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text 2020-02-14 03:25
Regarding the bearing system of motor products


 it is obviously unscientific to talk about bearings individually, especially the planning, processing, installation and later use of the bearing room are very important elements. Selection and requirements for bearing room planning . The cooperation between the bearing jacket and the bearing inner diameter should not cause interference, but the gap should not be large. Regarding the basic series of motors, the specifications selected by many motor manufacturers and the official service of the bearing inner diameter recommended in this article are shown in the table below. The working clearance of the bearing after heating is smaller than that before use. The degree of reduction under different temperature conditions is not consistent, and different raw materials will correspond to different reductions. In order to prevent the bearing outer ring from rotating in the bearing chamber (that is, the running ring), the integrated stove motor accumulated axial clearance of the components in the bearing chamber should be moved from the bearing outer ring to the end cover or bearing sleeve, that is, the bearing outer ring should be The cover is stuck. For flameproof motors, the gap should be less than 0.2mm.


The bearing room should be as far away from the stator and rotor windings as possible, and the ventilation and heat dissipation should be good. For the motor with internal circulation ventilation, if the temperature of the bearing at one end is too high, the cooled air should be blown to the bearing as much as possible. In order to dissipate heat, when choosing a grease smooth bearing, you should not choose two bearings at the same end. The parts related to smoothness at the smooth bearing should be planned to not only contain a sufficient amount of smooth grease, but also to drain excess smooth grease. For example, the 'slick oil pan' with a slanted surface can throw the waste fat from the bearing out of the bearing chamber into the oil storage chamber of the outer cover. Regarding high-speed, high-power motors, thin oil can be used for bearing heating SmoothEasy to disassemble and disassemble. When planning the related parts of the motor, try to make the bearing be introduced into the bearing room when the device is installed, and then the rear cover into the man-machine base stop to avoid damage to the bearing when the device is disassembled. There should be room for dismantling tools at the bearing inner cover.


Add temperature monitoring equipment, but the alarm temperature should be selected according to the buried position of the temperature measuring element. Do not approach the bearing's maximum allowable temperature regardless of the buried position, such as Ordinary bearings are 95 ° C. 的 Other countermeasures to reduce the bearing system problems. The bearing distance should not be too large. If the shaft deflection is added, the bearing damage will be accelerated.The center of the motor should be as low as possible. First, the center of gravity is low and the work is stable. Second, the device is working. After that, the change in center height caused by thermal expansion is small. Motors with center height greater than 400 are installed and commissioned at room temperature and qualified for loading. After heating, the center height should be raised by 0.1-0.3mm. If the equipment being dragged cannot be raised with it, or the height is less than this value, the bearing must bear additional force, which will inevitably lead to accelerated damage.  The motor itself The rigidity should be good, and no resonance should occur during the work process.  The bearing parts should be well sealed. The protection level of the inner and outer covers of the motor bearings should meet the requirements of the actual operating environment. For larger motors, there should be a way to prevent shaft current To avoid accelerated bearing damage due to its electrical corrosion.


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review 2019-09-29 06:45
Which Brand Of Thermosteel Steel Water Bottle is Best in India?

A classic steel bottle with double wall container is called a thermosteel bottle. While, the air between both walls is absorbed at the time of construction by creating a vacuum. Despite containing some kind of heating instrument to maintain the hot things hot, a thermos is designed to maintain heat b y not letting the heat to escalate. Since steel is one of the best material used in kitchen because of its durability as well as it is one of the safest thing to be used in kitchen. Hence these bottles are safe, durable and efficient to store your beverages hot for a longer period of time.  


The classic People Thermosteel water bottle is a vacuum insulated bottle made with pure stainless steel inside and out. It is designed in such a way to keep your beverages hot or cold for hours together it may be up to 24 hours. 


The People Thermosteel hot and cold water bottle comprises of a stainless steel body made of grade 304, which is free from rust as well as its special coating helps for better heat retention. The vacuum insulation allows the bottle to keep liquids hot or cold for a whole day. While the design of People Thermosteel Water bottle is completely sturdy and helpful in storing hot and cold beverages such as coffee, water, tea, juice and many more.


Meanwhile the lid of People Thermosteel bottle is 100% leak proof and also free from rust. And storing milk is easier now but the temperature will not remain the same as it would be in a normal fridge bottle. The body of the thermosteel bottle is fabricated with 18/8 quality stainless steel on both in and out that makes it 100 per cent rust free. The bottle comes in silver colour and poses cylindrical shape. 


It is recommended to pre-condition the bottle depending on what kind of liquid you are going to store in it. So you can fill in hot water if you use it for hot beverages and cold one for cold drinks. However, it is not best for carbonated liquids and alcohol as they may damage the inner body of the thermosteel bottle. While washing the thermosteel bottle you can use a gentle soap as well as it is good to keep the bottle open when not in us to avoid odour. 


Some of the best features that come with People Thermosteel bottle are; they are designed with full fluffed mat that gives extra comfort and protection to hold. Its ultra-absorbent feature leads to optimum protection and skin care. The bonded construction of the bottle offers dry and comfortable care. People's Thermosteel bottle is better with its odour as it poses targeted absorption system. 


For the customers who want better Thermosteel water bottle can do visit the official website of People Appliances, where you get the best bottle at a reasonable price range that will be loved by everyone.


People Appliances; leading Kitchen Appliances Manufacturers manufacture & supplies products like Pressure CookerGas StoveMixer Grinders, Thermosteel water bottles in Bangalore, India.

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review 2019-09-27 07:14
Choose The Pressure Cooker That Suits Your Kitchen Requires

Pressure cooker is a piece of kitchen equipment used for moist heat cooking with an ability to cook 3 to 10 times quicker compared to any other medium. Pressure cooker was everyone's favourite and has been around for decades to cook quick meals before the arrival of microwave. 


Since there are several pressure cookers in the market as there are such user needs and each individual will demand for a different set of requirements when selecting the best one among the available pressure cooker. 


Pressure Cookers from People Appliances effectively use the resources to limit the environmental impact at the time of manufacturing process with an incomparable quality. While it is made of 18/10 stainless steel that in turn offers you a quick and easy way to prepare healthy food since there is a solid aluminum core at its base. People Appliances pressure cooker comprises of a controlled handle that minimizes the regulator noises. It also poses heavy duty, stainless steel construction and a good safety system that lets steam to escalate instead of clogging up in your kitchen. Its 18/10 stainless steel comes with an impact-bonded aluminum base that will allow the heat to distribute evenly inside the cooker. The lid of the cooker safely interlocks thus keeps it to be opened when the cooker is still under the pressure. 


The very new feature of People Appliance cooker is the spring loaded valve that informs you immediately if the proper cooking pressure has been reached or not. And the major difference that you notice over your old cooker is noise and hassle free cooking with our pressure cooker. People Appliances cooker cooks the meals using pressure that makes it super fast that any other medium of cooking. The pressure is held inside the pot which is completely sealed that ends up in high temperature that results in fast food cooking. So this pressure cooker is ideal to cook quick pot roasts, stews, soups, rice and savory sauces by minimizing your traditional cooking time up to 70%. 


Coming to the safety part, People Appliances cooker features the gasket vent release system, weight valve, gasket release system, and the safety valve, People's cooker is designed with the appropriate safety measures in order to prevent any accidents in your kitchen.


People's STEELO 5 liters stainless steel Pressure cooker comes with induction friendly base that makes this cookware compatible with both gas and induction cook tops. It has a flat base that will not allow the pot to bugle or separate. This can also be used for frying along with cooking tasty delicacies. People cookers come in a normal silver colour with a complete stainless steel body that poses SS 304 Food grade with a warranty of 5 years. 

For the one who is in search of buying the best pressure cooker online, People Appliances pressure cooker is the one with the best in built features.


People Appliances; leading Kitchen Appliances Manufacturers manufacture & supplies products like Pressure Cooker, Gas Stove Burner, Mixer GrindersThermosteel water bottles, Pressure Cookers in Bangalore, India.

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review 2019-09-24 07:28
Gas Stove Burner Covers - Reasons to Get a Set of These Decorative and Useful Stovetop Space Savers

Gas Stove burner covers come in all shapes and sizes like rectangular, square and round. Types include stainless steel and ceramic for electric and gas stovetop set units. Many like to select decorative sets for their range cooktop ovens. There are several excellent reasons for investing in a set of gas stove burner covers for your kitchen.


Mostly, many choose various ranges of top covers for their burners as a decorative touch. Homemakers don't wish to look at dirty and charred gas stove burner covers. This is especially true if they are old and have been in use for many years or even decades. It's true that you can get new ones, but to save money, simply getting a set of covers for a stovetop may be more cost-effective. This goes for electric cooktop styles as well because these get dirty as spills and burns will accumulate overtime.


As an adorning piece, shape and print are the major problems. This depends on personal choices. Some like round while others prefer square stove covers. Others would rather get a rectangular shape and cover two gas burners at once with a double or dual type cover set. As for prints, there are an endless amount of designs from plants and flowers to animals. Fruit designs are popular as well like apple, banana, and bunches of fruit. People sometimes even choose different ones for certain holidays and times of the year.


Companies that make these covers often use a couple of different materials. These include stainless steel for metal ones. These are probably more durable and will last longer. For more stylish ones for decoration, ceramic gas stove burner covers are the top sellers. These have that classic look and feel that may match the dinnerware of the particular household.


Besides the decorative conditions, these stovetop covers are very useful as well. When the stove and burners are not in use, these products can add to the surface area and storage area available in the kitchen area. For those that have a smaller living space, this can be a huge benefit. More space is now available for placing food that has been prepared.


Whether you own a gas or electric stove, cover sets for them can add a new look and storage space to your cooking area. There's nothing better than a tool that also looks good. If you want to spice up the look and feel of your home while adding usefulness, buying a set of range cooktop gas stove burner covers to your kitchen will definitely help.


Both stove and industrial gas burners shall be formed of materials that can combat rust and decomposition. This is even more vital for industrial gases like acetylene which may corrode it. For heavy applications, it is significant to consider high end materials such as cast brass and stainless steel. Other materials such as cast iron will start to rust after sometime.


People Appliances; leading Kitchen Appliances Manufacturers manufacture & supplies products like Gas Stove, Mixer GrindersThermosteel water bottlesPressure Cookers in Bangalore, India.

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