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text 2018-03-21 05:06
The Impact of a Cryo Machine on a User’s Physical and Mental Health

Cryotherapy machines have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because average consumers and organizations have begun recognizing the impact that they can have on a person’s physical and mental well-being. Cryotherapy users have found that cryo machines not only help boost someone’s mood and energy level but can aid in the treatment of skin disorders and muscle injuries.


How Cryotherapy Machines Work

When people step into a whole-body cryotherapy chamber, it fills with nitrogen vapor, which drops its temperature down to a range of -130°F (-90°C) and -184°F (-120°C). Sessions inside a cryo machine are monitored and only last about three minutes.

Why Use a Cryo Machine?

As cryotherapy machines have become more widespread, several press outlets have examined the potential benefits of using them.

For example, U.S. News and World Report published a story in January 2016 titled “Should You Try Whole Body Cryotherapy?” The piece centers on Leasha West, a former Marine and combat instructor who, up to that point, had undergone a three-minute session in a cryotherapy chamber every day for two months straight.

According to West, she first heard about whole body cryotherapy from clients at the insurance agency that she runs. She decided to try it out for her muscle stiffness and back pain and ended up loving it. The benefits that she cites in the article include:

• Pain Relief
• Increased Energy
• Increased Metabolism
• Younger-Looking Skin
• Better Sleep
• Feelings of Euphoria

In addition to West, the U.S. News article has quotes from several medical experts who address claims like these. They acknowledge that cryo machines can help produce effects like the ones listed above, but they stress that cryotherapy should not be considered a panacea or cure-all. Instead, they emphasize that people should adopt good lifestyle habits—not smoking to keep skin healthy, making dietary changes to lose weight—over relying on cryo chambers to do the work for them.

The article ends by advising readers to consult their doctors before signing up for cryo machine sessions. Pregnant women and people with heart conditions, hypertension and other health issues should not use cryotherapy.

Impact Cryotherapy’s top-quality cryotherapy chambers are used by businesses and organizations across the United States and in several foreign countries. A wide range of consumers—including professional athletes—have found that sessions in a cryo machine have helped treat injuries and improve performance.

About Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Cryotherapy is an internationally renowned manufacturer of cryotherapy machines. It is committed to selling the market’s best cryosaunas and offers exciting cryotherapy franchise opportunities around the world.

For more information, please visit Impactcryo.com

Original Source: https://goo.gl/Vh2b6Z

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review 2018-03-01 15:30
Black Panther: Soul Of A Machine (2017) #1 Kindle & comiXology - Fabian Nicieza,Ariel Olivetti,Andrea DiVito

It's not that I dislike this character, or plot.   It's just that it didn't grab me as much as I'd hoped, even with the virtual reality aspect.   Then again, this is twelve pages, and an eight part series, so I don't understand why they couldn't have done four books at twice the length.   I didn't download the rest of the series at the time - even though it was free - and I just did today as I was reminded that, hey, it existed as a freebie.   



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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-02-23 19:53
Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook
Wilma Jean the Worry Machine - Julia Cook,Anita DuFalla

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook is a new favorite Children's book of mine. This book spreads awareness of anxiety disorders in Children and young students. This topic is rarely discussed in the classroom, if ever. This book discusses anxiety in a way that is appropriate for all ages but also beneficial. This is a way to help students in a classroom without singling them about their anxiety, or worry. Many students will be able to relate to the main character, Wilma Jean, and her many worries about school. This relation to the text may be comforting to many students because they will realize that they are not alone in this feeling. 


This book would be an excellent read in the first week of school or once school has picked up and students have grown to dislike certain parts of the day. I would read this book aloud to the class, stopping to discuss the obstacles Wilma Jean is facing. At the end of the class I would have a discussion about the problem (Wilma Jean getting the worry flu because she was worrying so much) and solution (finding a way to concur her fears at school and wearing the worry hat). While discussing, I would create a class chart to document the student's responses. Then, I would ask students to draw a hat in the writing journal and draw a horizontal line in the middle (similar to how it was drawn in the book) to separate their personal worries that they can control and can't control. This would be private and would not be shared with the class.


Lexile Measure: AD630L

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text 2018-02-15 09:05
Realize the Full Potential of a Cryotherapy Franchise

In recent years, whole-body cryotherapy has become increasingly popular among athletes, celebrities and average consumers. A series of simple three-minute sessions in a cryotherapy machine can give someone a variety of wellness benefits.


Although cryotherapy equipment has been used to treat conditions like arthritis for decades in Japan and Europe, it is only beginning to catch on in the US. This is thanks in part to high-profile figures like Jennifer Aniston, Lebron James, Tony Robbins and Kate Moss using cryosaunas. As cryotherapy continues to enter the mainstream, the more business opportunities will arise.

Astute entrepreneurs and managers have begun to see the advantages of adding cryotherapy units to their businesses or organizations. This group includes:

Physical Therapists
Massage Therapists and Spa Owners
Gyms and Fitness Facilities
Sports Teams

A cryotherapy business or cryotherapy franchise has the potential to generate substantial revenue. In 2016, The Huffington Post reported that one session in a cryotherapy machine costs an average of $85. Some cryotherapy companies offer monthly plans of unlimited cryosauna sessions for approximately $300 per month.

Before an entrepreneur or a business can tap into this revenue potential, they need to plan carefully. This field requires not only a considerable investment for equipment but also knowledgeable, responsible staff.Here are a couple factors to consider when starting a cryotherapy franchise:

Hire the Right People

No business can run smoothly unless it hires people willing and able to perform their duties. Franchises need to screen and interview potential employees thoroughly before bringing them on. Applicants should understand—or be quick to learn—both the benefits of cryotherapy and the importance of monitoring and operating cryosaunas properly.

Having the right staff in place will position both franchises and their customers for success. It ensures that people get what they want from their cryosauna session and protects the brand of the business.

Find the Right Equipment

In addition to intelligent and attentive personnel, cryotherapy businesses and franchises need the best available equipment. High-quality cryotherapy equipment will be energy-efficient and keep the temperature uniform and consistent inside the chamber. The best manufacturers will also design features and software for their cryotherapy units that keep users safe.

Impact Cryotherapy provides entrepreneurs, franchises and organizations with some of the finest cryotherapy equipment available anywhere. The company’s patent-pending cryosaunas feature Smart Pressure Technology for superior efficiency and safety. Impact also offers installation, training, marketing and support services to help its clients succeed.

About Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Cryotherapy is a leading manufacturer of cryotherapy machines. It is committed to selling the market’s best cryosaunas and offers exciting cryotherapy franchise opportunities around the world.

For more information, please visit Impactcryo.com

Original Source: https://goo.gl/9pDS1X

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review 2018-01-26 00:31
Mind boggling.
The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner - Daniel Ellsberg

The planning we were threatening to carry out was best described by a skeptical Pentagon colleague: "We send in a series of increasingly larger probes. If they're all stopped, we fire a [nuclear] warning shot. If that doesn't work, we blow up the world."


Which seems to have been the core of US nuclear strategy from about 1946 to the present day. It's not like I didn't know about MAD/SAD, but seeing it laid out clearly and logically is something else again.


The strongest parts of the book describe Ellsberg's own "confessions" and his involvement in assessing and forming US nuclear policy in the '50s and '60s, as well as descriptions of the Cuban Missile Crisis (even scarier than you thought!) and other key events in that time. That takes up the first two hundred or so pages. The descriptions are often darkly funny in the line of a Terry Gilliam movie, and are especially interesting for Ellsberg's descriptions of the cold warrior mindset and how he himself was almost completely sucked into it (so much so that he didn't even register his own participation in the brinkmanship of the day until decades later).


The latter hundred pages or so of text describes the evolution in US policy starting with city bombing in WWII that led to "blowing up the world" being on the strategy table at all, the way the US has used threat of nuclear attack in its foreign policy from Truman through to the present day, and some tentative suggestions as to how to undo this mess. This section is interesting, but not as strong, and I wish the "dismantling" part had been about fifty pages longer and more specific. Ellsberg seems to more or less have dropped that part in the lap of the next generation. Which is his right, but the books could have used a stronger conclusion.


All and all, it's well worth reading for the history, especially if you're a fan of sites like Nuclear Secrets. As a Canadian, I can mostly hope and prey that good sense prevails in Russia and the US.

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