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review 2016-04-08 09:34
Live Your Dance
Brave and Awake: A Story of Authentic Becoming - Beverly Molina
We have come here to dance. We have come here to dance the dance of our dreams. Shall we allow it to unfold before us? Come, beautiful stranger, let us dance.

Brave and Awake: A Story of Authentic Becoming is the author's own story. But it is my story, your story, our story, too. The book itself is divided into three parts, three big steps in our journey to awakening. The author shared with us her personal experiences which made it easier to comprehend some ideas, to truly understand the purpose of it all. The main theme is self-discovery--awakening to ourselves, to who we really are deep inside and thus creating our own happiness. It is a very insightful guide for us to always have the courage to let ourselves shine, to make our inner diamond free of this world's dirt and see it for what it is, to scratch beneath our human-body costumes and beneath all our additional costumes for all our roles in this play called Life.

This book really spoke to me. I felt inspired. It took so long for me to read it because I tried to somehow implement these things in my life, try them out... From the first chapter I knew this was for me. It was not a coincidence--coincidences don't exist anyway. I knew all these things. I have had most these thoughts before and still have, but it was still an exciting experience to read thoughts that resonate with me and about things that I think about a lot, which actually shouldn't come as a surprise. I think this would resonate with a lot of people, because when it comes to this, I believe we're all pretty much the same.

I think this is something all of us need. Unlike most kinds of self-help books, I assume, the theme of this book is something everyone can relate to, because everyone wants to be happy. Everyone. That is something deeply ingrained in us. I want to be happy, too. And I was reminded that it is up to me. My happiness is in my hands and your happiness is in your hands, too. I am grateful I read this book. I'm grateful for all the circumstances leading to me reading it. I still feel inspired. It really was an informative, interesting and uplifting read. I will surely return to it frequently to check some "Tools of the Trade" or read some sentences or paragraphs I marked which stood out to me, which I thought I should always have in my mind.

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review 2015-09-01 10:30
Review: Return to Me (Covington Cove #1) by Kelly Moran
Return to Me - Kelly Moran
Military romances are a big love for me. My step dad is in the army and has done tours in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Sometimes, the mental injuries far outweigh the physical. PTSD is so common for soldiers and it makes my heart bleed. I have a big respect for people in the forces, our heroes.
Return to Me is a great book; from the first page I was hooked, right up until the last. Moran has a way with words, she catapults us straight into the story with her characters. Her writing is truly amazing and she is, and always will be one of my favourite authors.
Cole is so much more than he seems and I love how we get the past woven in with the present. It helps to understand the reasoning behind their emotions and just pulls us in all the more. Personally, I think his scars just add to his beauty; both physical and mental. The guilt he’s carried for 10 years has only festered and grew. Watching him learn to deal with it and forgive himself is something special. I just loved him, even though at times he deserved a smack to the head.
Mia spent 10 years of her life hating Cole, believing he’d thrown her out like yesterday’s trash. For her to agree to the job as his private nurse, whatever the reasoning was brave and smart. I really liked her character. She’s beautiful inside and out. Her profession suits her perfectly and she does her job well.
For those of you who haven’t read any of Kelly Moran’s work I can’t recommend them enough. The Dysfunctional Test and her phantoms series are both in my favourite pile. Don’t miss out on all the juicy goodness she has to offer!!
Source: morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/review-return-to-me
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review 2015-01-10 08:45
Review: Taste Test (Sensations Collection #2) by L.B. Dunbar
Taste Test - L.B. Dunbar

Ethan Scott accepts a mysterious job from a horror writer, moves into his home and meets the lovely scarred Ella. The chemistry between the two is instant, they may not know it but it’s definitely there. In my opinion, Ethan was exactly what Ella needed to crack the walls she’d built round herself.

Ethan was a great character, his bond with his mother warmed my heart, and the way he treated Ella, as if she was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen won me over in no time at all.

Ella has had a rough life, not how one might think but I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t read it. She’s feisty and sharp, but only because she’s hiding from herself. Watching Zella come out of her shell was magical. To see her transform into the beauty she always was but couldn’t see for herself was my favourite part to the story.

There was so many twists and turns I didn’t see coming, I was always on the edge of my seat. Dying to see what happens next. I love modern fairy tales, and Taste Test is one of the best. I got so sucked into the story I lost track of time and before I knew it, I’d finished it.

The writing was impeccable, the storyline brilliant and overall a really emotional book. One of the best books I’ve read this year by far. L.B. Dunbar is a great author and one of my favourite, must-reads. She never disappoints. The only problem I had with Taste Test is the end, it happened way too soon, I wanted to go to the beginning and start all over again.

Source: morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/review-taste-test
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review 2014-05-19 10:00
Review: Destruction (December People #1)
Destruction: The December People, Book One - Sharon Bayliss

David is a dark wizard but doesn’t know it yet, he has a wife and 3 kids, plus 2 more from an affair. His secret family went missing years ago and he’s finally heard word about them. Not only does he have to tell his wife about the affair, he learns a secret his wife kept from him and his whole life changes. His job is going down the drain, his kids are changing in a big way and it’s a whole lot complicated.


I’m a big animal lover so the cover calls to me, the butterfly is my favourite colour and I love how it’s not just on the cover but at the top of each chapter page too. The writing is well done and I couldn’t find any mistakes to nit-pick at which is rare for me.


Wizards YAY, I love witchy books. Destruction is a lot different from previous ones I’ve read though. The wizards/witches have seasons, that’s new for me but I love how it made perfect sense.


David has a rough life but I think he brought a fair bit on himself. I couldn’t feel sorry for him if i tried. Towards the end there was a tiny bit but it wasn’t there for long. How can one person make a mess of their life so bad. I mean why can’t he just do what needs to be done instead of someone having to do what he couldn’t? I know it’s a bit vague but it’s a big part of the book so I’m not sharing the details HAHA.


Evangeline and Xavier broke my heart. I wanted to get my hands on Colter and strangle the monster with my bare hands. Grrrr… Both kids are sweet, keep to themselves mostly and protect each other, Xavier is quiet and Evangeline is quite loud but they go well together, like yin an yang.


The other Vandergraff kids drove me bonkers. Emmy was a cow at the best of times and Jude was a pig. I can’t think of an animal for Patrick right now but I’m sure one will come to me eventually ;)


The plot was good, it had twists and turns, unexpected events, lots of secrets and betrayal. Magic, by the bucket load and some dark parts too. It flowed together nicely, the only thing that done me in was how little I liked most of the characters. I mean there’s loads of them and I only really liked Evangeline, Xavier, Patrick, Samantha and Rachel. I couldn’t stand Amanda and David, he ticked me off constantly :(.


Oh how I looooveee happily ever afters, even the not so happily ever afters but still turned out better than I imagined it would, this is definitely so here. I enjoyed Destruction, wizards/witches really fascinate me, and reading a good book about them makes my day.


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/review-destruction
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review 2014-05-16 16:00
Review: Bound (Guardians #1)
Bound (The Guardians, #1) - M.J. Stevens

Mellea is a country girl, working to save up for college when she helps a hurt stranger. From one good deed her life gets turned upside down. She is taken away from her family and has to adjust to new ways. She can’t see how things could get worse, her life is in turmoil but that’s only the beginning. Danger strikes and she’s right in the middle of things. One decision will change her life forever.


I love the cover of Bound, the necklace she holds in her hand is beautiful and I love the relevance it has to the story.


I liked Mellea, she has a strong head on her shoulders, is stubborn as a mule, doesn’t take no crap from no-one and knows right from wrong even when faced with impossible decisions. But she knows when to save her breath too. And she doesn’t quit, I really liked that about her. She was dealt a bad hand of cards but she learnt to make the most of it. Plus she somehow managed to get Leo out of his shell, no easy task.


Leo was a pain in the butt but I enjoyed him. He was a ratbag at the start but once Mellea made an effort to befriend him he opened up little by little until his real self emerged. I hate it when characters hide behind who they think they should be, instead of just being themselves but at least it didn’t last throughout the whole book, that would have really ticked me off.


All the guardians besides the Lady Guardian think themselves above everyone else and I mean, come on! You’re just people right? Just because they rule doesn’t mean they can treat people like garbage. Just AARRGGGHHHH…


The story was fun to read and had a few twists and turns, I liked how everything worked together, all the little things that happened were for a reason and weren’t just random. What did irk me a little was how predictable parts where. I knew a few things (major things) that were going to happen and they did, even early on in the story. I don’t enjoy it as much when I know what’s coming, I should really not think ahead and just stay on the page but it’s one of my faults. Oh well.


Overall I really enjoyed Bound and look forward to reading Divided, book 2 in the Guardians series. If you’re a fan of Sci-fi/Fantasy I would recommend giving Bound a go, definitely worth reading ;)


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/review-bound
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