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review 2016-12-06 14:56
Review – No One Knows by J T Ellison @thrillerchick
No One Knows - J.T. Ellison

I am familiar with J T Ellison and I do love this gorgeous cover for No One Knows, so there was no doubt that I wanted to read this.


I love covers and saw No One Knows has two. Myself, I like this one the best. Scroll to the end of the post and let me know which you prefer?


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No One Knows by J T Ellison is worth reading for the ending alone!


Aubrey’s ex is declared dead, but I know I have to ask, “Is her really?”


Daisy, her mother in law, needs to get a life. She is a miserable bitch. Is there a sinister reason his mother insists on declaring him dead? I am curious and very suspicious.


First the accusations, then the waiting, waiting, waiting for him to come home.


Josh and Aubrey are both kinda wimpy. I just wanted to tell them to buck up and get over themselves.


Aubrey needs to quit her whining and move on. I find it hard to put myself in her shoes. I love her carefree friend, Meghan, a true free spirit that will drop everything when Aubrey needs her.


I have a feeling Josh is far from perfect. And shortly after writing that, I felt that if I never heard of him again I would be happy, but I am still curious.


The back and forth, past and present got a bit annoying and disrupted the flow. The chapters were short and I no sooner got involved then I’d have to change gears.


Okay, I like this isn’t going quite the direction I thought. I do like a twist in my stories.


Another twist in the tale and it is a doozy. Marvelous, simply marvelous.


I had been disappointed with the first part of the book. I had felt before I even began reading it would be better, because I have read some of her other work. Now, I have finally come to what I have been waiting for and I”m a little more than halfway through.


OMG. I so missed the ending. Totally got me. My mouth is hanging open and I have a smile on my face for the fantastic, creative and mind boggling ending. That last 10% was so suspenseful, with twist and turns that kept on coming.


Could there be another Jewel story? I can see her…..


I voluntarily reviewed a free ARC copy from Net Galley of No One Knows by J T Ellison.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  3 Stars


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text 2016-07-26 05:26
The Callahan Split: No One Knows You Better Than Your Sister by Lisa Heidke (2015-08-02) - Lisa Heidke

Great book for tennis fans with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure! The Callahans are Samantha and Annie, Australian sisters who are pretty good at doubles, until that is, a man gets in the way and things go down hill fast. Not too many of the tennis players are likeable and that includes the sisters, who seem to live in a narrow, selfish world, but it's easy reading chick lit and would be perfect to read on holiday. This is the first book I've read by this author and would read more.

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review 2016-05-31 15:04
No One Knows - J.T. Ellison

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good book with twist and turns. This book was definitely one of those books! Now, while I enjoyed the read and the constant suspense, this book was just OK for me. I really enjoyed the side romance plot, the hatred between some characters, and the action that was riddled within the story.


This book starts off with a woman who had lost her husband. Literally, he disappeared! Our main character Aubrey went to a party with her husband and by the end of the night, when they found her apartment drenched in the blood of her husband, she was being accused of murder.



The story starts as soon as her husband is being declared dead by the state. We go through the turmoil Aubrey faced the night her husband disappeared, as well as the tragically romantic beginning to her and her husband’s relationship.


Through all of this, a man shows up that is just like her husband. His movements, his personality, everything about this man reminds her of his husband. Of course, he has secrets and we find out about him when the book switches to his point of view.


One of the things I did like about this book was the different point of views it was told in. We got to see things through Aubrey’s view, the mysterious man, the mother in law, and the disappearing husband. One of the things I didn’t like was the way that Aubrey was actually nice to her mother in law. The lady who accused her of murder and tried to ruin her life, literally up until the plot twist at the end of the story. Screw that.

Now, I like plot twists. They keep me intrigued and interested in the story. Having said that, I prefer my plot twists to happen before the end of the friggin’ story!!! I mean, you don’t actually find out what happens until the VERY END OF THE BOOK! Drove me crazy, but it kept me reading the book.


This book was an OK read for me. I liked the in depth development of the side characters, the variety of point of views, and the late, but oh so interesting twist at the end of the book. If you are looking for a story with strong romantic elements to it, this book is not for you.

While there is some romance with Aubrey and the mystery man, it is not that intense or detailed. However, if you want a good mystery with shady characters that you love to hate, or a book to read that will keep you interested while you need to kill some time, this is a read for you.

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review 2016-05-05 20:49
Who can you trust?
No One Knows - J.T. Ellison

When I first started reading No One Knows I really felt bad for Aubrey Hamilton. Her husband is missing presumed dead and she was accused of murdering him. She seemed so meek and timid and a really likeable woman. Years later her husband is declared dead and I felt, great, now she can get on with her life, maybe the grieving will end and she can find happiness. 

Well as in other novels by J.T.Ellison you have to expect some twists and turns to the story. She delivers in No One Knows. Not all is as it appears as we soon find out. Some likeable characters, some not so likeable and a believable plot with lots of questions. What really happened to Josh Hamilton? This novel will grab you right from the beginning and keep you until the you never see it coming ending. A psychological mystery/thriller at it's best.


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review 2016-03-31 20:34
NetGalley review: No One Knows
No One Knows - J.T. Ellison

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


Hot dog I was impressed with this story. I literally was captivated until the very end and when this HUGE twist came about I sat back and "naw there was no way that happened like that." I have to say this author did a might fine job of having us readers me especially think certain things only to have that thought ripped from us and in its place something else entirely. I love books like this.

We go back and forth in the present and the past with Aubrey when she was younger to now. We also have Josh's account of past and present to what leads up to his death. I think the author did a great job with doing this timeline that way. Though she also threw in other characters p.o.v. in the mix which was okay it wasn't bad you just got to make sure you know who you are reading about when you flip the pages to the next chapter. 

I kept waiting for when we would find out what really happened to Josh and I was glad when it all came to light.

For five years Aubrey has been dealing with the fact her husband has been missing, his mother Daisy doesn't believe him to be missing because she believes him to be dead and she believes Aubrey has something to do with it. 

When the state of Tennessee says he is dead everyone has to come with terms with it but what happens when Aubrey believes she might have seen him? It seems she goes on her on conquest to find answers. Who are these shady characters that come into Aubrey's life are they the same ones who might have had a hand in her husband's death? This book will keep you wondering what happened, how did it happen and who is all involved. Keep turning the pages because when the huge twist comes you may be just as surprised as I was. 

Would I read more from this author for sure, as this was a great suspense and mystery book for me. 

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