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review 2017-02-22 00:00
Her Cowboy Lawman
Her Cowboy Lawman - Pamela Britton Her Cowboy Lawman - Pamela Britton 4.75 stars

Despite some minor irritations, I thought this was a great read. Lauren Danners is a young widow struggling to raise her son. She reluctantly moves in with her brother Jax, grateful for his generosity, but slightly resentful that she must rely on him. When Jax encourages Kyle to take up steer riding, Lauren has a whole new set of problems to focus on. What if her baby is hurt by a crazy steer?

Lauren mets Bren at Kyle's first show. Bren is the town's sheriff, as well as a retired Green Beret. After a miserable marriage to an ex military man, Lauren has sworn off another relationship with one. Bren, a more mature hero, is bothered by the 12 year age difference between them, and declares Lauren off-limits. Dating her might make waves for his re-election.

Bren forms an instant bond with Kyle. In him, Bren sees himself. Driven to succeed at his sport, and determined to learn everything he can about riding. Bren agrees to take Kyle on as a riding student - he coaches some local junior rodeo riders. Kyle is his youngest, brightest student. The only fly in the ointment is Lauren. He's forced to interact with her, and his attraction to her is driving him crazy.

I thought the tension was well done. You could feel it crackling on the pages, as both protagonists tried to fight a losing battle. I loved this. What I didn't love was Lauren's constant hoovering over Kyle. She was afraid to let him do anything, and it made me nuts. She was afraid to let him take riding lessons (on a horse), and she was stressed to the point of nausea every time Kyle competed. I get it. Riding large animals that are trained to knock you off their backs is a dangerous hobby. So is learning how to jump a horse over fences. But the constant reminders of Lauren's distress got old fast.

The other annoyance - the age difference. I didn't see that it was a big deal. Bren was 12 years older. Big deal. They are both adults, Lauren is the mother of a 10 year old boy, so it's not like he was dating an underage girl. This was a non-issue to me. Even though they lived in a small town with plenty of busy-bodies, I still didn't see how this was major concern to anyone.

Other than those two niggles, this was an engaging read. Lauren had a lot of baggage to overcome from her marriage, but with the support of her brother, and her son, she works through her issues. Bren was a great hero; caring, patient, giving. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and look forward to Jax's story, which I hope will be next.
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review 2016-09-29 00:00
Her Rodeo Hero with Bonus Novella
Her Rodeo Hero with Bonus Novella - Pame... Her Rodeo Hero with Bonus Novella - Pamela Britton 5 stars

I loved this book. I got teary eyed several times, so obviously the author hit all the right notes for me. The thought of not being able to ride again, of actually being terrified of riding again, really struck a chord for me. Horses are dangerous, they can be unpredictable, and they can hurt you bad if a situation goes wrong. This book had a lot of horsey bits, they were well written, and I absolutely gobbled this one up. Highly recommended.
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review 2016-06-25 00:00
The Ranger's Rodeo Rebel
The Ranger's Rodeo Rebel - Pamela Britto... The Ranger's Rodeo Rebel - Pamela Britton 4 - 4.25 stars

I usually avoid stalker stories, but since I didn't read the plot description, I didn't realize that's what this was until after I had checked it out of the library. I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

Chance is a great hero to Caro, providing the support and protection she needs with her violent ex stalking her and making her life miserable. Caro is struggling to come to terms with herself - she feels diminished by the threats from her ex, and is frustrated that the local law enforcement can't do anything about him. She is hesitant to get involved with Chance, because she wants to find herself again, and because she's not eager to jump from one bad relationship to one where the guy won't be around much longer. Chance has accepted a job as a private contractor in the Middle East, and his days at the family ranch are numbered.

I liked that Chance was also struggling with past abuse, and how it made him even more determined to protect those weaker than himself. I really enjoyed his struggles to relearn to ride after a long break from the saddle so he could help with the family rodeo business and also keep a watchful eye on Caro. I liked their chemistry, as well as the supporting cast, so much so that I immediately put holds on the other two books in the series.
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review 2015-06-17 03:39
Kissed by a Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance) - Pamela Britton

In Kissed by a Cowboy by Pamela Britton, Jillian is a very special person for she can communicate with animals, she hears or more accurately see the animal’s thoughts and feelings in her mind and can do the same vice versa. But there are many skeptics out there that have left her not wanting to tell anyone. The worst for her are the men, for she feels like not only do they not believe her, it’s almost as if they think she is making things up.


Wes Landon needs to get a horse to replace his old one if he wants to be able to win and make the deadline stated on his father’s will for him to have made a certain amount of money by a certain age. But he cannot afford an expensive horse, he needs to buy one at a low price,  that will be a winner. When he first sees Jillian at the sale he doesn’t know what to believe. She tells him things about the animals that he doesn’t know if he can believe yet she seems to know enough about animals that he considers asking for her help. Read More...

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review 2015-01-15 02:40
The Texan's Twins (Harlequin American RomanceTexas Rodeo B) - Pamela Britton

In The Texan’s Twins by Pamela Britton, Jasmine Marks is a focused and hardworking woman. And she has to be considering she is all her twins have. So when she has the opportunity to work for Baron Energies and have a job in a field where few practiced women are allowed, she left all her support system and moved in order to give her girls the best she can. She has no time for men, especially playboys like Jet Baron.


When his sister asked Jet to show the new engineer, Marks, the lay of the land, Jet expected a man since it is a more common career for men than women. But when he gets to the site, he finds a gorgeous woman waiting. He thinks that his friends are playing a prank on him and paid her to pretend to be Marks. Little does he know that her name is Jasmine Marks and she is the new engineer, making for a rough start to their working relationship. Read More...

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