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review 2018-12-28 05:39
Hamari Society: Let us guide you with society maintenance software

Maintenance charges are an unavoidable reality for every apartment owner. People living in apartments or housing societies have to pay a substantial sum of money every month as maintenance charges to the society. Maintenance charges are charges gathered by an apartment society to meet the cost of retaining a housing society and the funds that may be needed for major repairs in future. Now if you are living in an apartment complex and paying the charges then it is your responsibility to make sure that the charges are being spent legally for your benefit.


The society funds have to be utilized cleverly. If charges are gathered under the head of Building Maintenance charges, then they must be spent for the repairs and maintenance of the building.


Today everyone uses various software’s for their benefit then why not software for society maintenance. For this reason, Hamari Society, brings to you online society maintenance software.


Housing Society Management Software is a user-friendly Housing Society Software. You don’t need to have any foregoing accounting experience to work with it. For the ease management of residential complexes this relevant software is compulsory. There are plenty of aspects when this type of tool is utilized; this lessens the work load of financial officer who takes care of maintenance and other responsibilities. The bills generated the balance sheet, profit and loss details, so one will know how their money is utilized rather than just paying them for maintenance.


So now if it’s about society maintenance then leave it to Hamari Society because we have the web based apartment maintenance software which uses technology for your benefit.  You trust us and will never let you regret.


“Hamari Society” is an easy-peasy & well organized Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai for Co-operative Housing Societies that can make your society’s managerial activities high speed, efficient and automated.

Source: hamarisociety.co.in
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review 2018-12-19 11:59
Go cashless with Hamari Society!



Cashless is the jargon today in our country. Every business is striving hard to get adjusted to the new period of digital transactions. If you are controlling a big housing society, then it is a high time to come out of the orthodox thinking.


Accept the reality today and switch to a smart housing society management system in Mumbai software. It makes every operation pretty simple and most beneficially, it gives you the painless benefits of staying away from loads of cash maintenance.


Since housing society has some special demands, it is unfeasible to execute any off-the-shelf ERP system. It should be built as per the requirement specification. If you ask software professionals, then they uphold for well-organized housing society software instead of an uncomplicated accounting module which focuses on the cash inflow-outflow only.


The standard way of managing a society becomes outdated today

This era is a techno-savvy trend. Hence, they desire smart ways of paying the dues. They say no to queues for paying water and electricity dues or property tax.


Which accounting software for housing society is the best?

When you search for the accounting software that satisfies your requirements most, check for these:


Easy setup and installation: Software should be flimsy and easy to install.


Automatically generate bills: Full-fledged society accounting software that can automatically generate bills against each flat, and handle payments such as maintenance charges, electricity bill charges, and water charges, etc.


User-friendly: The software should be easy to use for all, no need to be tech-savvy.


Customization: When you need customization, it should be accessible at the affordable rate. Also, the time occupied for customization should be less.


User support: Make sure you get all-day-and-night user support. Also, all possible modes of interaction should be available (Email, phone, and chat).


Hamari Society has been crafted by taking all the important points of Housing society management. They are an uncomplicated & efficient platform for Co-operative Housing Societies.

Source: hamarisociety.co.in/onlinebill
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url 2018-12-03 11:17
Design A Unique Cleaning Logo Design Using This Simple Tips

Logo helps your company to stand out from the crowd from your competitors. In our everyday life, we might be seeing logos of various organization on its products or in their advertising as well. But out of all the logos we see, only 1/3rd of them impresses our eyes or attracts our eyes.


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url 2018-12-03 11:14
Your Cleaning Logo Is The Permanent Broom To Sweep Out Your Competition

Cleanliness is a significant part of human life. Keeping the surroundings clean is a major reason for eliminating the diseases that creep up due to dirt and unhygienic surroundings. People nowadays have a hectic life and due to it they cleanliness is at stake. Cleanliness suffers due to which the dirty conditions are created, and it causes severe diseases.

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text 2018-11-12 07:01
Top Things To Look For In A Solar Panel Maintenance Specialist

There is no doubt that solar panel systems are an effective sustainable energy source. They can help minimise power bills and be utilised for various objectives such as supplying heat and distilling water. With such exceptional benefits, it's crucial that you perform the right maintenance to your solar panels to enjoy its lifelong advantages. One way to do this is through the aid of trusted and skilled solar panel maintenance professionals.

In case you would like to guarantee that your solar panel system will be checked and cleaned accordingly, then you need to work with the best people for the job. To aid you in this matter, the following are the things that you should seek out in a solar panel maintenance expert.

1. They possess a vast expertise
First of all, you require a solar panel professional who has a broad experience in the field and preferably, working for a lot of years. This guarantees that they've got wide expertise with regards to renewable solutions. And on the other hand, they have the suitable knowledge and capabilities to provide appropriate maintenance solutions for your system.

Moreover, an experienced solar panel specialist also knows that it is imperative for them to be knowledgeable with the latest improvements in the development of renewable systems. By hiring such experts, you're rest assured that they'll be using advanced strategies and equipment while cleaning your panels.

2. They offer extra relevant services
You might be thinking, what is the point of working with experts who provide you with services apart from maintenance? Well, for instance, you won’t have to find another professional when the time arrives that you require extra solar panel services. Keeping that in mind, pick one who offers an all-inclusive service that covers solar panel set up, servicing and maintenance, and restoration.

Moreover, professionals who can work on several solar panel requirements show that they’re not just flexible but also highly competent for the task. You do not want to work with someone who is not highly well informed in their field of job, right?

3. They give reasonable fees
Finally, it is not enough that a provider of solar panel service is competent and versatile. It's also crucial that they are providing affordable rates for their services, which is very advantageous if you are on a tight budget. What’s more, this allows you to save a little money for other necessary expenses within your household.

Nonetheless, keep in mind not to be tempted in getting affordable solar panel services just because you would like to save a little cash. Instead, take some time to examine whether the specialist offers a transparent rate. It's recommended if you will discuss such matter with the expert you are interested to hire so you can verify if the provided rate is affordable for the services you are acquiring or not.

In conclusion
Solar panel maintenance is extremely imperative to make sure that your device’s daily performance will remain at its best. With that said, it's crucial that you work with the right professionals who can properly clean your solar panel system. Simply take note of the points listed above for you to be able to find the ideal professional to work with.

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