every sex scene in a book I'm listening to will come up when I'm in the shower and the book is on speaker? EVERY. FREAKING. TIME! This book is even worse because they're freaking DREAMS. Interminably long, excruciatingly detailed, tedious sex dreams. Why? Just . . . why? Is it because it is going to be a while before any real sex happens? I don't know, but it's super obnoxious. I have the worst luck.


There is a lot of tedious excruciatingly detailed writing in this book. I can't believe I'm as far through it as I am because not much has happened yet, really.


On the plus side it is kind of reminding me of The Long Kiss Goodnight.



I love that movie.

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