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photo 2014-05-01 13:30

Innocents Cover Reveal.


This is one of the books that I am most excited about this year.  I've actually read it before when it was the fan fiction story, Dusty.  I hated/loved it.  I'm pretty sure that my review was a huge rambling mess about how much I hated every single person in the book and how horrible it was.  But I could not stop reading it.  Thirty-eight chapters and over 1k pages, took me an entire day, a 2 hour power nap at like 6 am, and then on to finishing it after I woke up.  I then proceeded to pretty much lose my mind over the end and join twitter so I can make sure that the authors knew how much I hated them (in a good way.  Kind of).  Then I goaded my best friend into reading it also, because  misery loves company. 


Honestly, this book isn't for everyone.  When I say that there is not a redeeming character in the entire book, I'm not joking.  They all suck.  It was so well-written though and such a heartbreaking look into characters with serious flaws like addiction, narcissism, absenteeism, idiot-ism, abuse, among others, that I was hooked beyond belief to the story.  The two authors each bring something different to the writing, one who writes all of the shitty stuff and another to pretty it up.  It's a good combination. 


Anyway, the Elizabeths decided to break this up into two books for publishing, so Innocents is only the first half.  Good for the sanity, horrible for the patience.  So, if you are someone who is okay with reading a book that has absolutely no redeeming characters, all of whom you wish you could actually reach through the book to bitch slap, and actually like it, look for this on July 14, 2014.  


I'll be buying myself & the best friend a paperback copy so we can systematically torture ourselves one more time.  


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review 2014-03-05 20:57
Sometimes its all in a name
Consequences of Deception - Ella Fox

There are a gazillion books out there for someone to read. There are a lot of them that I like. There are some that I adore and then there are the precious few that I connect with on a whole other level. For me, there is just something extra special about a story that I can twist into fitting into my life, like its almost real. In recent weeks, I've had the pleasure of reading not one, but two books that did this.

Consequences of Deception was one of them. It may sound strange, but I was immediately drawn in by one of the characters' names. Its a personal thing for me and made me feel special that a part of my life was in the story even though the author didn't do this for me specifically. I'm sure she had her own reasons for choosing that name that had nothing to do with me, but its nice to dream.

This book is a little on the dark side and I can't fault it for that. I loved it. It was painful to read, though. I read this in one day, and I spent that entire day crying into my Kobo. My heart was breaking and mending and breaking and mending all day long. It was an endless cycle and I was so drained by the time I was finished it wasn't even funny.

There's not a whole lot I can say without giving something away and I don't want to spoil this for anybody. I'm not sure why but this left me basically mush, I don't know if there is a real coherent thought rolling through my brain at the moment. I'm kind of just sitting here with my mouth hanging open in a daze.

All I can say is that if a book can bring out that much emotion in me, its totally worth it. Absolutely, hands down!

*Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review.

Source: kumikoleilostinabook.blogspot.com/2014/03/consequences-of-deception-promo-excerpt.html
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review 2013-12-22 00:50
I don't even know what to say...
Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters

Tears of Tess is a very dark read, very dark.  If you have triggers with rape, non-con and dub-con, this book is not for you.  But, I can admit that I couldn't resist reading this when a lot of GR friends talked about how f-ed up the characters were.


I have no idea what's going on in my brain during this upcoming holiday season, but I have been gravitating to some really dark reads over the last few weeks.  


But, I digress.  Tears of Tess is not for everyone.  I will readily admit that there were times I had to put the story down for a bit to get over reading some really intense or disturbing scene, but I couldn't stay away for too long and ended up going right back to my kindle.


Needless to say, I'm glad Tess and Q found each other.  It's interesting to me when a Sadist finds a masochist.  I guess it just works out well for everyone that way.  It just makes me nervous when two genuinely f'ed up people find each other.  I worry about their psyches.  I guess it's not for me to judge since I was completely taken in by their story.


I really look forward to reading what happens next in their story.  


If you read this story and liked it, you may want to take a look at Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas as it had similar themes.  If you liked Comfort Food, I think you will also enjoy Tears of Tess.

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review 2013-12-16 18:35
"The son's book contained all things."
There Is No Year - Blake Butler

There are few books that actually defy description, and this is one of them. There isn't a plot, not really, and the characters are hardly characters at all. This book is like a poem, filled with symbols and allegories, some seeming to be completely derived of any meaning.


It won't be easy to read this. Most will hate it or give up, and some will love it and cherish it for its lack of ease and coherence. 


As for me, I enjoyed it, because this book was like a collection of poems and ideas in the guise of a novel. Some of my favorite bits:


The mother grew, filled up with nothing - cells in cells on cells, a house.


an era without era; blank and silent light and sound

a tone that shifts the lid of sky


In the bathroom the father saw his many selves reach up to turn the lights off, and the father saw the dark.



Some books connect, some do not. This one connected with me, a few times. I hope it does for you too. If not, there are so many other books out there, but none like this.

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review 2013-11-01 18:15
Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1)
Fearscape - Nenia Campbell

Disclaimer: I am GR and Booklikes friends with the author, but that fact does not effect my rating and review.

I have to commend Nenia for the idea behind this series. Your average teenage girl fed on how culture/pop culture a la Twilight and it's ilk might have this possible effect. It's a disturbing thought.

Gavin was creepy, and I'm glad it was not romanticized imho. He legit reminded me of a few  of my exes. *shivers*

Why was this rating lower at 3 than the others? Val seemed really bland to me at first, but as the book went on, she started "growing" more "real" to me as a character. That might have been Nenia's intention, but it was odd for me. Maybe because I read the other two books first.

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