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review 2017-06-25 06:29
I hope EVERYONE reads this book, and recommends it to friends.
Odd Man Out - Pete Kahle,James R. Newman



Summer, 1989. It is a time for splashing in the lake and exploring the wilderness, for nine teenagers to bond together and create friendships that could last the rest of their lives.But among this group there is a young man with a secret--a secret that, in this time and place, is unthinkable to his peers.When the others discover the truth, it will change each of them forever. They will all have blood on their hands.
This was a painful book to read. Not only because of 'THE SCENE', (which was very difficult to get through, too), but because of the subject matter. I'm sure you've read/watched 'THE GIRL NEXT DOOR' by now... remember how you felt throughout that entire book/movie? THAT is why ODD MAN OUT is painful. That feeling of helplessness in the pit of (y)our stomach(s). The author's writing made me feel like I was right there in cabin #7, but despite my screams... the story continued. Even when you think it's over... NOPE! That's when the questions start coming. ODD MAN OUT is a story that is going to stick with me/us. Sneaky, sneaky Mr. Newman ::winks::
"[Odd Man Out] pulls back the veil to reveal hatred and violence for what it truly is - far too common and simple." - Rev. Amanda Hendler-Voss
I hope EVERYONE reads this book, and recommends it to friends. It is going to turn some people around, and that's a good thing. P, L & N ♥  ~sg 
5/5 Knives for ODD MAN OUT
SHOUT OUT to Rev. Amanda Hendler-Voss, born and raised right here in Detroit, MI! Woot! She wrote the book's AFTERWARD, (I won't bestow the 'Michigan Madman' moniker on her ;)). I've wanted to quote her throughout this whole review! It's beautifully written - very strong, and motivational.  
ODD MAN OUT on Amazon, and Goodreads
James Newman on Amazon, and Goodreads  
Bloodshot Books, the publisher of ODD MAN OUT, is gearing up for their 2017 Open Call! The submission period is from August 1-31, 2017. Full details can be found @ bloodshotbooks.wordpress.com
Bloodshot Books - Read Until You Bleed  
Established March 2015 – Bloodshot Books is a micro-press specializing in horror fiction, with a dash of science fiction, suspense and thrillers. Tacky Tie Films - Revolutionizing the way films are made & experienced.
Cover design ©2016 by Ben Baldwin


Source: beckisbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/odd-man-out-by-james-newman
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review 2017-06-24 18:00
Review: "Candy Man" (Candy Man, #1) by Amy Lane
Candy Man - Amy Lane


~ 3 stars ~


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review 2017-06-23 04:27
A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books

I really enjoyed this audiobook. This isn't the kind of book that I would have normally picked up but I saw so many wonderful reviews for it that I decided to give it a closer look. When I caught it on sale on Audible, I decided to go for it. I am so glad that I took a chance on this one because I completely fell in love with Ove over the course of this story.

Ove is exactly what you think of when you try to picture a grumpy old man. He knows how things should be done and expects others to have enough sense to do them the right away. He believes that rules are there to be followed regardless of who you are. He is the man who makes rounds in his neighborhood to make sure that the rules are being enforced. 

There is a little more to Ove that is revealed bit by bit during the story. He isn't quite as unfeeling as he would let you believe especially once his new (and very patient) neighbors enter his life. Suddenly, it seems that everyone needs his help with things and if he wants to make sure that they are done right he has to help. I really enjoyed seeing Ove making connections with others and learning about his history. The more that you learn about Ove the more you love him. 

George Newbern really brought Ove to life. I really felt like I was with Ove as he was telling me his life story. I haven't listened to his narration before this book but I would definitely look for him in the future. He had such a nice voice to listen to and really was able to bring a few emotions to a character that likes to keep them hidden. I was able to listen to this book for hours at a time largely because of the narration.

I would highly recommend this book to others. I think that just about everyone can think of someone in their life with a few of Ove's characteristics. Everything about this story felt very authentic. There were moments that I laughed and other moments that touched my heart. This was the first book by Fredrik Backman that I have read and will not hesitate to read his work again in the future.

Initial Thoughts
I fell in love with Ove over the course of the story. I saw a lot of the traits of many of my family members in Ove. His collection of extremely patient neighbors were all wonderful. I liked how Ove's history is told little by little throughout the story because it really gave some insight about his character.

Source: audible purchase

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text 2017-06-23 01:31
Reading progress update: I've read 6 out of 320 pages.
Y: The Last Man Book Three - Pia Guerra,José Marzán Jr.,Brian K. Vaughan

more of this lunacy--Vaughan seems to perpetually sabotage any deep meaning I can find in this by just having fun and bumping off characters. the most thoughtful immaturity you can find out there. and the art is swell!

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review 2017-06-22 21:05
Man, that twist!
Action Man #4 - Paolo Villanelli,Chris Evenhuis,John Barber

This is getting far more interesting, but given the slow pacing leading up to this, I'm not likely to pick up more of this series unless it's at a library, a crossover with Transformers - because that crossover with Kup really worked for me - or it's in another Humble Bundle. 


For now, I'm happy for this to be over, and I'm happy Barber got some interesting things in the last issue of what IDW gave through Humble Bundle.

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