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review 2017-06-24 13:51
The Prince of los Cocuyos: A Miami Child... The Prince of los Cocuyos: A Miami Childhood - Richard Blanco

Had this book for a few years now and finally got around to reading it. It seemed timely plus it has been popping up on a couple of LGBT reading lists recently. I don't know much about him (other than he's an inaugural poet and is the first Latino and openly gay one) but it seemed like reading about the childhood of a boy whose family left Cuba to move to Florida sounded like an intriguing story.


Basically it's a bunch of stories of his childhood. His family, what it's like in school, navigating things like Thanksgiving, wanting to participate in "American" culture, etc. Some of it is really funny (he drops the Thanksgiving turkey as he's trying to bring it home from the store and the family later suffers from food poisoning after the dinner) but most of it is...not really compelling. 


It just seems like a retelling of doing X, Y, Z. I wasn't necessarily looking for a compelling, moving saga about what it's like growing up in a place where you don't look like a lot of the other people or necessarily speak the language, etc. And while I don't have much in common with him I just didn't feel his story was really interesting in any way. I haven't read any of his other work so I don't know if that has anything to do with it but it just felt very blah.


Maybe it just wasn't for me. Other people seemed to think it got better in the latter parts of the book but it felt the same overall. I regret buying it (as I can see it's available at my library) but maybe it would work if you're a fan or have a similar background to his.

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text 2017-05-18 06:55
"Spicier" public library ebook finds
Flavors from Home: Refugees in Kentucky Share Their Stories and Comfort Foods - Aimee Zaring
New Orleans Cuisine: Fourteen Signature Dishes and Their Histories - Susan Tucker,S. Frederick Starr
Authentic Recipes from Jamaica (NONE) - John DeMers,Eduardo Fuss
The Cuban Kitchen - Raquel Rabade Roque
Miami Spice: The New Florida Cuisine - Steven Raichlen

More I plan on checking out at my library (uses overdrive for ebooks)

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text 2017-05-15 22:21
Bout of Books Cycle 19 Wrap Up
Shimmy for Me: A California Belly Dance novella - DeAnna Cameron
Trouble in Tinseltown (Summer Flings, Book 1) - Aimee Duffy
Misbehaving in Miami (Summer Flings, Book 2) - Aimee Duffy
Forbidden - Beverly Jenkins

Declaration Post

Mid-week Update Post


Bout of Books


My Bout of Books cycle 19 started at the RT convention and involved traveling back home, so there wasn't a focus on doing the daily challenges this time around. The Friday before I left for Atlanta I did a massive download binge from the NOOK Store's free romance section (I do this when I am stressed for some strange reason). I hoped to get to some of these relatively short books to help pump up my stats for this cycle.



Finished first chapter of London: The Novel by Edward Rutherfurd

Got to 36% of Forbidden (Old West #1) by Beverly Jenkins



Finished Shimmy for Me: A California Belly Dance Novella by DeAnna Cameron

Got to 49% of Forbidden (Old West #1) by Beverly Jenkins



Read Selkie Heart by Sam Asher

Read Trouble in Tinseltown (Summer Flings #1) and Misbehaving in Miami (Summer Flings #2) by Aimee Duffy



Finished Forbidden (Old West #1) by Beverly Jenkins



# of full length books read: 2

# of novellas/short stories: 4

# of plays: 1

# of pages read: 809


Save the Date! Bout of Books Cycle 20 is August 20th-27th

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review 2017-05-14 19:08
Review: Selkie Heart by Sam Asher, Trouble in Tinseltown and Misbehaving in Miami by Aimee Duffy
Trouble in Tinseltown (Summer Flings, Book 1) - Aimee Duffy
Misbehaving in Miami (Summer Flings, Book 2) - Aimee Duffy

These three books are available in the NOOK store in the freebie section.


Selkie Heart by Sam Asher

First book in a trilogy about a selkie and a human. This 30 page story is how they met and fell in love, with an epilogue that was as long as the story and dropped all kinds of plot lines for future books. The random pictures of oceans at night did not add to the story at all. Will not continue with the series. The title is different here on BL from GR and the NOOK store.


Trouble in Tinseltown (Summer Flings #1) by Aimee Duffy

Three university friends decide to take the summer after their graduation to go globe trotting. Two of the friends are from very wealthy families, so it works; the third, the narrator named Ciara, is not from wealth nor does she even have a job or source of income. So she goes traveling, shopping, bar hopping with her friends and uses up her savings. This is some shallow Brit chick lit, with an added romance between Ciara and her friend's cousin Zack.


Misbehaving in Miami (Summer Flings #2) by Aimee Duffy

More sex scenes with Ciara and Zack. Elle (Zack's cousin) tries to have a fling with some guy she met on the beach, fling boy wants more. I can't do anymore from this series.

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review 2017-05-05 02:36
Where the Monsters Live: A Tale of Revenge by Duncan Ralston
Where the Monsters Live - Duncan Ralston

How far would you go for revenge?


When a six-year-old girl is abused and left for dead by a pedophile known only as the “Rabbit Man” due to the claw marks left on her body, police follow every lead but reach only dead ends.

Hungry for justice, her grieving father abandons wife and child on a harrowing journey deep undercover into Miami’s sex offender colony under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. His purpose is simple: to find the “Rabbit Man” among them, and put him in the ground.

Months later, with no one to trust and the pedophiles he lives among growing suspicious of his actions, he learns nothing is simple where the monsters live.


Hoppy Easter! Come see what I put in your basket...

WHERE THE MONSTERS LIVE is NOT an extreme horror story, but I still want you to have a little ‘heads up’ before you start reading.

The story is not super graphic in an icky way, but it's emotionally graphic. WTML will sucker punch you right in the feels. It's a disturbing story, and the 'uncomfort' level rises drastically if you have a child of your own.
I didn’t notice just HOW 'emotionally graphic' it was until The Dark Defender woke up to ask me what was wrong, and I had tears streaming down my cheeks.


At one point I thought I knew exactly how this story was going to end (we’ll talk about that once you finish reading). That wouldn’t have made it a suck story – but I am happy that WTML didn’t go for the ‘ironic twist’, and I’m very satisfied with how it’s wrapped up – there could be a little wiggle room JIC case the story isn’t done with us yet.


Full review posted HERE - come join in on the discussion of WTML!

Source: wp.me/p37DRX-1Dy
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