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text 2017-08-23 07:16
Microsoft Outlook Support Number 1-866-217-0669 and MSN Help

MSN Billing phone number 1-866-217-0669 has positively been several discontents wide to Microsoft’s Web Portal MSN.  The bone of conflict is on accomplishment the portal’s specialists to make superior support to its clients. On the other hand, this is likely to get MSN Help Support online.


The MSN Billing technical support site details and records several conceivable difficulties along with explains how to fix all problems and try to fix all issues of Microsoft.  By taking all the help subjects require a user to provide their MSN account records in addition to following communication is during email. Through, you can optimize your MSN use by information how to make use of its functions only

MSN Billing Troubleshooting Includes:


  • In case, if you are unable to remove your old credit card.
  • Addition and removal of card in MSN Billing
  • Supports for Microsoft MSN Billing customer support
  • Helps to setup new billing account
  • Change your account setting of Microsoft MSN billing on your request
  • Technical Support Number
  • Cancel the MSN Billing
  • Not able to add new Billing Credit Card
  • Facing problem to setup our MSN Billing

For More Help: Microsoft Outlook Support


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text 2017-07-27 13:03
How Can I Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi Network on Mac

Are you getting troubles when connecting your Brother printer to Wi-Fi network on your Mac computer? No worry! A variety of causes that can stop you from connecting your printer to the network, you can still get immediate solutions from the technical experts by dialing the Brother Tech Support Number. Otherwise, you can continue with the step by step guide given below to connect your Brother printer appropriately to the wireless network on Macintosh. Here are some simple steps you can refer to follow:



Step 1- Turn on your Brother printer


  • Check your printer for the power connection. If you found that the printer screen is completely in the blank state, your printer may be powered off. Try to press any button to make sure whether it is in sleep mode. If not, then check for proper connection with all power wall outlets.
  • Implement a check whether your Brother Printer screen is showing any error, such as paper jam. If it’s not, then try the further troubleshooting step.

Step 2 – Verify the wireless connection


If your Brother printer is properly powered on and everything seems to be sufficient with it, go ahead by confirming the status of the wireless connection. For that, you require printing the ‘Network Configuration List.’ If it is ok, then go to the further step.


Step 3 - Check the connection between Brother Printer and Mac Computer


  • Access the IP address of your printer from the Network Configuration list that you have printed in the last step. If the IP address is invalid, then go to the step 4. If it’ correct, continue with the next.
  • Now, you first need to access the IP address of your computer. Click the ‘Apple Menu’ section, followed by the ‘System Preferences’ option placed on the drop-down list.
  • Click the ‘Wireless Network’ icon. Check the IP address properly given under the ‘Status’ section. Check for the computer and printer IP address:
  • Computer IP address: 1.2
  • Brother Printer IP address: 168.1.199
  • If you’re using the Mac OS X 10.9, then click the ‘Go’ button located on the ‘Finder’ bar, followed by the ‘Computer’ >> ‘Mac HD’ >> ‘System’ >> ‘Library’ >> ‘Core Services’ >> ‘Applications,’ and then ‘Network Utility’ heading section.
  • In the Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier editions, Click the ‘Go’ button placed on the ‘Finder’ bar, then the ‘Applications,’ followed by the ‘Utilities,’ and then the ‘Network Utility.’
  • Click the ‘PING’ tab located at the top of the window and then type your printer IP address as guided. Click to select the ‘Send only _ ping’ radio button to check the value and click the ‘Ping’ button.
  • Now, you will get a message stating that your printer is correctly connected to the computer. Next, close all running windows.

Step 4 - Establish a Wi-Fi Network Connection



  • Change your network configuration to the factory defaults. Continue with the steps that are offered by the wireless router to make a connection.
  • Now, try to print a test page using your Brother printer to make sure it’s working properly on the Wi-Fi network.

However, if you’re unable to connect your Brother printer to the wireless network using these steps, then it’s recommended to call on the Brother Printer technical support number to get help in resolving the problems.

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text 2017-07-25 12:30
6 Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Canon Printer Problems

If you’re facing trouble with your Canon printer as it is not printing appropriately or even turning on at all, then you don’t require instantly replacing it or taking it to the technician.  On the occasion of any technical issues with your Canon printer, you can try a few troubleshooting solutions given below to get your printer back in working condition as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can call on the Canon customer support phone number to get the assistance of technical experts to resolve your printer problems.



Here’s exactly how to troubleshoot your Canon printer:


Step 1 – Check if your Canon machine has its status lights blinking in a particular form and then see the user manual to make sure if there is a matching error code. Continue with the directions in the manual for how to resolve the related problem or follow further troubleshooting solutions if it’s not showing a particular error message.


Step 2 – Check the electrical cable is inserted into the power outlet, and the USB cable is connected to the PC properly. Unlock the top cover of your printer and check it visually to make sure if there is a part of the paper jammed in the paper feeder.


Step 3 – Reboot your system and try to print something new document in case the PC has stopped detecting your printing machine, or the print queue has stopped answering because of the printer software error.


Step 4 – Navigate to the ‘Control Panel’ window on your computer and click the ‘Printers and Faxes’ icon, followed by the ‘Add a Printer’ option in case your Canon printer isn’t appearing on the list. Continue with the on-screen steps so that your PC will take a test to recognize your printer.


Step 5 – Access the Canon printer software and select the ‘Options’ or ‘Properties’ tab. Click the ‘Clean Print Heads’ or ‘Test Alignment’ option, relying on which edition of the program you’re using. Wait for your Canon printer to complete the alignment and then take a test print of documents. Check to ensure if the test document printed appropriately.


Step 6 – Try to remove and reinstall the Canon printer software that is supplied with the printer, and then go to the browser to Canon’s official site and download the recent release of the printer software and drivers. Before downloading, make sure that your PC is compatible with driver version.


Now, you can get a test print to ensure the problem is resolved. If the issue still exists, contact canon printer support phone number for more repairing options and solving the printer-related problems within the shortest time. 

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text 2017-07-25 10:25
MSN Support Phone Number 1-866-217-0669 | MSN Billing Help

Microsoft Billing Supports Number to all users in the event of solving their problem related to MSN account.  We at MSN Support guarantee to crack or solve the entire problems of customers and have the large member of team who completed with engineers that always available 24x7 to solve all customers concerning to MSN billing issues. Contact us on msn billing number to get satisfied answers of your problem.



MSN Billing Troubleshooting Includes:

  • Not able to remove your Old Credit card.
  • Addition and removal of cards in MSN Billing.
  • Support for MSN Billing Customer Support.
  • Help to setup new billing account
  • Change your account settings of MSN billing on your request.
  • Technical Support Number.
  • . Cancel the MSN Billing
  • Not Able to Add New Billing Credit Card.
  • Facing problem to setup our MSN billing?

For More Help: MSN Billing


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text 2017-05-26 05:36
Random Number Generator Month!

Round 4!

And probably the last of  the month, give me winners, RNG...



I'm loving all these been on the tbr longest picks



To Wed a Rebel by Sophie Dash


Not a lot of friends have read it and the ones who have are very divided. Differences of opinion, I'm sold!





My favorite number!

(Not really but I needed something to say here)



Zoey and the Nice Guy by Carter Ashby


Another book that I have no idea/memory of how it got added to my tbr. The reviews have me a bit nervous but the RNG has SPOKEN.


Hope everyone has a good Friday and great weekend!

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