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url 2018-01-19 06:12
The Immortal Lover
This incredibly handsome man with versicolored hair is like none other. His capability to enhance a woman; mortal or immortal is what has made him a legend before the creation of our world. He takes love but rarely, sincerely gives it. His hands and lips are sweltering hot but his heart is cold as ice. His heart is unable to be captured for it belongs to another. One he has sought since he lost her.
Down through the ages of human history his name has been heard and often feared. He's know by many names; king of hell, demon, destroyer, all which is wrong with the world. But many has known him in a different light. A tender light. He's the legendary lover that legends are made from. Many believe he may had been Casanova, himself or most definitely Don Juan. Some say he's actually Eros. But a few have known for sure and lived to tell the story. Few knows his heavenly name is Azazael. Most knows hm by his terrifying fallen name; which is Azazel.

After his fall from Grace he was thrown into hell. He became the epitome age old adage, "Heaven doesn't want me and hell is afraid I'll take over." For that's exactly what Azazel did. Took over and made himself the king of hell. He ruled the cthulhu realms with a relentless iron fist, he dethroned the lord of darkness and reign supreme for eons upon eons. He built cities, added structure. Turned hell not into a place of punishment if one obeyed him. Hell was no longer a place of punishment as to why heaven puled him out. Hell is supposed to be a place of punishment.

During his diabolical reign, there was one thing his heart never grew cold to and that was the love of his second wife whom he lost before falling from Grace. The severity of his many imprisonments and divine mind erasures have left his mind foggy to what she looked like but he remember her tender love for him. Driving her away has been his only regret.
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review 2018-01-18 23:29
First in this series.
Dark Lover - J.R. Ward

This is the first and am listening to these on audio while I work on my crochet and knitting projects. It took me a little to fall into the story.  In this story you meet the main characters and focus is on Wrath, the blind king. The main characters are hulked up vamps and they do have trials and tribulations fighting the bad guys (these guys are really bad).  There is much steam, violence, romance and intrigue. The narrator does a good job.  Moving on to the next. 

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review 2018-01-16 01:25
Lover's Interview - Ako Kaneko

Per me... è NO! Un manga diviso in One shot, puramente smut, pwp e caratterizzate dal "simpatico" Non-Con, un elemento che ahimè rovina completamente l'atmosfera erotica delle storie rendendole ai miei occhi tristi e squallide. A parte lo stile del disegno, abbastanza curato e gradevole, non ho apprezzato NULLA, la dinamica delle One Shot è pressoché identica in ogni storia presente nel manga. Troviamo lo stronzo arrogante di turno (che può essere un miliardario, un medico o un semplice studente) che attiva la modalità maniaco/stupratore facendo finire nelle sue grinfie il povero uke di turno, lo sfigato che non ha alcuna colpa se non quella di essere gentile, debole o semplicemente disperato e... via di stupri e violenze unite a quel magico momento wtf caratterizzato da confessioni deliranti degne di una yandere del tipo "Ti amo e voglio che tu scopi, guardi, annusi, sogni, mangi e pensi solo a meeeeee!! Io devo essere il centro del tuo universo perchè TU MI AMI anche se ti ho violentato, tu mi ami perchè gli abusi sono belli e simbolo di amore universale <3 Anastasio Steel AMAMI E SPOSAMI ORA!!" momenti creepy degni del peggio horror psicologico e che mettono nel lettore un senso di orrore e angoscia. Un manga insomma a mio avviso pessimo, consigliato solo agli amanti dello smut puro e semplice (senza trama o personaggi decenti) e che non si fanno fermare o turbare da violenze non consensuali. In caso contrario... statene alla larga che è meglio!

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text 2018-01-04 23:16
E-ink not only on e-readers! It's a shoe but with an e-ink technology

OMG! You can control the color and design with an app ;)


In essence it is smart high heel shoe whose colors and design patterns can be controlled via a smartphone app to match outfits, among its other hidden sensorific capabilities to be unlocked. - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/volvorii-timeless


Source: www.indiegogo.com/projects/volvorii-timeless
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review 2017-12-13 18:30
Lover Avenged Book Review
Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward

I listened to the audio book for this and feel like I've been listening to it for forever. Its so long. I'd probably give it more than 3.5 stars if it didn't take me so long to get into the story. I do like these characters and loved Rhevenges plotline especially with his sister. I will most likely listen to a few of the next ones. I do thing Rhev is one of the better characters in this series. 

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