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review 2020-02-05 15:37
ARC REVIEW Mermaid Inn by Jenny Holiday

Mermaid InnMatchmaker Bay #1, An adorable, heartwarming, and sexy small town romance. Eve Abbott use to spend her summers in Moonflower Bay, she even fell in love there but the last time she was there the love of her life, Sawyer Collins, broke her heart in such a horrible way she didn't return for ten years. The only reason she did return was because her great-aunt left her the Mermaid Inn with the stipulation she had to stay there a year before she could sell the place. The Inn was in serious need of some TLC and Eve's parent convinced her to use the year remodeling the place so she could get more money when she sold.

Police Chief Sawyer Collins as much as it hurt he knows he did the right thing ten years ago and now she's back and he can't help but want her. Eve has every right to hate him but there's a fine line between love and hate. Sawyer has one year with her and he isn't sure he wants to risk is heart again only to have her leave again, but his Evie is hard to resist especially when all the little old biddies keep trying to put them together.

Eve's plan isn't just to fix the inn she going to finally get over her fear of water and learn to swim and she's finally going to get over Sawyer. She, at first, tries to hate Sawyer. That doesn't last long it's hard to hate him when he's such a good guy and then she finally gives in and thinks one last time get it out of their system but Sawyer is remarkable. Between raising his little sister protecting her from their erratic father, taking care of the townspeople, and not-so-covertly helping her renovate she slowly realizes she still loves him. Eve has a life back in Toronto a job and a promotion waiting for her she can't run the inn on her own, and this thing with Sawyer is supposed to be casual, right?

Overall, it was such a sweetly sexy read. I enjoyed all the characters especially the old matchmaking biddies. Jake's story is next and I do love a strong silent type. I also can't wait for Maya and Law they are going to combust! This is a well written, well paced second chance romance and a great start to a new series.


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text 2019-11-28 10:05
Guidance on Choosing 2020 White Mermaid Wedding Dresses

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  Whatever style you choose, remember that it must accurate your figure perfectly. Your wedding would be the most memorable occasion in your life, so try your best to get the best dress that you can afford. True, your wedding dress is something you wouldn’t probably wear after the wedding day, it would be stored and packed away, but it is also something that will be the highlight during the big day and you will get wonderful pictures of it. Therefore, the dress you select must look good on camera too.
We also suggest you choose the 2020 White Mermaid Wedding Dresses with a beautiful long train. That will make you look like a princess on the wedding. But please notice that don't get the dress with too many layers at the bottom. And the train can't be too long. That will be too exaggerated and make you inconvenient on the wedding. You also need to pay attention on your hair style, veil, shoes and jewelry. They should match your wedding dress and the theme.


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review 2019-11-21 19:28
Maiden Mermaid: The Tale of Sirena - Sheri Wall

I have mixed feelings about this book. It is a good story, and the artwork is pretty good. It is one of the better "my dad told me this story and its been in my family for generations" created books. I loved the fact that she included a photo of the statue this story inspired.

But, it does appear to be a tale about Native Americans told from a settler point of view - the first hint being in the title. So there's that.  To be clear: the author does NOT suggest the story is Native American in origin.

But in terms of stories, this interesting in terms of transmission as well as how/why stories are created and adapted.

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text 2019-11-04 18:51
DNF at 58%.
The Mermaid's Sister - Carrie Anne Noble

Nope. You don't kill the animals in a story and expect me to keep reading. It was meandering along at a snail's pace anyway. Thus my Bingo card remains unfinished.

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review 2019-10-30 15:11
The Mermaid's Sister - Carrie Anne Noble
The Mermaid's Sister - Carrie Anne Noble

I guess we can file this one under 'so much promise, so little done with it' in a lot of ways - a nicely-written story, with a good use of language in keeping with the tone but hampered by a lot of plot ideas and an insistence on tying up the romance sub-plot with a big bow.


The basic premise of The Mermaid's Sister is that it's set in a kind of pseudo-turn of the century USA, completely with travelling shows - our protagonist, Clara, is 16 and one of the three adopted children who live (at least some of the time) with their Auntie. Her adoptive brother, O'Neill, gets to go out and explore the world while she and her sister Maren stay home (and that was my first annoyance, Boys Explore While Girls Stay Home). As we first encounter them, Maren is starting to change - she's turning into the eponymous mermaid, though no explanation is ever given as to why she's been left in the care of someone, a long way from the sea. 


As it begins to become clear that this process is irreversible, Clara and O'Neill plan to take Maren to the ocean. There O'Neill plans to try and bargain for Maren to be changed back, as there's a bit of an icky sub-plot here - these three, who have been brought up ostensibly as siblings, are stuck in a bit of a love triangle. Yep, technically not illegal as they're not actually related, but still icky. At one point it looks as though things will work out and Clara will realise that what she has is not love but a crush on the only teenage boy she's ever actually spent time with (except for the odious Simon, who wants to marry Maren and to whom Bad Things Happen Offscreen later). This book would have been so much better without the love triangle nonsense.


In general, it felt as though the author was a bit uncomfortable with knowing how far to push the fantastical elements of the storyline. For example, we have a resident wyvern who acts as guard dog and protector, with some heavy foreshadowing about the role it will play in the death of a later antagonist. In the end, said wyvern only gets to scare the antagonist to an unspecified death, as if something more violent was too unsettling to write. See my previous comment about what happens to Maren's unwanted suitor. 


Likewise, there's an odd staidness about it all. Any possible tension of a romantic sub-plot between Auntie and O'Neill's guardian is waved away by the discovery of a marriage that was cursed so they can't live together. Our protagonists fall for one another and the first thing they do is set out to find someone to marry them - heaven forbid they should actually do anything before being married! 



In all then, The Mermaid's Sister could have been so much better. Ditch the romantic sub-plot (or let Clara realise that what she has is a crush, not True Love, then grow up a bit) and it would have been so much better. But that would have meant Maren became the centre of the story, while I suspect instead there was a degree of projection into the character of Clara going on from the author. 

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