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photo 2022-07-08 11:21
5 Easy Steps to Block Text Message Notifications from Unknown Senders on iPhone

These five simple steps to block text message notifications can really be a lifesaver in case you are tired of unknown text messages on your iPhone. Read more https://digitalsushma.com/5-easy-steps-to-block-text-message-notifications-from-unknown-senders-on-iphone/

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url 2022-07-07 17:29
5 Easy Steps to Block Text Message Notifications from Unknown Senders on iPhone

These five simple steps to block text message notifications can really be a lifesaver in case you are tired of unknown text messages on your iPhone.

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text 2021-09-30 19:19
What is QuickBooks Error 6000 77? Solutions Simply Answered

QuickBooks is an excellent application, but it is not flawless. You might experience a number of errors in QuickBooks triggered for particular reasons. but there is nothing to worry because fixing the QuickBooks errors is very easy. You get tools with the QuickBooks software that fix QuickBooks-related errors. In the article below, we will talk about how you can fix the QuickBooks Error 6000 77 by yourself. Error 6000 77 appear when you can’t open a company file in QuickBooks. Have you tried to open a company file and saw the QuickBooks error 6000 77 instead? There are various reasons which trigger Error 6000 77. If you don’t know how to fix the QuickBooks Error 6000 77, read the article below to find solutions to the error.

You can also skip reading the article below and dial 1.800.579.0391 to discuss your QuickBooks-related issues with a QuickBooks professional

What triggers QuickBooks Error 6000 77?

The .ND & .TLG Configuration files allows QuickBooks Desktop to open company files. Damage to the .ND or .TLG files can trigger error 6000 77 while opening the Desktop.


Solution 1: Rename .ND and .TLG files

1. Go to the folder where your company file is stored. (Note: the default locations of the file is C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsIntuitQuickBooksCompany Files.)
2. Search the company files with .ND and .TLG extensions.
3. Now, right-click the .ND and .TLG files and rename the files by adding .OLD at the end of the file’s names.


Solution 2: Run the file doctor from QuickBooks Tool Hub

1. Download and install the latest released version ( of the QuickBooks Tool Hub on the Desktop.
2. Open the Tool Hub and go to the Company File Issues tab
3. Click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor
4. Choose the file from the drop-down menu in File Doctor, or you can go to browse and search to look for the file.
5. Go to the Check Your File option, then click the Continue button.
6. Type your QuickBooks admin password and at the end, click the Next button.


Solution 3:Recreate the damaged folder

1. Go to the C: drive and create a new folder by right-clicking on an empty space, then click the New option and click Folder
2. Now, go to the folder where the company file is located
3. Open the company file and search for the file with .qbw extension.
4. Then right-click the company file with .qbw extension and click the Copy button
5. Next, go to the new folder you created in the first step and Paste the copied file.
6. Change the Windows access permission to Share the company fileAt last, go to the QuickBooks Desktop and open the company file from the new folder.


Solution 4: Use a UNC path instead of a mapped drive

1. Find the QuickBooks application on your Desktop and right-click on the QuickBooks icon.
2. Now, you need to press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard while you click on the Run as administrator option.
3. You need to keep holding the Ctrl key until you see the No company open windows. (Note: holding the Ctrl key stops QuickBooks from automatically opening a company file.)
4. Go to the File menu and click on the Open or Restore company option under the file menu
5. Click open a company file option and then click the Next button.
6. On the left side, click the Network tab and go to the location of your company file
7. Choose the company file and click the Open button


Hopefully, the solutions listed above will help you resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 77. Do you still have any doubts to discuss about the troubleshooting method in the article mentioned above? Contact Us to get your QuickBooks-related answers from a QuickBooks professional.

Source: blog.accountinghelpline.com/quickbooks-desktop-issues/warning-quickbooks-error-6000-77-step-by-step-solution
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text 2021-09-27 07:41
Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Wife


Birthday is that opportunity to feel radiant, appreciated, and empowered. When it is the birthday of the revered hers, you must make sure she has a great time. In the same way, her birthday offers you the opportunity to praise her reality, your congruence, and those dazzling minutes for a sublime term.


You can structure the most reasonable gift for your life partner, however, you can enhance it by incorporating a message of drive and concern.


So give your life adornment all the affection, destruction, and thought she closely legitimizes with shocking messages from MomJunction's social affair of glorious accessory birthday wishes.


Sweet birthday wishes for your wife


Start your loved one's day with sweet birthday messages that will leave her smiling and happy!


  1. “Sweet birthday wishes for your wife”


  1. "It makes the trend of everyone remembering that you turned one year settled down except me. In my eyes, you're very much like you were the point where I met you all from an abrupt - amazing. Happy birthday."


Source: https://ziarulunirea.ro/mesaje-de-dragoste-frumoase-scurte-declaratii-de-iubire-pentru-ea-si-pentru-el-510059/



  1. "As you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, I need to reveal to you the exceptional right hand you do. Without you in my life, my heart would have been exhausted. With you, I envision an extraordinary life ahead. Happy birthday, darling."


  1. "I welcome you to have a lot of activities, so I will take them off my hands and do them for you. Happy birthday, I welcome you!"


  1. "Usually few people know their optimal partners, yet I have been fortunate to marry this amazing person! I trust you have a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday, dear!"


  1. "All set, nectar! You have circumnavigated our Sun again and it is your birthday! I wish you the best and a seven-course dinner today.


  1. "Now and then someone comes into your life and changes it decisively, and you are that someone for me! You are my life and I wish you a happy birthday."


  1. "For my shocking partner, I trust that this year brings you so much joy and happiness that you have brought and continue to bring into my life. Happy birthday!"


  1. "I wake up every morning and thank the novel Lord for bringing you into my life. Jerry Maguire said everything he should have been saying 'you complete me'. Happy birthday, my amazing life colleague. I consider you in general and by proliferation. "


  1. "You may be powerfully grooming for a year today, in any case, you are more sensual than later! Happy birthday."
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text 2021-09-15 22:44
A Quick Troubleshooting Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error The File Exists

Despite the impeccable features that QuickBooks provides its users with, there are yet a number of errors and bugs that users may encounter from time to time. QuickBooks error the file exists is one such error that occurs in a number of instances, such as while downloading payroll updates, opening a state or a federal form, or paying scheduled liabilities. As a QuickBooks user, you might get one of the following error messages on the screen, stating, “The Windows Error was the File Exits.” Or “The file you specified cannot be opened. It must not be already in use by another program or a read-only file.” There can be multiple factors causing the file exists error in QuickBooks Desktop that we are going to discuss further in this post alongside their troubleshooting solutions.

Want to overcome QuickBooks Error The File Exists without putting in any effort? If yes, feel free to get in touch with our certified QuickBooks professionals for instant troubleshooting assistance at (1.800.579.0391).


QuickBooks Error The File Exists


What are the reasons that can trigger ‘The File Exists’ error in QuickBooks Desktop?

There are a number of reasons that can trigger ‘the file exists’ error in QuickBooks Desktop, such as: 
  • The version of the QuickBooks Desktop application you are using has been outdated.
  • Windows User Account Control settings might be interrupting QuickBooks Desktop from performing any action.

What should be done to rectify QuickBooks Error The File Exists?


Solution 1) Manually update the QuickBooks Desktop application to the latest release


  • Start the Windows Start menu, type “QuickBooks” in the search box, and right-click QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose the Run as Administrator option from the drop-down list of options.
  • If prompted, type admin username and password of Windows.
  • Open the Windows File Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys on the keyboard.
  • In the Windows File Explorer, navigate to the following path: C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsIntuitQuickBooksCompany Files.
  • Right-click the company file (with the .qbw extension) and then press & hold the Alt key on the keyboard.
  • Choose the Open option from the drop-down menu.
Note: Keep your hold on the Alt key until the No Company Open window appears on the screen. 
  • On the No Company Open screen, go to the Help menu and choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.

    Select the Options tab and then click on the Mark All option.

    Hit the Save button.

    Now, go to the Update Now tab and then checkmark the Reset Update checkbox.

    Select the Get Updates option.

    Once the update is downloaded, close the QuickBooks Desktop application.

    Open QuickBooks Desktop and select the Yes option on the update Installer pop-up.

    When QuickBooks updating finishes, restart the computer. 


    You May Also Read - QuickBooks Error H202

Solution 2) Disable User Account Control in Windows settings 

  • Select the Windows Start menu, type “Control Panel” in the search box, and open Control Panel.
  • In the Search field, you need to type “UAC” and then choose the Change User Account Control option.
  • Move the slider to Never notify, and then click on the OK button.
  • If prompted, enter the admin password or provide confirmation.
  • At last, restart the system to apply the changes you have just made.



In case you get QuickBooks Error The File Exists even after implementing the aforementioned steps in the post, then the QuickBooks program files might have been damaged or corrupted. We suggest you to repair QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and see whether this resolves the error or not. For additional troubleshooting assistance, get in touch with our QuickBooks error experts at (1.800.579.0391).
Source: blog.accountinghelpline.com/quickbooks-desktop-issues/how-to-remove-quickbooks-file-exists-warning-message
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