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text 2017-03-24 08:45
Crash Into Me (The Wicked Wingmen Series... Crash Into Me (The Wicked Wingmen Series Book 1) - DD Sparxx,Sweet 'n Spicy Designs,Donna Hokanson,Teresa Banschbach

´¨✫ LIVE!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨Crash Into Me*´¨
✮ (¸.•´✶DD Sparxx✶•*´¨*´¨
Crash Into Me by #DDSparxx is #LIVE and only .99 cents or #FREE on KU!
→ BUY NOW: http://a.co/8MubNqH
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Ashford Westinghouse is handsome, well built, and successful. He certainly doesn’t see himself as lonely. He often uses one night stands as a coping mechanism to help him blot out the pain of losing the only woman he’s ever loved. She left him without a hint as to why and he has no desire to ever let his heart get destroyed like that again.


Isabella Alfieri is beautiful, independent and successful in her own right. Her world is almost perfect, but she still can’t seem to forget the man she loved and left seven years ago. And she’ll never forget the reason she had to go. She’s kept her secret all this time. Aside from her family, there’s only one other person that knows her secret and she would never tell a soul.


What will happen when fate intervenes and puts her on the flight he’s co-piloting? The flight that sets them on course for their worlds to come crashing back together after all this time.


**Crash Into Me is a full-length, standalone romance with a HEA, no cliffhanger and no cheating.**


DD Sparxx Author Links:

→Website: http://bit.ly/2nGyr2y

→Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2mY0hUi 

→Facebook: http://bit.ly/2mTYcIk

→Twitter: http://bit.ly/2mXOd5r

#NewRelease #CrashIntoMe #KU #99Cents #Romance

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review 2017-03-23 19:16
Strong Collection of True Crime Stories
You Belong to Me and Other True Cases (Ann Rule's Crime Files: Vol. 2) - Ann Rule

"You Belong to Me" starts off with a longer story and then the anthology showcases other true crime stories. I didn't think that some of them fit with the overall theme I got from the first one though which is one reason why I lowered it half a star. And then I lowered it another half star when I realized one of the stories appeared in another collection before, and some of the stories to me, in my opinion felt like filler. 


"You Belong to Me" (4 stars)-This story is heartbreaking. Rule traces one man whose dream was to be a Florida highway patrol officer and his young family. At first you wonder what is going on, until you realize that the man (Tim Harris) is odd and then you realize he is very very angry. This guy gave off so many red flags I was astounded that no one saw how on the edge he was until the very end. We then transition to Lorraine Dombroski Hendricks life and you start to feel uneasy about how she was going to end up meeting Harris. I think what gets me the most about this story is how everyone ignored all that was wrong with Harris cause he was a police officer. He ends up abusing and stalking his wife while seeing another woman and it's not until his wife's brother in law (also a police officer) steps in that she can get actually get some help.


"Black Christmas" (5 stars)- This is seriously heartbreaking. A family is murdered over a misunderstanding. I just can't even get more into it than that besides don't always open your door to deliverymen.


"One Trick Pony" (3 stars)-I swear I read this story in another Rule anthology because I had it down cold from beginning to end. That's the main reason why I gave it 3 stars. I hate it when authors do this. 


"The Computer Error and the Killer" (5 stars)-Once again this was heartbreaking. Because of one computer error a man who had no business being allowed out in the public after being found criminally insane. I just shake at the things that used to go down in the 1960s and the 1970s. I hope things have gotten better with tracking people. I hope. 


"The Vanishing" (3 stars)- This case was a bust. You find out what happened, which made me wonder why Rule even included it in this collection. 


"The Last Letter" (4 stars)-This whole true crime was just sad from beginning to end. One woman who put her life on hold for a guy who wasn't worth it, who in the end goes and kills her rather than have her find out how worthless he really was in the end. 

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review 2017-03-23 18:51
Sad End to a Family
If You Really Loved Me - Ann Rule

I remember watching the Lifetime movie for this when I was a kid and becoming quite fascinated with Clancy Brown's voice. At the time I didn't realize that the movie was based on a true story. "If You Really Loved Me" by Ann Rule shows how David Brown was able to manipulate his 14 year old daughter (Cinnamon) and his wife's teenage sister (Patti) in a plot that would ultimately end in Linda Brown's death.


I think what gets me most about true crime books is that you have to wonder sometimes how can people be this awful to another person and you shake your head at the evidence that comes out via the investigators, forensics, and witnesses. 


I think the thing that gets me the most is that I thought that David Brown was very much a predator of children and it's terrible that was glossed over in a way by a lot of people that should have had some warning signs going off when a 20 year old guy was hanging out with pre-teens. I just can't imagine something going on like that today and one one saying a word. 


I have read Ann Rule's books before so they can get formulaic after a while. She tends to start with the crime for the most part and then jumps back to victim and murders beginnings. She adds in details from witnesses she talked to or even from the court cases she has sat in and gleaned from testimony. Then shes does this all over again with the police and those in the prosecution office and sometimes with the defense. Sometimes some of the detail tends to overwhelm you if you don't know exactly what she is talking about, but I found that she tries to break her writing down so a layman can follow.


What made this book so fascinating and what I can't recall if they showed in the Lifetime tv movie was that when David Brown gets sent to jail and is held for bail he digs his hole even deeper. You have to wonder about this man's intelligence when you read about what his plans were for getting out of the trouble he was in. 


She apparently updated this book at some point, cause there were several "endings" so to speak where she explains what happened to David Brown, Cinnamon Brown, Patti Bailey, and other people we are introduced to in this book.  


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review 2017-03-23 05:01
Good Story and Characters
Make Me Beg - Rebecca Brooks

Mack was looking through the portfolio of someone to date in her town on a dating app and found Connor who she worked side by side with at the Dipper in Gold Mountain. He was the chef and she tended bar.  He was so   not her type: arrogant. A player, and he still talked like he was going to pack  and leave  town any second for something better. Connor told Mack they would find her someone. Her best friend Abbi had talked her into the dating app. Connor caught her checking out his profile and took her phone. Sam owned Kane Enterprises and had bought most of Gold Mountain including the Dipper.  Sam told Connor and Mack that they were being offered the chance to design a new bar and restaurant and become co owners with each other and Sam. but they had to put up quite a bit of money. Connor could go to his parents but Mack had no parents . Connor met with his best friend Austin at a dive on the outskirt of town when in walked Mack with two of her friends.  Connor found he cared whether other guys were checking out Mack and he noticed what she was wearing and how well it fit her body. When did that happen? But would ideas ever match for the bar/restaurant?  A couple days later Connor had a date and was driving to the hotel when he noticed Mack’s car was parked at the bar.he didn’t know if Mack was aware of the storm warnings so he stopped.  Mack was making different types of shots and he had some and then the storm knocked the lights out and a tree came  down and blocked them from being able to leave until the tree was moved. They had sex but then Mack felt she had just been stupid Connor didn’t even like her. But for some reason every time they were alone Connor and Mack had some form of sex yet still couldn’t agree about the business they were suppose to be designing. Then Mack told Abbi she would come and they could go out to dinner and then a have a drink. Abbi talked to a motorcycle guy and in the end tanked. Mack had the number of Adam who wanted  to take her out but he didn’t really interest Mack. also mack thought of Connor the whole evening.

This was  a great story. I didn’t want to put it down with the give and take of this story. One minute Mack and Connor couldn’t keep their hands off each other the next arguing over what the name of the bar restaurant was going to  be or the type of food to be offered.. It did make me snicker at times. I felt for Mack and the life she had lead when she was younger. I liked how Mack didn’t back down from Connor but couldn’t resist him either. I loved how Connor stopped seeing other woman as soon as he and Mack had sex. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend. I would rate this a 4.5 if I could.

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review 2017-03-23 00:43
Take Me Back - Meghan March

When I heard that Meghan March would be releasing a new stand-alone novel I was over the moon. I have been a fan ever since being introduced to her ‘Beneath’ series. When I started this book, I thought this would be an emotional read about a couple, trying to rekindle the flames in their marriage. Indeed that was the case, but it went deeper than that, in fact, the turn of events took me by surprise. From that point, I had difficulty putting my kindle down. This is the second book that I have read in less than a week that blindsided me in a good way.

‘Take Me Back" is an amazing second chance love story. It's an intense, touching, addictive, sexy and suspenseful read that kept me on the edge of my seat. The story started out slow, but that pace was fitting for the events at that time, but then at around fifty-five percent, the angle of the story changed in a manner I never saw coming. Based on how the story was going, I knew something was going to happen but it went beyond what I expected. However, the secrets that Dane had kept about his life made the events fitting.

The story told from Dane and Kat’s perspective was written mainly in the present day. There were flashbacks to help readers understand what led them to their current position. Dane recognized that he and Kat had issues that needed solving and so he decided to take steps to address these issues. However, he ended up getting more than he bargained for.

This is a well-written story with fantastic characters. The romance and suspense were well-balanced. I should warn you the romance was written in true Meghan March style. That is hot and steamy. The story flowed seamlessly from start to finish and the pacing good. The story which was gripping held me captive to the end. It was not perfect as there was a particular scene, which I found somewhat unrealistic. I choose not to state what it is as doing may lead to spoilers. This, however, did not make me like the story any less.

This novel reinforced the fact that for relationships to succeed all parties involved need to play their part. Without the proper nurturing, a relationship is bound for failure. The first step in salvaging what was lost is to recognize that there is indeed a problem. I liked that Dane and Kat recognized that they had problems. Their love for each other gave them the strength to fight for what they once had. Their willingness to accept their share of the blame for the breakdown of their marriage was admirable. Theirs was a marriage established on secrets and lies, which would come back to haunt them.


Take Me Back is a story of forgiveness, loss, restoration and healing. If you enjoy second chance romances that are action-packed and have some steamy scenes then this book is for you.

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