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text 2017-11-20 09:24
Square 2 completed!
Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis

Bon Om Touk: The Cambodian Water Festival Bon Om Touk is celebrated in early November and commemorates the end of the country's rainy season, as well as the annual reversal of the flow of the Tonle Sap River, the central part of a hydrological system in the Lower Mekong Basin which the Mekong River replenishes with water and sediments annually. The Water Festival was first celebrated in the 12th century, around the time of Angkorian King Jayavarman VII, when the King’s Navy helped usher in the Cambodian fishing season. The festivities made the gods happy and secured good harvests of rice and fish in the upcoming year. Another interpretation is that Bon Om Touk was a way for the King to prepare his navy for battle. -- The biggest celebrations take place in Phnom Penh, lasting night and day for three days, with boat racing along the Sisowath Quay and concerts..


Book themes for Bon Om Touk: Read a book that takes place on the sea, near the sea, or on a lake or a river, or read a book that has water on the cover: Not A Drop To Drink: I thought it was kind of ironic to choose this book... But it has water on the cover! 

Tasks for Bon Om Touk: my favorite vacation on the sea is in Spain (Catalonia) where I spent one or two weeks each year with my family (since I'm a child). But I'll post a picture about my most recent one, which was in Miami Beach. It's really special for me because it was the first time I went to the United States (the first time I left Europe actually) and I had an amazing time there even if it was really really short (we arrived on Saturday afternoon and left on Tuesday morning.. I know 10hours of flight for less than four days, but it was worth it!). My sister is a fying attendant and I got to spent time in Florida thanks to her job. We also visited Universal Studio and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so it was amazing (can you imagine i've been to Middle Earth and Hogwarts in the same year?!)



(Yayyyy, thank you Murder By Death!)


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review 2017-11-19 20:03
#76 - Not A Drop To Drink
Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis

I had such a great time reading this book. I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptical novels and even more when it is realistic and it involves bad-ass female characters. Lynn lives with her mother in a world where water has become rare and expensive, they have a pond and will do everything to protect is as it is their only source of water. Lynn was born after all this and has never seen water running from the tap. She also does not know a lot of people and Mother is the only person she trusts. As you can imagine, something will happen and disrupt Lynn’s world.


I enjoyed this book so much, it was easy to read, the pacing was great, the characters were really realistic and the world created was flawless (now I want to tell you that this is a debut novel, I’m so impressed). I love the clash between country people and city people. Lynn does not know a lot about the outside world, she lives secluded in her little house (she has never heard music for example). I think the author did a really great job depicting a young teenager having only known her mother and poetry books her whole life. She, for example, have no idea that she is pretty, not having seen other women except her mother. She is clueless as what a man would want to do with women… I think this part was really well done.


My only complain about this book is that it was too short and I wanted more! Thankfully, there is another one and I have it on my shelf!


(+ this cover is one of my favourite ever!!)

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review 2016-03-09 00:00
Not a Drop to Drink
Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis This is it. Best book of 2016 so far, and it's going to be hard to beat.
It's been a long time since I've struggled to hold back tears (and I did because I knew if I started bawling I wouldn't stop). This book... This book has broken me.
Read it in a few hours, but I know this hangover will last a couple of days. I will read anything this author writes.
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text 2016-02-01 14:59
January Wrap Up!
Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance
Updating Pritkin - Karen Chance
The Finisher - David Baldacci
Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews
Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews
Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis
Alanna: The First Adventure - Tamora Pierce
In the Hand of the Goddess - Tamora Pierce
Pimpernelles 01: The Pale Assassin - Patricia Elliott

January has been a good month for me reading wise. I read 9 books!! (NOT including my re-reads - more on that later). Otherwise it has been pretty much like this:



Technically its storm season in QLD and we continuously get storm warnings, for the last two weeks they have been warning us today is the day! and yet nothing..... we might get a shower for 20 minutes, some lighting and thunder but no actual storm.... and because there hasn't been a sufficient amount of rain its HUMID AS FUCK. When I say humid I mean we can sit of our asses and be soaking wet -_- not something I particularly enjoy. Its currently midnight and still 26C with 89% Humidity (which according to my phone makes it feel more like 28C, at MIDNIGHT!!!) This time last year we had hail storms and floods << not something I'm hoping for but I just want this miserable weather to be over with, then we have these crazy people who actually enjoy this heat!!!


Anyways onto more important things. I read a surprisingly large amount of books this month, I can't even recall the last time i managed to fit in this many books! (looks like being jobless isn't all bad).


Top 3 books of January
This month I had quite a few exceptional reading experiences. Starting off with...

In the Hand of the Goddess

In the Hand of the Goddess

✮✮✮✮ 1/2
This book was fantastic and beyond anything i could have hoped for. I can't thank Shera enough more for pushing my to read this series. Tamora and this series in particular has been something I've been meaning to read for years, and I'm so glad I finally have. Alanna is such an exceptional MC, and a fantastic role model for the younger generations (though I would choose someone else *cough cough, George*  for her romantic interest instead, lol)

Updating Pritkin

Updating Pritkin

This is a short story based in the Cassie Palmer world (book 5.5)
UP was an excellent example of why I love Cassie so much! Even though under the circumstances she should have been crazy with grief and fear, instead she was having the time of her life kicking demon ass while waiting for the rest of the 'badass' to catch up!! On top of that its a free short story - oh how Chance spoils us so!! gotta love it! (^_*)

Magic Breaks
Have I ever told you how much I love Kate Daniels and this series!? No?
To help you understand it is ^^that^^ good and made me do things like this
So good I wont even sum it up in words, just show off handy Gifs. Really what you need to do is run out and go check it out for yourself. Then we can have our minds blown together.
And this book was no less exceptional than all the rest, it has intense action/fighting scene's, some very serious life and death scene's where i constantly found myself holding my breath due to all the anticipation and drama, good laughs and some cute touching scenes. It had it all trust me.

Enjoyable Reads

Magic Rises

Tempt The Stars

Alanna: The First Adventure
✮✮✮ .5

Not a Drop to Drink
✮✮✮ .5

The Finisher



Cause they are AMAZING!!

Touch the DarkClaimed by shadowEmbrace the nightCurse the Dawna family affairshadowlandhunt the moon

magic bitesmagic burnsmagic strikesmagic bleedsmagic slaysshort storyCurran POV


Worst Book

The Pale Assassin
Why is this even a book? it was truly atrocious. It had no redeeming characters, the name makes zero sense in connection with the actual story, and the story line was just blah and don't even get me started on the writing!. It could have been so good, the bases it there!! but it just goes so wrong


What doesnt kill you


Nope. Just no.

Currently Reading


Fields Of Glory

Blood Sisters
The First two of which I am contemplating DNFing. -_- sigh.
Besides my current reads overall a very successful reading month. I am quite happy with it!!

Well Goodbye January Hello February and hopefully cooler weather!!

Highly anticipating Deadpool


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review 2016-01-29 14:06
Not a Drop to Drink.
Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis

Not a bad book. It did take me a while to get into the flow of the writing style, I don't know if the author was trying to make a strange accent for the characters (redneck?) or she just has an unusual style, but once i finally got the hang of it I started enjoying Not A Drop To Drink a lot more.
Also the cover is rather misleading, yea there's a house and a pond but otherwise based of the authors descriptions the scene looks quite a bit different. For one there should be a lot more tree's around.

Spoilers Ahead
So I'm a bit to tired to pinpoint quite why I didn't like this book as much as others, maybe it wasn't as well written, or the characters weren't as likable or maybe just because the topic has been done to death (though i find if the other two things are done well enough the topic doesn't matter) the back story and time frame left much to be desired, the author was rather vague about it all. I had only a fuzzy idea of how old Lynn was, no idea how long the story went on for except for some hints because of weather change, and the Epilogue just said a 'few years had past' like that's bloody helpful. Either way there was some draw backs, so I'm only rating this book 3 stars. It would have been 2 except I started enjoying Lynn's POV quite a bit around the second half of the book. She had a sly humour that was similar enough to my own that i caught myself occasionally laughing. Her growth in personality was also fun to watch, I much preferred Lynn after her mum died and Stebbs came into the picture (Stebbs was awesome) though when her mother first died I wanted to bash Lynn upside the head for being so stupid, but one can't force people to be rational in their grief I suppose.
Afterwards Lynn started to shine as a character, she was a rather cold-hearted bitch (always makes for a great MC) but somehow gathered a few tag alongs. Lynn's relationship with Lucy was superbly done, I don't think I've read a similar relationship before in this genre, it was really wonderful to watch.

Lucy was a young malnourished girl that Lynn really didn't want to be responsible for, but in the end couldn't say no to leaving the little girl behind to die. Though had it been up to her and not Stebbs she would have left the others, he was kind of her moral compass. After some time they started bonding really well together, Lucy was pretty adorable and one tough little kid.

(spoiler show)

Lynn had some nice moral struggles that helped make her interesting plus her lack of knowledge about he modern world and a good mix of faults and strengths Helped. Lynn had a love interest who perished in a rather spectacular way (not that uncommon in dyspotia, but i was still impressed) then at the end she shot her father in the face!! it was a pretty spectacular scene - really i would recommend reading the book just for this one scene.
Otherwise not bad. Not sure I'll go out of my way to hunt down more McGinnis books, but i won't turn them down if I randomly come across some.

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