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review 2016-07-27 19:02
Darkest Torment by Gena Showalter
The Darkest Torment (Lords of the Underworld) - Gena Showalter

The Lords of the Underworld are among my top ten favorites series of all time. I love the world that came from Showalter's amazing mind. She keeps my attention, and makes me hate the between books times.


This one is possibly my least favorite book. I feel the characters were not as developed as in the other books. This lacked the WOW factor for me. I want to read about swords, harpies, demons, angels... This was not what I expected. The writing seem subpar to what I have grown accustomed to from the previous books. Almost to the point where I wonder, ghostwriter? Hopefully the next will be better,

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review 2016-04-27 11:16
Review: Something More Than This
Something More Than This - Barbie Bohrman

Barbie Bohrman has the cuteness factor down pat with Something More Than This. She’s written a great contemporary romance with a side of Chick-Lit. The heroine loves sports, so much so that she’s a trivia whiz when it comes to sports facts and lingo. She’s also very independent minded, but works hard, even though she sometimes waits until the last minute to meet her deadline, to her boss’s dismay. But her indecisiveness is almost her downfall when it comes to love and the two men she has to choose, which for some reason won’t be a big surprise for the reader when she picks the one man over the other for a typical HEA.


Katy Lewis has a great job writing for a newspaper, even though she reports on local high school sports. She has two older protective brothers, one a lawyer, the other a police officer who is always at odds with her best friend and roommate, and bartender at her favorite watering hole. She also has a great relationship with her boss, Dylan, who she met in college, and become her mentor, even though he’s only two years older than her. He got her the job at the paper, and outside of the job, they’re really good friends.

One day a blast from Katy’s past gets in touch with her. It’s Conner, her best friend from high school who she lost touch with after she wrote him a letter telling him about her undying love for him. He left for college and never spoke to her again. Now nine years later he wants to reconnect for the short time he’s in the area. Her feelings for Conner are still there, but unlike the last time, she plays it cool and keeps it to herself. She wants answers why Conner left after she wrote her letter, but she’s afraid of getting hurt a second time. Then when Dylan finds out her old friend is in town, and a guy, he becomes distant. Could Dylan be jealous of her relationship with Conner. If so, what does that mean for them?


Something More Than This was a fun read with not a lot of drama and angst, other than Katy’s issues with the men in her life- Conner and Dylan. The romance factor is very PG, and simply sweet. There’s some miscommunication that goes on, but if we didn’t have that, there wouldn’t be a story. The ending is every thing you would want in a romance. Great HEA!


Need a pick me up and something to make you smile? Something More Than This is the book to hit that spot.

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review 2016-04-25 00:00
Something More Than This
Something More Than This - Barbie Bohrman Katy was content with her life. Cool friends, loving family and a great job. UNTIL!! Her childhood crush reappears and sets her heart aflutter. Conner comes calling and Katy starts falling. Seriously he came across as a self possessed jerk a lot of the time to me but maybe that's what she wanted. Or is it? When confusion sets in, Katy has to figure out her heart and what makes her happy. Not very original, but still a exciting, breezy barrel of laughs. Entertainment at it's finest.
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review 2016-02-02 00:00
More Than This
More Than This - Patrick Ness
“I wanted so badly for there to be more. I ached for there to be more than my crappy little life.' He shakes his head. 'And there was more. I just couldn't see it.”


So let me start by saying, I am not a YA fan. Not at all. I avoid them for a variety of reasons, not least of all the fact that I hated being a young adult. My teenage years were ridiculously angst ridden and difficult. I was also a major pain in the ass who thought the whole world revolved around me and I find I have no desire to read about someone who is going through that same awful rite of passage and a book preaching at you about how it is all going to get better.

“Real life is only ever just real life. Messy. What it means depends on how you look at it. The only thing you’ve got to do is find a way to live there.”

'More Than This' is one of those books. Very much so in fact. With one major difference. It just didn't feel preachy to me. Life can be shit. Especially when you are a teenager and the smallest of things can feel like your entire world is crumbling but there is still beauty to be found in it and this book shows you that in a really non-condescending way. A way that I think would have appealed to me when I felt like I was drowning in the dystopian wasteland that was secondary school (high school).

“You said we all want there to be more than this! Well, there's always more than this. There's always something you don't know.”

Seth's journey is extreme and it is terribly sad but I also think it is one that most of us can, in some way, relate to. There are times (probably many) in our lives when we can't see the woods for the trees. When it feels like we are alone and nobody understands. But by giving it time or by someone slapping you up side the head and telling you the world does not revolve around you, you can sometimes get to see the bigger picture and come to the understanding that you are not alone and this is life and there is a lot of beauty in it.

“There's always beauty, if you know where to look.”


Note on ending: So this book kind of just ends. It really leaves it up to the reader to decide what happens next and I was more than happy with that as I have a theory which I've decided is 100% how it ends. Some people may not love this kind of ending though, so it's worth keeping in mind that you won't get all the answers to all the questions that are raised in it. I think that's pretty much the point.

I feel it's important that I mention Tomasz. He pretty much stole the show for me. I wanted him on every page near the end. So wise.

“Life does not have to go how you think it will,” Tomasz says. “Not even when you are very sure what is going to happen.”
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review 2015-11-05 10:13
4/5: More than This
More Than This - Patrick Ness

Seth walks into a cold ocean on a cold day, a day not meant for swimming. A day meant for drowning…which is what he does.

He wakes up a continent away, in a place empty and dusty and oddly familiar. Alone in a dead world…

Ness takes the old what-is-reality concept and spins it in an interesting direction. For a quarter of the book, Seth has no idea where he is, or even if the world is real. No idea what he’s doing there.

Even when he meets other characters and we discover what’s going on, the question lingers at the back of his mind and ours as to how real this place is.

Ness constantly pushes on the fourth wall, exploiting our expectations of storytelling. Characters turn up just when necessary to distract Seth from what he’s doing. He finds food, water and clothing, commenting how convenient they are. The villain turns up just when Seth expects it to. It’s a nice metaphysical touch. Seth is constantly saying, "If this was a story then…" and it promptly happens.

Ness doesn’t suggest any solution whether the world Seth finds himself is limbo or reality (or even if it’s one Seth created). If we accept what we have, what’s the difference, after all? We can only take the input of our mind and process it through our perceptions.

There are stylistic things here which mark this as a Ness book – The pacing is terrific, pulling you through the book without a pause, there’s stream of consciousness narration and characters who break off giving away plot points and don’t return to them despite enough opportunities to do so. One complaint: Far too many adverbs in dialogue attributions, too much telling and not showing.

I would rate him down for the tricks he uses to keep me reading, but like the best magicians, it’s so subtle you don’t realise the misdirection until much later, when the applause is starting. And by then you don’t care.

The most satisfying thing: I wanted to know what happened after The End…but then that’s the whole point of the story: Is there More Than This?

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