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text 2019-02-05 09:28
Yoga teacher Training in Rishikesh india

This is always a feel-bright idea to sneak into the hills of Rishikesh in search of peace and tranquillity as one can easily draw a pleasant refuge from ever polluted and vastly urbanized big cities. Without any iota of doubt, the awe0inspiring hills, lush greenery, enchanting alleys marked by sweet sounds of ringing bells wafting from a multitude of temples dotted across the location, combine to soothe mind and soul of those who tour the countryside and they are able to draw the lost peace that they look for.

Besides, there are other marvels too, hidden in every atom of the place, such as enthralling mountain peaks, breathtaking rivers, the misty Himalayan region also beckons the touring hearts in their fullest delight. Going further deep, our valleys and meadows are popular across the world, finding traction among fun seeking and adventure-centric tourists from all across the world. Not to mention the flowers that send a tingling sensation in a soul, bungee jumping, kayaking, rafting and trudging and trekking along the hilly slopes are certain adventures holed up in their own exclusivity.

Likewise, green alleys connecting the shores of holy river Ganges are indeed something dazzling to deeply cherish for. In short, spirituality blooms in its fullest virtue while one visits such a countryside for any of such living and thrilling objectives.


Yoga: Holistic Approach To Fine Tune Our Body And Spirits:  




Yoga is no longer practice but has grown into a versatile way of life in its completeness and exclusivity, ensuring holistic well-being marked by spiritual emancipation. The whole world has stood testament to its range of health benefits that are backed by research findings of modern science and medicine. As a piece of encouragement doctors across the globe advise the practice of Yoga hailing it as an antidote to plenty of modern life conundrums. Enlisting some of the health issues hereby:

  • Yoga has a cure for anxiety, depression, insomnia, negativity, migraine, and other suicidal tendencies,
  • yoga overpowers arthritis, knee pain, ankle pain and joints etc,
  • Yoga sends a strong check for obesity by ensuring weight loss,
  • We can have glowing skin, rejuvenated nerves and can beat aging,
  • There are some special asanas meant for bronchitis and pain in ear and neck in so forth,
  • Intellect and creativity can be sharpened through Yoga and memory can be sharpened too to face the world with confidence,

Not mincing words, yoga entails an outward charm within itself and this has seen a steep rise in demand for certified yoga teachers imbibing undue versatility and various healthcare and academic institutions, not only in India but also abroad, tempt for this practice and long for prolific yoga instructors with proven credentials.



World Peace Yoga School: A Cradle Of Extra-ordinary Yoga Experts With A Distinction in Knowledge And Skills:



To nail the perfect words, explicit yoga sessions characterized by efficient practice unleashes a range of health benefits which tend to benefit mind and soul profoundly and enable spiritual well-being and a solid hope to live and prosper. As such, certified Yoga instructors break the glass ceiling as widely sought after professionals to fill up the posts where patients, students, professionals, senior citizens, and people, in general, seek help from Yoga to pacify their health issues.

 Clearly, owing to tons of reasons (some of which are mentioned above), people around the world have fallen in sheer love with such a meditative practice of yoga.

At this juncture, we feel elated to proclaim that we are a widely recognized institute imparting exceptional Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and have earned a distinction in the field. Some of the salient reasons as to why those smitten by Yoga (and rightly so) should opt us for superior yoga teacher training in Rishikesh are as follow:

Premium Yoga classes covering standard curriculum as is being prescribed by  Govt of India,

  • Premium center for 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, affiliated to and is recognized by Yoga Alliance,
  • Not more than 12 candidates are admitted per batch,
  • Luxurious villas catching glimpses f majestic hills and securing fresh air amid pollution environment,
  • Healthful meals are served as prepared with organic and homegrown vegetables,
  • Comprehensive content topics ensuring a wider course scope where every little detail is covered in great detail, i.e. Yoga Anatomy,
  • Audio-visual theory classes with state of art learning architecture,
  • Certified senior trainers with years of training experience behind them mentioning rich insights during the training,
  • Exclusive seminars from time to time emphasizing upon meditation and relaxation techniques as part of curriculum,
  • Yoga philosophy, Vedanta and purely spiritual lifestyle is stressed upon with proficient approach,
  • Training is also given about how to detox unhealthy residue through Ayurvedic way,
  • A dedicated session is reserved for Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ariel Yoga( that is done in air), Yoga philosophy and to Yoga Anatomy as well,
  • Every trainee is presented with a brand new Yoga mat, Neti Pot,, Notepad, some utensils, Notepad, books and dvds and a T-shirt,
  • Ayurvedic massage is given to rejuvenate their spirits and knowledge is also imparted about essential oils and herbal ointments,
  • Tours are conducted weekly where hills, valleys, rivers, and adjoining alleys are explored with a view of refining their senses,
  • Cooking Session is in planning where ayurvedic guidelines will be implemented and herbs are given knowledge of, that can be cooked alongside vegetables or as an accompaniment with fruits for obtaining maximum health benefits,
  • Pick and drop facility is there, where students and their family members are picked-up from airport or railway station and can be dropped back too,


In a nutshell, Yoga life is the most promising one that keeps every sense in check and we at World Peace School, promise to fulfill your quest to be a prolific Yoga expert trainer, opening more avenues through such a supreme skill. With a growing Yoga community, we enable everyone to re-discover their spiritual side and to earn ultimate peace of mind within a healthy body. Please count upon our experience and expertise and we shall award you with the most sterling career option which can earn you great rewards in life.   





Source: worldpeaceyogaschool.com
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review 2019-01-26 20:26
Headless Bust: A Melancholy Meditation on the False Millennium - Edward Gorey 
Headless Bust: A Melancholy Meditation on the False Millennium - Edward Gorey

Gorey is a magician who evokes humor without writing any jokes; large country houses as sets by showing nothing but a chair, or a bit of a wall; Victorian doorstoppers with only a handful of sentences. It's not at all surprising that his production of Dracula was a hit. 


One thing that comes up in the books about Gorey is this idea of him as the godfather of Goth which I don't see: the Gothic for him is always mixed with the humor. The modern Goth seems more akin to the Romantic poets. While individuals have a sense of humor, I don't feel like the aesthetic does. Goth is Edgar Allan Poe not Oscar Wilde's Canterville Ghost.


Anyway, if anyone has other authors who combine Gothic and humor, please let me know. I would hate to think that I had missed someone.


Personal copy

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text 2019-01-02 07:49
My New Year Goals!
These are goals to start the year off with, not New Year Resolutions because if I don’t do them… IT. IS. FINE!! No beating myself up. Mostly reading related, of course, but also some health stuff.
It isn't all fun and games; I have chronic pain, with mobility issues (can't walk or stand very long), depression, social & general anxiety. Because of these, it is so easy for goals to go out the window.
I don't have a "workout" plan, or a "diet" or any goals like that. It is all about getting my mental health in a better place and doing small baby steps to gain some mobility back. I just want to be able to move and not be in such pain. If you don't have depression or chronic pain, you might never understand how hard it is to crawl out from the darkness or to push beyond the pain to do a thing that gives you more pain in the moment. It is a vicious cycle and not an excuse or laziness!
The things below are goals, things I wish to keep up with, but I am going in realistically, knowing I'm going to fall and stand back up many times. Depression even makes things like reading and writing hard to do sometimes and not feel fun. No beating myself up when I fall down!
Daily Creative Brain Goals:
Read or write for at least 20 minutes when you wake up, before getting online and at least 20 minutes before bed (Replace with meditation when needed
Daily Healthy Brain Goals:
Monday - 5 Minutes
Tuesday - 10 Minutes
Wednesday - 15 Minutes
Thursday - 5 Minutes
Friday - 10 Minutes
Saturday - 15 Minutes
Sunday - Any length or off
All the music!!!
Find and listen to a new song/artist
Music is life!
Sing along, hum, chair dance, or wave your arms like you are a conductor
Think of 1 thing you are thankful for before going to bed, no matter how small, big, silly or weird
Say "I'm worth living, I matter, I'm meant to be here!" whenever death is on your mind
Every time you think something negative about yourself, imagine you going back in time and saying it to yourself as a child; you wouldn't, so why say it now?
Daily Healthy Body Goals:
5-10 before yoga
Monday - 5 Minutes
Tuesday - 10 Minutes
Wednesday - 15 Minutes
Thursday - 5 Minutes
Friday - 10 Minutes
Saturday - 15 Minutes
Sunday - Any length or off
5-10 after yoga
Monthly Creative Brain Goals:
Read at least 1 physical book I own
Read at least 1 Kindle book I own
Read at least 1 library book (Support the library!!)
Read at least 1 thing you can not track on Goodreads! Be free, you don't have to track everything! (Fan work, an interesting article...etc.)
Write at least 1 short story
Write at least 1 poem
Write a few times a week in a journal
Monthly Healthy Brain Goals:
Research & learn about something new
Read about interesting people
Play trivia games or take quizzes on a variety of subjects
Overall bookish goals:
Read more diversely, read more “new to me” authors, more authors with different backgrounds than the one I have, read more translated work
The Read Harder Challenge is great, but I won't stress it and think I have to hit every challenge in the year. Reading should not be stressful!
Here are the challenges: (If you have any book suggestions, let me know!)
1. An epistolary novel or collection of letters
2. An alternate history novel
3. A book by a woman and/or AOC (Author of Color) that won a literary award in 2018
4. A humor book
5. A book by a journalist or about journalism
6. A book by an AOC set in or about space
7. An own voices book set in Mexico or Central America
8. An own voices book set in Oceania
9. A book published prior to January 1, 2019, with fewer than 100 reviews on Goodreads
10. A translated book written by and/or translated by a woman
11. A book of manga
12. A book in which an animal or inanimate object is a point-of-view character
13. A book by or about someone that identifies as neurodiverse
14. A cozy mystery
15. A book of mythology or folklore
16. A historical romance by an AOC
17. A business book
18. A novel by a trans or nonbinary author
19. A book of nonviolent true crime
20. A book written in prison
21. A comic by an LGBTQIA creator
22.A children’s or middle-grade book (not YA) that has won a diversity award since 2009
23. A self-published book
24. A collection of poetry published since 2014
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url 2018-10-25 19:08

"Art of Stress-free Living: Eastern and Western Approach" is a practical guide that combines stress treatment approaches recognized for centuries by faith healers and meditation experts, and are now accepted by modern medical practitioners. It can save you from going to expensive seminars and other programs offered in physicians' offices, spas, schools or retirement centers; because it provides relaxation techniques that you can follow yourself.

What is called "Sudarshan Kriya" by new age gurus is a cycle of breaths—long, medium and short. Not only breathing patterns influence our emotions, the breath is in the present and is used to "rope in the wandering mind" that oscillates wildly between the past and the future. You will learn how the breath being in the present can be used to "rope in the wandering mind". Like Zen masters who teach that the present moment is a chink opening into eternity, this guide describes in detail "THE POWER OF NOW- ZEN BUDDHISM APPROACH."

This guide also takes into account the positive (pre-distress/eustress) aspects of stress.

The introduction to "Art of Stress-free Living" starts with a quote by Dr. Redford Williams, Duke University: "Diet and exercise alone are like a two-legged stool. It's more stable with the third leg, stress management." However, this guide goes even further that for healthy heart stress management is even more important than weight control and lower cholesterol. The author, Dr. Dhillon observes that his stressed friends who were not overweight, had normal cholesterol ended up with bypass surgery, whereas those who are overweight but with low stress level did not need bypass surgery so far (in their seventies now). He provides various studies and statistics on "high cost of stress" in terms of health as well as wealth. The studies show sixty to 90 percent of all doctor visits involve stress-related complaints.

The book consists of six chapters each representing an independent topic: chapter 1, Mind-Body Connection; Chapter 2, Stress Management Approaches; Chapter 3, Mental Relaxation Approaches to Stress; Chapter 4, How Breathing Affects Stress; Chapter 5, The Value of Spiritual Living; Chapter 6, The Power of Now: Zen Buddhism Approach. The chapters precede by introduction, and are followed by Glossary, References, and Notes.

After establishing mind-body connection in chapter 1, the next chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 cover various approaches to stress management. However, before dealing with purely stress-management approaches, author does discuss in chapter 2 various sources of stress and stress symptoms. This chapter also gives a graph where you can determine your stress-level.

In addition to common sense approaches to routine stress, under specific stress-management approaches are discussed "Medical Approaches" and "Non-Medical alternatives." Nutritional approach, exercise, sleep, a change of routine, financial planning, and communication are among various other means of handling stress. The author introduces relaxation techniques to be followed in detail later in the next chapters.

Chapter 6 scientifically evaluates the Zen Buddhism approach to relieve stress. Enlightenment, emotion, psychological pain are included in this chapter. Dr. Dhillon, who is uniquely qualified to present a synthesis of Eastern and Western stress-management approaches, goes in detail about the power of now in this chapter. In this chapter, he also covers general suggestions based on Zen Buddhism.

Source: amzn.to/eeFnOk
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url 2018-10-10 11:55
Why is subconscious mind an Amoeba covered in Mold
Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Art of 4 Elements - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Tree of Life - Nataša Pantović Nuit
A-Ma Alchemy of Love - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Mindful Being - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Conscious Creativity: Mindfulness Meditations - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Spiritual Symbols: With their Meanings (Alchemy of love mindfulness training) (Volume 8) - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Power of Subconsciousness

If subconscious mind is more powerful than conscious  live Consciously?

an  by Nuit

The subconscious  is an integral part of the mind that modern psychologists acknowledge as an invisible layer of human . My research suggests a form of an amoeba rather than a layer, a hermaphrodite, morphed amoeba that in some of its manifestations is covered in mold. I’ll tell you in a minute why…

amoeba subconscious mind covered in mold

The subconscious mind patterns are programmed by repetition, -to-soul contacts and deep emotions. If the emotion is “fear” we run a risk of raising a child that will not properly develop Own-Self but stay in the shadows of the Parents’ Will-Power, or a solder that stays overpowered with his King who consciously or subconsciously wishes him to stay mentally and emotionally weak, so he can kill for his King.

Source: artof4elements.com/entry/227/why-is-subconscious-mind-amoeba-covered-in-mold
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