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review 2020-01-06 02:29
Frankissstein: A Love Story - Jeanette Winterson

The book jumped between the past and present. The past focused on when Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. The present had Ron Lord, a sexbot salesman who believed sexbots were the answer to many of humanity's problems; Ry Shelley, a transgender non-binary doctor; Dr. Victor Stein, a professor who was an expert on AI and was Ry's lover; and several other characters.


I liked the past parts of the books featuring Mary Shelley. The book began with in the past, so things started off well. Then it switched to present day and was just a complete change from what the book started as and had liked that I had a hard time connecting to it. I was always relieved whenever it switched back to the past because I enjoyed those sections more.


Then there was the treatment of Ry Shelley. They were constantly misgendered, deadnamed, and had everyone obsessed with their genitals throughout the book. There were so many personal questions about Ry's body. Their lover, Victor Stein, was one of the people doing these things. I didn't understand what Ry saw in Victor.

And then Ry was sexually assaulted out of nowhere as well.

(spoiler show)


I picked this up because I knew there was a trans lead, but if I had known how much transphobia was constantly directed at said lead, I would have given it a pass. It was relentless. That was also part of the reason why I enjoyed the past sections more. Mary Shelley's sections are the only reason it's getting 2 stars. Otherwise, it'd be 1 star.

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review 2019-12-26 16:28
Irrepressible Love
Irrepressible Love (A Banished Saga Short Story) - Ramona Flightner

If you’re a fan of Banished Saga by Ramona Flightner as I am, and have read the series so far, you’ll probably know that this series is coming to an end next month with it’s 9th installment. And although it makes me really emotional, and extremely sad, I know all the good things have to come to an end at one point or the other. I’ve been really enjoying these short snippets of the lives of our favorite characters from the series since Ramona had taken to deliver them to her newsletter subscribers as Christmas gifts for the past few years. Irrepressible Love, being the one before the last installment, makes it even more precious to me.


Irrepressible Love is a short story that focuses on once uppity librarian Hester Loken who has been a recurring character in the Saga for the past few installments. Everybody around her thought she was firmly on the shelf, that she’ll live out her life as a spinster. Even Hester convinced herself that something so magical as the love of a good man is too good to be true for her. She’s not one of those lucky women and never will be, even having friends like Clarissa MacLeod or Araminta Sullivan who have found love in the previous installments of the series. Enter Jim Bailey, a blacksmith who was working for Colin Sullivan, husband to Araminta and brother of Clarissa, and Hester’s life’s plan goes out the window. Only she has no idea whether for better or for worse. Hester longs for this to be a reality, but afraid to hope too much. What will she do?


TBH, I had a hard time remembering Jim from any previous installments so I was a little taken a back with all that has been happening. But it didn’t hinder my enjoyment at all. Hester deserved love and she found someone who adored her back exactly the same, if not more. I couldn’t have been happier for the two.


Irrepressible Love sets the tone for the final installment of the series, Triumphant Love, coming January 2020. I’ll also suggest not reading this story before reading the previous installments because it contains spoilers you may not expect or even like. But highly recommended for the fans of the series.


For anyone interested in signing up for Ramona's newsletter, Click Here.

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review 2019-10-08 14:12
Great Story and Characters
The Perfect Love Song: A Holiday Story - Patti Callahan Henry

The story of a ballad that changed the Unknown Souls band members lives began oh an early and dusky Thanksgiving morning as the band’s battered tour bus pulled into Seaboro, S. C. . It was just another day, just another road trip for the band members. But this port if call was an exception for Jack and Jimmy. The brothers arrived in their childhood town not for a concert, but to see their loves. Jimmy opened the bus window and inhaled the aroma of childhood, then closed his eyes to all the good and bad of his visceral memories that assaulted him each time he believed he had overcome his past. Jimmy and Jack founded the band ten years ago. Jimmy played the acoustic guitar, Jack the base. Their voices blended in most of the songs, yet each had his own style when singing alone. They wrote songs and traveled together. Than there was harry the drummer, Isabelle the back up singer, and Luke the band manager and keyboard player , each as close as family. Jack was engaged to Kara who had been his childhood love and next store neighbor. Jimmy had Charlotte waiting inside. Jimmy had known Charlotte a few years as a child and they’de reconnected months ago. Isabelle said they would take off and leave them alone, but Jack said nope , you’re staying . We’re family and it’s Thanksgiving. A band counted as family and they all knew it. For a few of them it was the only family they cared about. Jimmy avoided looking at the house next store. It would have been different if their father hadn’t been a fall-down drunk. They had lived in that house until jimmy was sixteen and Jack was twelve. Than that fateful Christmas morning when their mother packed up the station wagon including the presents and headed to Texas. They hadn’t stopped for anything but gas, drinks, and packaged food from convenience stores  off the highway. Jimmy went and got his guitar and was with Charlotte and together co wrote their very first song It was a ballad that they believed was about happenstance, fate, amd legend that gave birth to the long awaited love love between them. Jimmy asked Charlotte how she knew to write a song. She replied that she didn’t write a song. She had just told him some of her poetry lines. She never shows her poetry lines to anyone. He said “ You instinctively understand the rhythm and cadence of lyrics Charlotte. Why didn't I know this about you?” 

I loved this book, it was a great romance and connected to music. I loved Jimmy and Charlotte together as well as Jack and Kara . I also choked up at times while reading this book. I was so glad when Jimmy realized again the importance of true love. I didn’t want to put this down and only did when I had to. I loved how close Charlotte and Kara were’ I also loved that the band were all like family to each other. I loved when Jimmy made the decision to do everything he could to go to Ireland and his brother’s wedding. I loved the pace and plot. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-10-01 20:58
Süße Liebesgeschichte für Jugendliche, welche sich in einer Kleinstadt abspielt
Fünf Mal Vielleicht - Sara Pepe
Wie planbar ist die Liebe?


Genre: New Adult, Romance
Das Cover ist sehr minimalistisch gestalten. Die Augen stechen hervor und sind sehr detailliert gestalten. Insgesamt sehr gelungen, auch wenn es für einen Jugendroman vermutlich zu wenig bunt ist.
Zur Geschichte:
Die Handlung beginnt mit dem Abschlussfest, welches von Melinda organisiert wird. Auf diesem treffen Sam und Melinda das erste Mal aufeinander. Als sich Sam für sie interessiert, ist Melinda irritiert. Was er wohl von ihr will? 
Melindas trockene Art regt zum Lachen an, auch wenn so mancher die feinen Nuancen ihres Humores nicht verstehen wird. Ich persönlich finde ihren Humor einfach super!
Auch Sams locker-flapsige Art ist urkomisch. Auf der einen Seite kann man nicht anders als die Augen zu verdrehen, wenn er mit einem flapsigen Spruch kontert, während man ihn auf der einen Seite mega süß findet.

Melindas Meinung über Sam wird Stück für Stück revidiert, bis er sich (Achtung: Spoiler!) einen Platz in ihren Herzen erschleicht.  Ich finde es sehr gelungen, wie die Autorin mit den Vorurteilen gespielt und diese dann widerlegt hat. Man bildet sich auch im wahren Leben eine Meinung und ist erstaunt, wenn eine Person dann anders ist, als man gedacht hat. 
Sams Offenbarung bringt eine neue - unerwartete - Wendung in die Geschicht. Auch hier spielt das Leben manchmal anders als erwartet.
+ Fünf Mal Vielleicht ist eine süße Liebesgeschichte für junge Erwachsene. Sam und Melinda sind einfach top zusammen und man kann die Gefühle hautnah miterleben. Soll ich oder soll ich nicht? Wer ein Kopfmensch wie Melinda ist, kann ihre Zweifel sehr gut nachvollziehen. 
+ Es gibt einen Buchtrailer.
- Das Ende. Wie kann die Autorin einfach einen CUT machen? Jaja Fortsetzung, doch wann erscheint diese? Gerne würde ich wissen, wie es weitergeht...
Source: www.hugendubel.de/de/ebook/sara_pepe-fuenf_mal_vielleicht-37713435-produkt-details.html?originalSearchString=f%FCnf%20mal%20vielleich&internal-rewrite=true
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review 2019-09-29 03:08
Creepy Crawlies Square
Troll: A Love Story - Herbert Lomas,Johanna Sinisalo

This is a very strange book.


The book starts as a young photographer rescues a troll, which in the realm of the book really exists.  And then things get strange.  The love story part of the novel in particular.


The love story is between various characters as they all try to get into Angel's pants because he is so . . . something.  Honesty, I don't get what is attractive about Angel.  And on that note, that aspect of a love story fails.


But that isn't the real purpose of the love story, which is more about a love for nature and country.  The selling point of the novel is the development of the troll and Angel's relationship to it.  It is those aspects of the novel, furthered by the research bits that pop up, that really make the novel work.


The troll, Pessi, in part, seems to symbolize nature, and though his story, we get glimpses of how humankind effects nature and changes it.  It is though the trolls that the novel allows Sinisalo to examine our relationship with nature.  

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