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text 2019-10-08 15:54
What is an eCommerce Platform




E-commerce is evidently gigantic, with online investing hitting $5 billion in a single day on Dark Friday 2017, and 96% of Americans making online buys routinely. 80% of them have shopped online within the past month alone, and millennials presently do the lion's share of their online shopping.


As a general run the showwe are able characterize an e-commerce stage as any sort of site program that permits you to offer items to clients by means of the Web. Most e-commerce stages work so also to substance administration frameworks (CMSs) like WordPress, empowering site proprietors to include and alter items and categories and to track deals from the website’s dashboard.


Now that we have that definition of an e-commerce stage in mind, we are able split on with taking a see at fair a number of of the nuts and bolts that you’ll got to know some time recently you get begun with e-commerce. Let’s go ahead.


Types of E-commerce Platforms

Because e-commerce is such a lucrative industry, there’s no shortage of providers out there who can help you make money selling products online. The real challenge is identifying which platform is the best solution for you. Just a few of the most common e-commerce platforms include:





Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, with a grip on 11% of the market. It’s famous for a good reason – thanks to the proliferation of themes, it’s easy for you to design a professional-looking store in minutes.

By the way, if you are interesting in Magento I highly recommended for you this custom magento development company .





This solution is Magneto’s big competitor, and while it is a little younger, it’s quickly established a solid reputation. It’s a particularly popular choice for people who want a fast solution that doesn’t put the server under too much strain.


Zen Cart



This solution is built with MySQL and PHP, languages that most developers are already familiar with. There’s also a massive library of third-party plugins that you can tap into for added functionality.





This one is one of the most accessible solutions for you to get started with. It’s most notable for its large community including its huge support forum and the full availability of third-party themes and plugins.

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text 2019-10-03 05:36
Magento SEO Practices - Accelerate SERPs Ranking for Greater ROIs

Search engines like Google are dominating the digital vendors. A huge number of individuals rely on SERPs (search engine result pages) to perform various activities like purchasing, booking tickets, to find the best doctor, etc.


An eruption in the usage of mobile technology accompanied by an easily accessible internet network have added to such dependence on search engines. Now anyone can simply open a browser and look for required services.


If we take an example of Google, it is a great source of web traffic in itself. While optimizing and accelerating your Magento site’s ranking on its SERPs, you can easily make greater ROIs. Every expert Magento development agency that we hire to build our store online, plays a vital role in its search engine optimization.


However, there always remains a room for enhancements and accelerating SERPs on different search engines. In this, I am going to discuss those. Let us have a look below:


Using Nofollow Link


A website contains several pages like my account, contact page, etc. And, not every web page you would wish to index on search engines. It calls for the need of nofollow link for those types of pages that you don’t want to index.


Make sure you add entries to your robot.txt file and robot setting is further indexed.


Utilize Sitemaps


To define, sitemaps contain the information of website content to help search engine crawlers and users to navigate through your website. Using sitemaps ameliorates the way your Magento store is indexed.


It is primarily designed to locate those pages that might be unnoticed by the search engines. You can configure a sitemap to index all images and pages of your Magento site.


Avoid Default Descriptions


Every web page of your Magento store should contain a unique description. And, you need to make sure that each of the descriptions gets indexed.


Go for Custom Web Development


Custom Magento development is always beneficial. This is due to the reason that we incorporate the solutions that cater to our specific niche.

Exploring and analyzing your target audience niche and its preferences always help you to build a store that outperforms.


Choosing a default website structure and amending it for your preferences will consume more time and cost you on higher sides.


Fix Page Load Times


Page load times of your Magento website impact its overall ranking on SERPs. On average, the ideal load time is around 3 seconds or less. Therefore, you need to make sure your Magento website is not taking more time to load.


Start with testing page load times of your website with various free to use online tools available like GTmetrix. You simply insert your website URL, and it will provide you with a detailed analysis on page load times along with areas of improvement.


Go for Magento 2.x


To get the best of Magento software, you are recommended to update from Magento 1.X to Magento 2.X (if not updated yet). As Magento officials have declared to stop supporting Magento 1.X version from 2020.


Adding to this, opt for the latest version of Magento 2.X. With every new release of Magento software, both retailers, as well as developers, will experience the best world-class SEO support features to conflict the industry competition. Apart from SEO enhancements, you will get different benefits like bug resolutions, and other important areas covered with every latest version of the Magento eCommerce platform.




Every second billion searches are being carried out over different search engines like Google or any other. That very second if you have not indexed your Magento store, your business is likely to miss out on 100s of users, if not 1000s.

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text 2019-09-05 05:48
Expert Tips For Attractive Magento Website Building

Summary: To promote products and services, an online store is essential for every business. If you are dreaming for a Magento website to generate profit and revenue, then this article will help you to understand how to develop an eCommerce business with the help of Magento development company.


Every businessman has a dream to start a business and let it drive by autopilot to generate consistent revenue. And thus eCommerce is the best option to run a business that works for itself. And successful online store needs a stable, secure and customisable eCommerce platform to function seamlessly. 


Undoubtedly the world’s most used eCommerce platform is Magento. It was first introduced back in 2008 and has grown consistently since then, in terms of the number of users, the size of the merchants and, of course, it’s capabilities. 


Here given below the reasons why you choose Magento over any other eCommerce platform: 

  • It is available as open-source and paid versions as per your requirements
  • Secure and lag-free,
  • Plenty numbers of useful plugins and additional business software integration scope.
  • SEO optimised and 
  • Flexible content management system.


So if you want to convert your physical store into an online store with the help of Magento developers and Magento development company then you must have to consider some expert tips to develop your eCommerce site looks attractive and user-friendly.


1# Appealing looks:

People always prefer simple yet attractive eCommerce site for shopping. An appealing website can capture running user to generate a more organic view and turn them into sales. To become successful looks of your website should be attractive. 


People still believe that ‘the first impression is the last impression’ so focus on every aspect of the user experience- from product cataloguing to the search functionality, seamless addition of items to the shopping cart, and easy checkout.


2# Useful and simple design:

Magento offers customisation. To customise your store according to your nature of business aways add details description of products, high definition images, link navigation throughout the website to simulate users to shop. This kind of design helps to turn your website visitors to customers. 


3# Responsive web page for every platform:

To get a better result and great functionality you have to insists developers design your website responsive for all devices such as desktop, mobile and tab. Responsive design helps the business to grow by increasing Google ranking, capturing and engaging all kinds of device users at your website.


4# Call to Actions for conversion:

Use call to action button to direct the user to a specific page. It is required to navigate to result in a conversion.


5# Planned SEO process: 

Only website development can’t fetch the user from everywhere. To capture more traffic, you need an exclusive product and attractive, unique contents for promotion. Keep in mind that your Magento website design will need to integrate with social media and any other media channels to run a paid campaign, contest and much more for marketing needs.


Proper keyword uses will help you to get onlookers which can turn into potential customers later.


6# Customer feedback and honest review:  

Feedback and reviews can help you to walk towards betterment. Honest feedback helps to make your eCommerce more trustworthy. So include a feedback form or reviews space for every product to generate publicity.



Magento development company always helps you to develop an eCommerce business which can fetch better ROI and profit from the market. But running a successful online store requires a better understanding of the factors influencing web customer behaviours, changing marketing trends, and what your existing customers expect from you. So always keep in touch with your Magento developers to optimise your store as per market demand.  

Jonathan paul He is an experienced and skilled Magento professional, devoting himself in Magento development process on behalf of PHPProgrammers, an award-winning Magento development company in Australia serving for years to develop a custom-made, out-of-the-box eCommerce store for business betterment.

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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text 2019-08-19 12:34
Tricks to Convert All Traffic into Sales

Summary: If your eCommerce website got tons of traffic but unable to convert them into sales, then this article will show some must follow crucial tricks to get over.


Every online store owners often face a situation where the total number of page visitors is higher than the total number of sales is counted. And that kind of anomaly can lower down the ROI. So if you have faced this kind of situation then you have to make some serious moves to get over.


Converting traffic into sales need thorough investigation. If your eCommerce website builds via Magento Development Company then you have to consult with your Magento developer for rectification. Here are some tricks to follow to get better ROI, a more organic search to be converted into sales positively.


Target User and UI (User Interface)

Want to get some serious profit from your business via web traffic? You should know about your target audience or users. Ask yourself first, who are your customers and why they are visiting your store? And then also find out how to make them happy and how to delight them solving their problem wisely.


To make your online store trustworthy, you have to consider some facts, such as

  • High-quality design
  • An up to date product catalogue
  • Honest product reviews
  • Easy navigation and avoid compulsory option in Checkouts
  • Warranty and Guarantee information with clear terms and conditions.


Customisation of the product page

The product page, where consumers come, roam and decide. So make sure that the product page customisation and the proper algorithm is present there to attract and hold the visitor to convert them into profit. Here some crucial points are given to check thoroughly : 

  • Product descriptions are given in details, readable and with plenty number of HD images (recommended to use bullets and small paragraph) for reference.
  • Presence of numbers of honest reviews (negative and positive both).
  • Presence of urgency element such as limited stock, only a few are available to buy etc.
  • Presence of well cater wishlist button.


Simplification of Checkout and Cart

Checkout is the most important part of online business. Simpler the checkout process higher chances to get genuine buyers to convert them into sales. To increase the conversion you need to optimise: 

  • An easier way to register via mobile no or social media credentials, 
  • Offer a discount for every checkout via bank card, credit card or any given period,
  • Allow checkout as a guest,
  • Use infographic showing the progress of checkout,
  • Strong Security at the payment gateway,
  • Greetings after checkout and asking for another purchase or showing some items generally bought together.


Offer and Subscriptions

To convert a random visitor into permanent, you need to offer the best deal and maximum percentage of rebate to them. On the other hand, low price subscription can help you to create a genuine database. So offer some lucrative prize or jackpot via a lucky draw for new subscribers. Don't use too many pop-up reminding about the subscription or the cart abandonment. A controlled and gentle approach can attract user attention and makes a comfortable buying experience for them.


Optimisation and daily update

Going smoother with user your website need optimisation and get updated regularly in terms of product listing, hosting and adopting new technologies. Always keep in touch with your Magento development company and keeps track the business growth regularly using plugins available in Magento Store.


Nowadays promo campaign is most vital for any eCommerce. But if your page doesn’t load within 3.5 seconds can bring down the overall campaign goals. So apart from all, check your page loading speed first. An easy loading page can push your profit scale towards higher probability. 


A slow-loading page can’t convert anonymous buyers to known buyers. Keep in mind that even the absence of the smallest details can ruin your business badly. 


So, don’t be confused. Just follow the tricks given above and get your page more visible and accessible on any platform ( mobile, tab or pc) and keep updated regularly to maintain the profitability of your eCommerce site.

Jonathan Paul He is an experienced and talented Magento Developer from PHPProgrammers in Sydney, Australia, a leading Magento Development Company offers more 1000+ Magento store worldwide to get better ROI, profit and tons of positive traffic.

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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text 2019-07-09 11:01
Best Magento eCommerce Development Company in Australia

Starting an online business? Need to build an online eCommerce store? Looking for Magento experts in Sydney at a pocket-friendly cost? GetAProgrammer can be your one-stop eCommerce solution provider for all these. Starting from store planning to online eCommerce shop development, adding new features to your existing store to customisation, store deployment to support and maintenance, this Magento eCommerce development company will provide you with full-fledged eCommerce development services.


Being a leading Magento eCommerce development company in Australia, We guarantee a fully-integrated and responsive online store with a number of crucial features:


  • Flexible product display option
  • Multiple payment transaction options
  • SEO-friendly
  • Security 
  • Multi-stores and multi-sites functionality
  • Scalability and many more.


Why are we best in Magento development? 


  • We house skilled and experienced Magento developers
  • We follow strict Quality Assurance standards
  • Transparent workflow
  • Timely delivery of your project


Reach our expert Magento development team for any issues related to your Magento eCommerce development. 


Contact Details


Suite 2,

38-46 Albany St,

St Leonards.NSW - 2065,


Ph No: +1300 858 289
Website address: https://www.getaprogrammer.com.au/ 

Source: getaprogrammersau@gmail.com
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