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url 2020-03-21 07:51
Yoga in Rishikesh | D'VINE YOGA

D'vine Yoga provides Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.
The Yoga TTC is open to anyone with a sincere desire for knowledge and personal development.

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text 2020-03-11 05:26
Sound Bath Meditation London: What Can You Gain From It?

Given the stress and anxiety you have to go through due to your hectic schedules, it is important to always look for ways to relax and unwind. Most people opt for meditation to cope up with their active lives as well as enhance their physical and mental wellbeing. One of the most prominent ways of meditating is signing up for a sound bath meditation London based session. This type of meditation is believed to be therapeutic and stress relieving, perfect for people who want to find peace of mind. But what is it, and how is it practised?

What is a sound bath meditation?

Also called as gong baths, this kind of meditation utilises pleasant gong sounds to help people meditate. People will be asked to make themselves comfortable by laying down on meditation mats with blankets as well as pillows and shut their eyes. First, the sound of the gong allows everyone to deeply loosen up and enjoy imaginative thoughts or daydreams. After that, individuals would get into their meditation and calm state that enhances the capacity of a person to comprehend fast. Lastly, they'll fall in a deep sleep, which enhances their natural ability to heal diseases.

In a sound bath meditation London based session, an instructor will delicately hit the gongs to make a rhythmic sound that gradually increases as the session carries on. The instruments used in this meditation generate monotonous notes at various wavelengths. The blend of tempos and wavelengths changes a person’s brainwaves to different states so that people can thoroughly meditate. Some instructors who carry out gong meditation sessions can also use cymbals or gemstone bowls to produce sound rather than gongs.

As soon as the session is finished, the instructor will advise participants to drink plenty of water to eliminate all toxins from their body. The health benefits of a gong bath usually last for the following couple of days, depending on the individual.

What are its health advantages?

Gong meditation sessions can strengthen the overall wellbeing of an individual. That is why a lot of clinics and hospitals are providing therapies that utilise sound to treat people.

Gong meditation has benefits on the emotional wellbeing of a person. This can help eliminate stress and conquer emotional blockage so you can experience sensations normally as well as think clearly before making decisions. Gong baths are also effective when you desire to avoid unhealthy insights that may lead to depression and anxiety disorders. What's more, this type of emotional therapeutic procedure stimulates natural healing, happiness, sharp memory and concentration, energy, and so on.

Besides its mental benefits, gong baths also have a great effect on a person’s physical health. Based on research, the sound that gongs produce may deteriorate and eventually wipe out cancer cells in your body. Gong baths can also reduce physiological signs of stress, like cortisol, systolic blood pressure, and so on. The additional advantages also include enhancing the immune system, digestion, and endorphin levels of an individual.

For people who constantly deal with a busy and stressful life, meditation is necessary to take care of their emotional and physical condition. If you want to meditate through pleasant gong sounds, trying out sound bath meditation London based sessions is recommended. That way, you can naturally rejuvenate your health and mind as well as to have a comforting and an enjoyable experience.

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text 2020-02-06 12:44
This Is How Meditation Has Helped Me Throughout My Life
kundalini yoga meditation

I am a 76-year-old grandmother and have been practising Sahaja Yoga for 34 years.  A young boy from Chennai said, “Aunty, whoever talks about you says you are very strong”.  “Yes, I am strong, but not like a wrestler”. I am mentally and spiritually strong, and that is because of my honest and sincere practice of Sahaja Yoga.  It has taught me everything. How to be good and strong, how to keep healthy, and how to be a person whom everybody wants to meet and know.

From the day I joined I have followed all the teachings of Sahaja Yoga very obediently, without any doubts or questions.  We are not asked to do difficult things like fasting, giving up family, being very sober and not going for parties or movies.  BUT we must live a moral life and avoid all things that are wrong and sinful. How will we know?

The day you get realisation, the Divine Energy of the Kundalini starts spreading into all the cells of the body and starts cleaning us from inside.  

All this dirt must be removed, so we are taught to sit with our feet in a bucket of salt water. The water element takes it all out.

We are also taught to sit in meditation early in the morning, because between 4:30 and 6:00 am is Brahma Muhurtham, when the divine rays are very strong, and the flowers open, and birds sing.  This is my daily routine. Sometimes I may feel pinpricks on my fingers and palms. They told me in the Centre that these are signs that there is some disturbance in a Chakra. Every chakra has a nerve ending on a fingertip, and according to the finger, we can know which chakra is in trouble.

I even learnt that on every chakra a reflection of God has a seat, and every chakra has qualities that we have to follow.  Like the chakra at the neck is the place of Shri Krishna, and the qualities there are to speak sweetly to everyone. If I have been rude and bossy, and hurt anyone’s feelings, this chakra will get disturbed and I will feel it on a finger.

Not only this, but we also learn how to repair any damage that we may do by our bad behaviour, or by harming others.  So, we are always alerting to find out our mistakes and correct ourselves.

So regular practice of Sahaja Yoga makes me a better person.  

I do not get angry, so I do not get blood pressure or tension headaches.  I am always happy with what I have, so I don’t try to do cheating and fraud to gather money or property.  I do not speak rudely to anyone in my house – my husband, my children, my grandchildren, or the people who come and help us in the house.

I am not strict about what time I eat, what time I sleep, or any other requirement.  But I am regular with my meditation, my foot soaking, and attending the collective programs in the Centre. I learnt how to balance myself!

Source: sahajayoga-kar.org
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url 2020-02-02 06:29
Meditation course India

Here you will learn Meditation course India, along with Yoga Nidra and Pranayama. This is a carefully designed advance meditation course that we derived from many years of practice and experience in India. The course curriculum is detailed consisting of active and passive techniques. Yoga teachers looking for a way to make Mediation part their classes and take the asana experience to the next level will be benefited. After completing the meditation course you will be able to practice on your own and teach meditation skilfully.


  • Daily meditation classes in India
  • Personal Coaching and spiritual guidance
  • Become a meditation teacher
  • Design your own meditations courses
  • Natural and comfortable space for meditation
  • Three daily Vegetarian/Vegan meals

    Connect With us-


Phone No- 7895085788


Source: vedicyogaacademy.com
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text 2020-01-18 09:23
Affordable Golden Triangle, Yoga and Meditation Tour Packages in India

Are you planning to travel to India? Though the immensity of the country, as well as tiring itineraries, is turning you off; then agonize not, the exclusive “Golden Triangle Tour Packages” India not make your holiday amuse as well as exhilarating however offer you a possibility to witness the precise captivating art, culture as well as the heritage of India. 


Discover as well as feel the charm of incredible India with the help of a dedicated and passionate team of individuals who would love to help you in discovering the culture and traditions of India. Explore South India with a Holistic Travel guide, a Personalized Tour Planner, and Holiday Expert to appreciate its elegance, festivals, temples, landscapes, as well as people. You choose the package, we design you a personal plan.


India's leading online travel company has a profound understanding of Indian consumer's travel demands and preferences. It offers a wide range of holiday packages in India and across the world, catering to several segments of travelers.


Select Yoga and Meditation Tour


During the entire journey, you will experience the company of expert yoga teachers who have extremely experienced the beauty and wisdom of yoga as well as feel inspired to give their experience.


Get set for a life-changing experience and achieve religious peace through Yoga and Meditation Tour. The package takes you to several enchanting locations like Haridwar, Uttarkashi, as well as Rishikesh that have become well-known centers for yoga as well as meditation.


Our specially developed package presents you an excellent chance to experience the magic of yoga, decrease stress for a healthier as well as fulfilling life.    


Contact Us-


95 B, Pocket D, Phase 3 Ashok Vihar,
110052, Delhi, India
Call:- +91 99537 51575
Website- https://himalayantripsindia.com/yoga-meditation-tour-packages.php

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