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photo 2016-01-27 14:33
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Source: www.booksbyaqueen.com/network-with-us.html
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text 2016-01-12 23:10



 How is it possible to make money selling your books when your constantly pouring money into the 'marketing/promo' bucket? The answer is, it's not! Mass marketing groups have you spending hundreds of dollars for ads and promotional boosts that sometimes don't work! Especially, if your book is considered to be in the 'niche' market!So often we get black balled because of the genre of our books, but our community is different, full of book lovers who truly enjoy the erotic world that we live for!


 My website offers a really unique opportunity for indie authors to promote their books for just $1 a day!


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Our website is visited each day by thousands of readers who come to read reviews, purchase books and see what the Author is up to! Those same thousands of readers are also interested in finding out about other authors and new books!



Books by A Queen, is offering a platform to showcase your work of art, for those who truly enjoy the erotic world that we all thrive off of!


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Source: www.booksbyaqueen.com/network-with-us.html
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review 2013-06-24 00:00
The One Dollar Horse - Lauren St. John A cute little read. The One Dollar Horse chronicles the life of Casey Blue, whose father once stole some money, and now can't find a job for anything. Casey rides at an inner city stable in East London, doing your usual teen obsessed with horses thing, ie, mucking out stalls all day for the chance to trot around on an old nag for 15 minutes. One day, when walking with her father, they find the titular horse, being sent to a knacker's yard. They proceed to buy the horse for one American dollar, and thus begins a pretty standard horse adventure. Outcast girl and crazy horse rise up the ranks, and encounter various common teen horsey book drama. "Oh no! My hero is actually a jerk!" "Oh no! I'm off EastEnders and riding at this fancy three day event!" "Oh no! Boy I like is walking around with other girls!", ad infinitum. Despite this, it's still a good read. The plot races insanely fast, and the occasional jump in time can make it confusing at times. All in all, a good read, great for the horse crazy reader, who can easily find much to compare with Casey, and her dream of being the youngest rider to win Badminton.
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review 2013-02-19 00:00
On a Dollar a Day: One Couple's Unlikely Adventures in Eating in America - Christopher Greenslate;Kerri Leonard An interesting little book that tells the story of partners Christopher and Kerri and their journey of 3 challenges involving eating, finances and health.The first challenge is to eat on $1 a day, to get an idea what it is like for many in third world countries. The second challenge was to eat using the budget and meal plans of the USDA Thrifty Food Plan, which is what is recommend to those who receive Food Stamp Benefits. The Third challenge was simply trying to find a healthful, thrifty meal plan that fit with their lifestyle.I got this book from the library, mainly due to my own families desire to stick to a tight budget, which includes a food budget that leaves us approximately $1 per Person, per meal. For our family of three that means eating on $9 a day. Thanks to Aldi's, Publix's weekly BOGO deals, and a huge pantry and outside freezer. We get good deals, and can buy in bulk when the price is right. But often, I find what this couple found, it's one thing to try to stay in a certain $ range, but yet another to do it while eating a variety of healthy well-balanced meals.This book made me think a lot about Food Insecurity, and what it must be like for those who don't have enough to eat or the money to buy it, and how receiving Food stamps might keep you from going hungry, it's won't necessarily keep you from obesity, diabetes and heart disease.And to realize that even though it sometimes feels like we have it tough financially, that if we run out of grocery $ before the end of the month, it simply means that we maybe don't put any into savings or can't pay extra on our debt that month, or will have to wait even longer before we can afford to get a 2nd car.
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review 2010-07-15 00:00
On a Dollar a Day: One Couple's Unlikely Adventures in Eating in America - Christopher Greenslate;Kerri Leonard Could have been better written but still an interesting topic.
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