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review 2015-12-05 10:31
Almost Murakamiesque: Moon Palace
Mond über Manhattan - Paul Auster

Moon Palace was a really good book, so much that it reminded me a lot of Haruki Murakami’s novels. Not that there was any Magical Realism in it, although some of the occurrences seemed to happen so much by sheer coincidence, that they almost had a touch of magic to them.

But Moon Palace had something that has always fascinated me in Murakami’s books, which is that the language was so wonderful that, no matter what sad or weird things happened in the story, they were coated. Coated by the marvelous wording, so that at first they didn’t seem as dreadful or strange as they actually were. As if the language distracted the reader for a moment when something bad occurred, just to make them realize with a bit of a shock few moments later that indeed something had happened, so that their belated reaction to the events was even more intense than it normally would have been.


Still I have to deduct one star, because I could not really get into my reading flow with this book. I usually read a Murakami novel in one or two days; Moon Palace took me twenty days to finish. I am not sure if it was the book’s or my fault, so I guess I will have to read more of Auster’s work to find out. I have already bought Sunset Park, and if he continues to amaze me with his language, I think I might have found a new favorite author.

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text 2015-11-27 17:23
Bookhaul #20

I personally think that this is a great bookhaul: not too many books and most of them were on sale and I even got one for free. These are the books I purchased since my last bookhaul:

No, not the entire Lunar Chronicles Series, only Winter. I purchased and read the first three books last year, but this picture was just too beautiful so instead of showing just Winter you can see the cover of all the books in this series! And no I still have not read Winter.. :(

These are all the books I got when there was sale. I paid around 14 euros in total for all of these six books, which is a bargain! In the town I go to school to there was a booksale and that's only twice a year. I got Jane Eyre for free because of a coupon (I already have a copy and read it twice, but I wrote in it for school so I just wanted a new one). I got Wonder on Amazon because that one was really cheap as well and I wanted to buy something that wasn't a classic or hard to read and so many people love Wonder! And I also want to collect and read more Stephen King book's so that was a perfect opportunity! I've never heard of Paul Auster though, but the story seems really interesting.


What is your latest book purchase?

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text 2015-11-02 09:17
Reading progress update: I've read 265 out of 315 pages.
Unsichtbar - Paul Auster,Werner Schmitz

Nach zwei Dritteln kann die Story nicht noch bizarrer werden... oder? Ich habe so meine Erwartungen an den dritten Teil. Austers einfacher Trick, von der ersten in die zweite und zuletzt in die dritte Person zu wechseln, gefällt mir gut. Ein leicht verständliches Stilmittel ohne großes Brimborium. Der Protagonist und Urheber der Texte wird sich selbst immer fremder - und mit ihm wird der Leser immer befremdeter. Ich kann nicht sagen, dass das Buch bequem zu lesen wäre, aber gut ist es trotzdem auf seine verzwickte Art.

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review 2015-08-17 00:00
In the Country of Last Things
In the Country of Last Things - Paul Auster A very enjoyable read and one that took me by surprise.
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review 2015-06-20 04:55
Leviathan by Paul Auster
Leviathan - Paul Auster

What is friendship?  Especially what is male friendship?


Paul Auster gives us an answer in his novel, Leviathan.


Leviathan is an Old Testament reference meaning a dragon-like monster, serpent or even a crocodile that represents evil. While, Auster’s novel is not biblical or religious on the surface, there is definitely a strong philosophical underpinning that made it interesting to read.


The novel begins with a man blowing himself up on the side of the highway in Northern Wisconsin. And we find out immediately that man was Ben Sachs and his story will be told by the novel’s narrator, Peter Aaron.


Peter was Ben’s best friend and he decided to tell the story of their friendship right up to the point of Ben’s tragic end. While reading Peter’s version of their friendship, I’ve learned that friendship can have a tighter bond even than with siblings. But, what appears to the outside world of a person’s life is definitely not what’s going on behind close doors.


One of the most fascinating scenes in the novel is where Ben finds out that Peter had sex with his wife and that conversation between them(Ben reveals his own adultery as well) was the saddest and most authentic I’ve read in modern fiction.  It made me read Proverbs 5, where Solomon gives a stark warning against adultery and how one must steer clear of that temptation or it will definitely pull you in.


I got the sense the author felt the random events and coincidences are things that could shaped a person’s life in one direction or another.  While, I disagree with his premise. I did find those coincidences in the story make me think about those things that happened in my life.  Where they coincidences?  Or orchestrated by something beyond myself?


Leviathan was the smoothest novel I’ve read in the past few years.  The pace and flow of the first 100-150 pages was nearly perfect.  Auster is a very talented writer.  However, the last 100 pages or so, I’ve felt a little let down and thought the random events and coincidences became too convenient in order to finish the novel.


I don’t think this is a novel for everyone but it does reveal the real nature of friendship and how self-deception and idealism can cause self-destruction.  An interesting read and recommended.

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