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review 2016-02-07 01:11
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Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman - Nancy Miller

This is not for everyone. There is sex with interactive hottie holograms, mystery, and there is a lot of drama. Expect a soap opera like setting. I can imagine Al Pacino playing one of the bad guys.


I read this a while back when I won a copy through Goodreads.



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review 2015-04-21 14:01
Cheaters Anonymous - Lacey Silks



Get your copy here http://goo.gl/HQejai


The novella When Things Go Wrong sets up the relationship between the leading players in Cheaters Anonymous. Even though this book can be read as a standalone novel, I think it best to read the novella first.

Cheaters Anonymous picks up several years following their unforgettable weekend together. Jules is now an emergency room doctor and Scar is a successful businessman. Their reunion takes place in the ER when she’s on duty and he is admitted with an interesting condition.

Follow along as we revisit their youth (through flashbacks) to see how they (Jules and Scar) met and became the best of friends. This book has a mystery stalker and lots of very heated sexually-charged moments you won’t soon forget.

I enjoyed this book very much. Lacey is a favorite of mine and I’m sure you’ll like this book as much as I did.

I highly recommend this book for those over 18.






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review 2015-04-19 03:30
Taking the Heat (Selected Sinners MC #2) by Scott Hildreth
Taking The Heat (Selected Sinners MC Romance Book 2) - Scott Hildreth,SD Hildreth,S.D. Hildreth

It's sometimes difficult for me to get into a story where the hot alpha male is a sex-obsessed man whore. I've never read a sex scene quite like that first one and I wasn't sure I was going to like Cambio Todelli, aka Toad. But Scott won me over by turning his man whore into a man with a heart and one who is kind beyond measure to those around him--especially those down on their luck or needing a little good fortune to fall their way.  


Toad is a former Marine who served several tours in Afghanistan. He suffers from survivor's guilt and PTSD--a walking time bomb. He cannot perform sexually without being borderline brutal or without including elements of BDSM--the likes of which not many women can handle. 


Sydney is a down-on-her-luck, homeless, jobless adult orphan. She knows what she wants to achieve in life and isn't willing to accept anything less. She is who she is and doesn't apologize for it--what you see is what you get. 


The day these two broken people meet, their lives are changed forever. Their road to becoming unbroken isn't without incident but proves beyond all measure that determination to be better and to do better will win out. 


In addition to reading Toad and Sydney's story, characters from previous books make their appearance. I really enjoyed how their lives were intermingled here. As one reviewer said, "Wow! I might love Toad more than The Ripper....." The Ripper is hard to top, but I agree with her.


I've been a fan of Scott's writing since the first time I read one of his books. They've all had a huge impact on me in one way or another, but nothing like this book has. This story reaches deep into the human psyche and makes one examine life's meaning and causes one to want to be better. This book definitely touched my spirit, and I believe it'll touch yours as well. 


I recommend for readers over 18.



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review 2015-04-08 16:39
Tool by Sabrina Paige
Tool - Sabrina Paige

"No one has ever talked to me the way Gaige does. A bossy, demanding, misogynistic dickhead--who is also my stepbrother--should  not order me around and make me wet with anticipation."




Get your copy here -----> http://goo.gl/bwppmB


Delaney's dad and Gaige's mom marry when D and G are teenagers. They share a kiss one summer night and it leaves them frustrated, confused, and wanting more.


Fast forward four years. Delaney returns from college and Gaige is now a hotshot motorcycle racer who has quite a reputation with the ladies. 


The attraction they felt four summers ago instantly returns and they find themselves on a roller-coaster ride of lust and sexual tension to beat the band. He's determined to pick up where they left off and she's determined to not let it happen. 


There's a lot of humorous banter between the two, making the read even more enjoyable for me.


I enjoyed the book very much and I recommend it to anyone over 18 who enjoys the genre.


As noted by the author: All characters in the book are 18+ years of age, non-blood related, and all sexual acts are consensual.

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review 2015-04-02 03:12
The Game Plan by RL Mathewson
The Game Plan: A Neighbor from Hell - R.L. Mathewson





I love the Neighbor from Hell series, and I love this book just as much as the book before.


This is Danny and Jodi's story. While I don't know how these people can eat so much and get into so much trouble for eating so much and just raising havoc wherever they go, I still enjoy reading their stories. I looked forward to reading about Danny and I'm so glad I did. Life hasn't always been kind to him, but he's a survivor and has learned what he needs to do to cope and get through daily living. 


Jodi's a survivor in her own right and initially finds Danny to be ridiculously annoying and incorrigible. She's willing to pay whatever it takes to break her lease ten months early so she doesn't have to tolerate Danny's antics any longer. That doesn't work out for her, but a trip to the garbage container starts them on an adventure of a lifetime. 


It's nice to touch base with the Bradfords I've read about and grown to love in previous books. 


I recommend for readers over 18.

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