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photo 2018-11-27 10:29
Original Artwork For Sale

Shop our impressive selection of modern canvas wall art to make a big statement in your home. We have original artwork for sale to match your style and budget. Enjoy Free Shipping & browse our great selection of Modern Canvas Wall Art! Visit our collection today.

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photo 2018-11-23 09:46
Wall Art Paintings For Living Room

Shop our impressive selection of Wall Art Paintings For Living Room to make a big statement in your home. We have original artwork for sale to match your style and budget. Enjoy Free Shipping & browse our great selection of Modern Canvas Wall Art! Visit our collection today.

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text 2018-11-05 09:33
Redeck your Wall with Language and Echo: via Wall Frames and Icons

There is no doubt in the fact that photos and portraits have become a must to be displayed on the wall. 1990’s was the time when by wall hangings all we meant was a huge pendulum clock. Well, now people have geared up, ancient era has passed and interior décor to the house has become as essential as cheese to the pizza.


And therefore, there have been introduced a variety of options to adorn your abode. Wall picture frames, wall photo frames, wall hangings etc. have become essentials to the essence of the home. Now that online market is meant to provide services at your home, they also intend to provide a variety to chose from. When you search the first awesome pop-up would be that of Woodenstreet.com which by no doubt provides a ravishing range to chose from. You get to get innumerous wall frames to go for.
Here, I will specify some of the categories to chose from in terms of wall frames:


1. Wall Photo Frames Collage
You collect albums to see so many beautiful pictures of yours. So why not display on the wall as well. A wall photo frame collage has become a striving trailblazer in modern houses. In fact, people nowadays get new houses keeping in mind how they will decorate their wall. So, if you are intending the same, you should definitely put a glance at Woodenstreet.com where there are so many splendid photo frame collages available. Grace your wall with your happy faces!


2. Wall Photo Collages with Notes
Give voice to your wall with amazing wall frames with words. For instance, home arrow photo collage, love photo collage, eatery photo collage etc. On Woodenstreet include wall picture frames with words. Thus, clearly expressing the intention of the frames. Eatery frame in the dining room or in the kitchen is a complete depiction of foodies. Home arrow photo frame can be used in the lobby to indicate the family members in the photo frames and the arrow to highlight your home inside. Therefore, wall photo collages with notes clearly give language to the walls.


3. Floater Framed Wall Art
These wall frame paintings are a perfect poise to your wall. This category holds a combination of paintings, that are so finely coordinating among each other. It holds the capacity to even turn a lame cement wall to an outstanding piece of décor. These paintings are generally theme based holding combinations of blue, yellow, green etc. primary colors. This clearly is an outstanding symbolism of elegance to the house.


4. Mirror Collage
Gone are the days, when mirrors were just meant as a tool to see your face. Nowadays, mirrors can be a marvelous wall art to your wall. Products like Bohemian mirror collage on Woodenstreet includes a blissful display of mirrors to the wall. A combination of mirror of different sizes with certain art pieces, have become a trendsetter to the modern abode.


5. Wooden Window Frames
Wooden window frame is an entirely different concept to highlight your walls. Earlier while by window frames we only meant too wooden doors, wooden window frames with mirror is an exquisitely amazing design to your abode. For instance, pinot window frame is a masterpiece for your window. This will give an outstanding appeal to the interior as well as the exterior of the house.


These were some of the categories that were worth a depiction for your abode. Now that everybody desires a dream house, and people have stopped thinking of the fact that home is just meant to be four walls. The market has developed itself to fulfil every individual dream of a beautiful house. Woodenstreet to some extent definitely offers a key to a gorgeous home. Just surf through the best and you are all set to plan your dream home!


For more information, visit woodenstreet.com and avail the Diwali sale and get 20% extra discount!

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review 2017-09-05 08:13
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

I don't have a review for this, but I read it and really liked it. I wanted to put this on here for anyone who might be curious what I rated it. As for now, it stands at a 5 star rating, though I have been known to change my ratings further down the road.


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review 2017-08-07 18:14
Gothic psychological horror, with haunted house and ghosts for art and lovers of antiques.
PAINTED: A Horror Novel - Kirsten McKenzie

Thanks to Rosie Amber (from Rosie’s Book Review Team, check here if you would like to have your book reviewed) and to the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this novel, that I freely chose to review.

When I read the description of Painted I knew I had to read it, as it was a horror novel (and despite how much I like the genre, I don’t seem to read many of them), and it had to do with art. When I read that the author had worked in the antiques family business; that sealed the deal for me.  I had not read any work by this author before (and I understand this is the first time she writes horror) but I am pleased to have discovered her.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but let’s say we have a dead painter who left very specific instructions in his will as to how to deal with the artwork he left behind. Unfortunately, there had been changes at his lawyer’s and his instructions were ignored. And we all know what happens when we ignore warnings, don’t we?

There are authors who are better at building characters than at creating a plot, and there are also authors who excel at describing places and objects but are not so good at providing psychological insights. McKenzie manages to create a great gothic atmosphere (some reviewers have said that the novel is more gothic than pure horror, but both things do not exclude each other), with a fantastically eerie and creepy house, full of even creepier portraits, and a variety of objects, furniture, and even plants that all combine to create a fabulous setting for the novel. In fact, the house becomes another character, one that hides many secrets, and of course, many ghosts.

But the author also creates fully-fledged characters, with their passions, foibles, secrets (some darker than others), and stories. Even when we do not get to share much time with them, we get flashes of their personality (be it because of their fastidiousness about their personal appearance, or because of the way they hang on to mementos from the past, or the way they present a false and harmless persona to the world when they are anything but). She manages to do this by using a variety of techniques, especially by her particular use of point of view. The story is written in the third person, but it shares the points of views of different characters. There is a certain degree of head-hopping, although I did not find it confusing and it is very smoothly done. We do see things from the perspective of all the characters. We mostly follow Anita, the young woman sent by the auctioneer’s to catalogue the paintings, because she is the first one to arrive and she spends the most time at the house, but we even get an insight into the thoughts of the lawyer’s secretary and of the farmer’s dog. And of course, the baddies (although it is not easy to decide who is good and bad in the story). There are also moments when we are told something that none of the characters could know (a great way of creating suspense and forecasting future events), like references to shadows, sounds nobody has heard yet, and things that happen behind character’s back or when they are asleep.

The character easiest to empathise and later sympathise with is Anita. It is clear from the beginning that she is battling with something that happened to her in the past and is bravely trying to get on with her life (despite still experiencing symptoms of PTSD). Her story is terrible in its own right, and it makes her reactions to what happens more justified. Some characters are nasty and difficult to like (like the lawyer), but most of them are given interesting backgrounds and scenes that make them memorable, and some are much more twisted than we realise.

I loved the details of the process of cataloguing the house contents (as I love antiques and TV programmes about antiques. Yes, I could watch The Antiques Roadshow forever and never get bored), the descriptions of the painting process, and the pace of the novel. The atmosphere is created slowly and we follow the characters’ commonsensical approach to the events to begin with and share with them their descent into paranoia and utter horror. The step-by-step reveal, the twists and turns, and the ghosts (it reminded me of The Turn of the Screw by Henry James) are also masterly rendered. And the ending… No, I did not see it coming, and as a fan of unhappy endings in horror books, this manages to satisfy, to surprise and to leave us wondering.

This is psychological horror, with ghosts and haunted house, at its best, and it does not contain gore or extreme violence (there is more menace and imagining than there is anything explicit), so I would recommend it to lovers of the genre, and to those who love atmospheric readings and don’t mind a scare or two. I cannot comment on the author’s previous writing, but she definitely has a talent for this genre, and based on the quality of her writing, I’m sure we’ll hear more from her.

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