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review 2015-12-07 14:04
Monster Porn Monday #1
Ravaged by Beasts on Christmas: Merry Christmas Jessie. (Beastly Erotica Book 7) - Jezebel Rose

*Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited


It’s Christmas morning. Jessie and Dave are alone. But not for long. Two beasts are about to have themselves a real good Christmas.


First paragraph:

Smiling to myself, I carefully wrapped Dave’s present with care. This will certainly be the best Christmas ever! Now that I’m finally 23, my parents will let me move with him I bet.


She’s 23 and her parents won’t let her move in with her boyfriend. At 23. When most people are out there on their own, you know, being an adult. It all goes downhill from here, folks.


I can’t even. Literally. This is horribly, terribly bad. And not in a good way, as you would normally expect monster porn to be. The writing sucks. Was this even edited? Not bloody likely. Besides poor grammar, sentence structure, no transitions, shitty plot and zero character development, the author cannot keep track of body parts, clothing or condoms. Plus, Jessie is flipped around so many times I was expecting her to get whiplash and the contortions her body was put into were better than any gymnast I’ve ever seen. At one point there was even an extra cock floating around! Where the fuck did that come from?! She has three holes and there’s only two beasts. No problem. Ninja cock sneaks in to save the day!

And Dave? Poor, afterthought, redundant, Victorian-era outraged Dave who was tied up in the basement for hours and hours, but only manages to get loose after Jessie has been thoroughly fucked.  He should have dropped that whiny-assed, bratty bitch the night before. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, waste your time with this one. This is my Public Service Announcement. You’re welcome.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2015/12/monster-porn-monday.html
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review 2013-11-12 04:39
Sentinel - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I made it to the end. 

I took notes, but those were more for my own records (the VA comparison flow chart might actually happen someday...) because I wanted to avoid reviewing the book.

The series ending actually worked for me, except I saw a channeling of a completely different Mead series this time (which I wanted to add but for some reason the spoiler tag function is showing atm). 


Moving on. 

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text 2013-09-27 16:16
I must be new here

Yeah, I still don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm going to figure out this site.  I have a tumblr, but I never use it so that doesn't really help.


My books are still importing over here, but I'm probably going to erase my reviews once they're here, or keep them and update them later.  All (not that there are many of them) my reviews are subpar, guys, which is why I follow a bunch of eloquent people (you).


While my books are making their way here I'm going to tinker around on my page and make it look pretty like others I saw.


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