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text 2020-07-06 13:25
Pharmacy Automation Market | Analysis and Opportunities During COVID-19 Pandemic

The major factors that are expected to be driving the pharmacy automation market are the growing need to minimize medication errors, rapid decentralization of pharmacies, rising geriatric population and rising labor cost. On the other hand, reluctance among the healthcare organizations to adopt pharmacy automation systems is expected to restrain the overall market growth to a certain extent during the forecast period.

What the Pharmacy Automation Market Looks Like?

MarketsandMarkets forecasts the pharmacy automation market is estimated to grow from USD 3.63 billion in 2017 to USD 5.38 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.2% during the forecast period. 

North America to account for the largest market size during the forecast period.

Based on product, the pharmacy automation market is segmented into automated medication dispensing systems, automated packaging and labelling systems, automated table top counters, automated medication compounding systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, and other pharmacy automation systems. Automated medication dispensing systems accounted for the largest share of the pharmacy automation market in 2016.


On the basis of end users the market is classified into inpatient pharmacies, outpatient pharmacies, pharmacy benefit management organization and mail order pharmacies, and retail pharmacies. Retail pharmacies is the fastest growing end user segment in the pharmacy automation market during the forecast period.

Download PDF Brochure: https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/pdfdownloadNew.asp?id=71522890

What Drives the Pharmacy Automation Market?


The growth of the global market for Pharmacy Automation Market is primarily influenced by the following factors:

  • Growing Need to Minimize Medication Errors
  • Decentralization of Pharmacies
  • Rising Geriatric Population
  • Rising Labor Cost

Geographical growth scenario of Pharmacy Automation Market :


This report covers the market across two major geographies, namely, North America and Europe. In this report, the North American market is further segmented into the U.S. and Canada, while the European market is categorized into Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, and Rest of Europe. In 2016, North America is expected to command the largest share of the market in North America and Europe. However, Europe is expected to register the highest growth rate during the forecast period from 2016 to 2021, due to increasing adoption of advanced treatment procedures and favorable government initiatives in this region.


Request For Sample Pages: https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/requestsampleNew.asp?id=71522890


Leading market players and strategies adopted


The prominent players in the Pharmacy Automation Market include Becton, Dickinson, and Company (U.S.), Omnicell, Inc. (U.S.), Cerner Corporation (U.S.), Capsa Healthcare (U.S.), Parata Systems LLC (U.S), Baxter International, Inc. (U.S.), ScriptPro LLC (U.S.), KUKA AG (Germany), TCGRx Pharmacy Workflow Solutions (U.S.), RxSafe, LLC (U.S.), ARxIUM Inc. (U.S.) and Talyst Systems, LLC (U.S.)

Source: www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/pharmacy-automation-systems-market-71522890.html
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text 2020-06-23 09:04
Get accurate readings of parameters at your pharmacy with the help of monitoring systems from Temp Genius

Every pharmacy requires a pharmacy monitoring system through which the temperature of the place can be maintained properly. Monitoring the temperature of a pharmacy is important because they need to ensure the safety of visitors and workers who deal with drugs, chemicals and sometimes biological products. Temperature monitoring of a pharmacy is also needed to keep the products and equipment in proper condition so that they are fit for use. Temp Genius provides wireless temperature logging devices for the monitoring of temperature at pharmacies.


Through the implementation of an efficient pharmacy monitoring system,TempGenius ensures that all customers have safe access to quality medications that are fit for use. All medicines and drugs need to be preserved under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. The advantage of wireless temperature logging is that there is no need for a person to be physically present to assess the temperature. Temperature can be automatically monitored with the help of such devices. The devices which are utilised for temperature monitoring at pharmacies are manufactured by Temp Genius by following the latest trends of technology. The equipment is highly advanced and they give flawless and accurate readings of assessments done by professionals.


Talking of the professionals at the company, they are skilled highly and they know how to efficiently operate the wireless monitoring devices. Not only temperature but the devices are also capable of measuring the pressure, humidity, hygrometry, particle counting and many more parameters. The chances of having an error while reading the temperature and other associated systems can be reduced to a great extent by systems of wireless temperature logging due to their automatic mode of operations. The report of the analysis is directly sent to the mobile number or email id linked with the software.


The company has been very popular in producing and providing excellent quality pharmacy monitoring systems which shall last for quite a long time.

Source: www.tempxpert.com/wireless-temperature-logger
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text 2020-06-23 08:54
Iron deficiency in infants & how to deal with it

Iron is an essential nutrient that make haemoglobin, which helps oxygen to move from lungs to the rest of the body. It also helps muscles store and use oxygen. So, lack of iron in a child’s diet can develop a condition called iron deficiency. This is a common problem common observed in children which occurs in different levels. It can differ from mild to anemia extent. If the deficiency is untreated then it will affect a child’s growth and brain to develop normally.

Symptoms of iron deficiency in children

Some of the symptoms are slow weight gain, pale skin, no appetite, behavioural problems, fatigue, abnormally rapid breathing, frequent infections, cold hands and feet. Children might not be physically active and development is even slower. Not enough of iron in body will make it difficult to concentrate and shorter attention span leading to poor academic performances. Consult a doctor for precised remedial measure and avail the medications through best medicine app in India.

What type of children are at risk of iron deficiency?

  • Prematurely born babies or have low birth weight.
  • When babies under the age of one-year drink cow’s or goat’s milk.
  • Breastfed babies who aren’t given complementary food containing iron after age of 6 months.
  • Children who have chronic infections or restricted diets.
  • Children exposed to lead. Children not eating enough of iron- rich foods.
  • Overweight or obese kids.

 What is the iron requirement level for the children?

Sever to twelve month old baby would need 11mg of iron per day. In the age group of 1- 3 years, 4-8 years and 9- 13 years’ children would require 7mg, 10mg and 8mg in a day respectively. For girls aged between 14 to 18 years, 15mg of iron is recommended per day, while for boys it’s 11mg.

Source of iron for children

Babies are born with an iron reserve that comes from mother’s blood while in the womb. Through breastfed babies will get the essential nutrients for first 6 months. Health Canada defines the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) as the average daily dietary nutrient intake level sufficient to meet requirement of nearly 97% - 98% healthy individuals.

Iron intake happens in two different types, namely heme iron and non- heme iron. Heme iron are easily absorbed by the body like those found in meat. Non- heme iron comes from plant sources like legumes, vegetables and cereals. Some of the food rich in iron include meats, fish, eggs, grains and cereals. Babies under one year should not be given egg whites and shellfish such as lobster, shrimp or scallops. Other sources of iron are legumes like chick peas, lentils, dried peas, beans and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green peas.

For the body to absorb iron, combine these foods with good sources of vitamin C such as oranges, tomatoes and red peppers.

Avoid confusion

Cow’s milk: It is not a good source of iron. In fact, drinking more of cow’s milk may lead to iron deficiency. Children aged 1 to 5 years old shouldn’t drink more than 24 ounces or 710 millilitres of cow’s milk, goat’s milk or soy milk a day.

Iron supplement: There is no need of an iron supplement for full- term babies who are breastfed or get iron- fortified infant formula from birth. Premature babies should get iron supplement when they are 8 weeks old until one-year-old. Children over a year old, needn’t take any iron supplement if they are having iron rich foods.

Iron supplement side effects: Some of the side effects of iron supplements include stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, constipation and black stools. Some children might start to feel normal about intake of pills after a few weeks. Don’t provide any medications on your, take your doctor’s recommendation on this issue. Avail the same through medical store home delivery provision shop.

Others: Intake of iron pills may turn child’s stool greenish or grayish, which is normal. Liquid forms of iron can stain the child’s teeth which has to be wiped off to prevent permanent staining. Too much of iron can be dangerous.


A healthy adult is shaped by having a healthy childhood. All the required nutrients have to be consumed from the birth as to avoid serious health complications in the matured life. With the changing lifestyle and food diet, parents have to be extra cautious to provide their child with the right amount of nutrient rich food.

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text 2020-06-20 10:07
10 ways to bring your online pharmacy forward in 2020

In the recent years, internet has been an accepted way to purchase services or products. On the same line, medicines with verified prescription will be delivered at the doorsteps. However, attitudes of people towards accessing medicines through online is not satisfactory. More than benefits, consumers are worried about safety risks attached to it. So, it’s very necessary for online pharmacy to build a business above all the odds.

1. Pick the social media rhythm

Facebook is the highest used social media application worldwide and especially by old aged people. Create an attractive and professional account. Also, update on your stocks, discounts and services through posts, regularly. Video clips can be added showcasing the safety measures taken by the delivery man or the medicines proof packed against all threats. It is also a medium to connect with your consumers and to add immense value to the experience. Bring a revolution with hashtag trends, create some new ones like #homedeliverymedicineshopnearme and tag your consumers. This will promote the company through fun means.

2. E- mail as well as mail

E- mail is a platform to make your consumers experience personal connect. It is a marketing strategy to promote websites and store policies. Don’t invade too much of their personal space. That might turn to mark the company as spam.

3. Be on the receiving end

Take the feedback and review provided by the consumers seriously to improvise on the faulty sectors. It is necessary to show how grateful you are towards their response. Make them feel their time and words matter. Design your feedback letter thoughtfully.

4. Tabooed product sale

Items like condoms and sanitary napkin are still a tabooed product that few people are not comfortable mentioning of it in an offline store. These individuals opt online purchasing as they don’t want to face the retailer. So, make a special mention of these product stock and sale. Consumers should feel comfortable making such purchase.

5. Respond to rural voice

Some rural regions are devoid of online pharmacy benefits. Medications that require cold storage can’t be delivered to rural as the expenses of cold chain logistics is high. Make arrangements to deliver the same in lower expenses. Figure out ideas to resolve rural issues. This can upgrade your company name as a socially concerned marketing. Also, will level up standards compared to the competitors.

6. Pharmacy team training

Teach your teammates cross- selling and up- selling. Make them understand the importance of relationship building with customers based on which, they can provide suggestions regarding the prescription. For instance, make sure your costumers buy all the required medications from your company only. Through a conversation, push ideas that one can avail all medicines as a package in discount.

7. Mask consumers’ doubts

Provide detailed information about drug and its effect on a patient when you receive a prescription. This way can educate your consumer and develop trust on your service.

8. Newsletter

Create a newsletter and provide health related bulletin. Maintain it on regular basis to convince consumers to subscribe the same.

9. Blog and Vlog

The more creative the company functions the more consumers will be aware your service. Promote the company’s mission and vision through blogs or vlogs. Whichever medium is convenient, invest on it. Hire writers and creators to function on this strategy.

10. Secret Santa

In the earlier stage of business, the company team member himself should pretend to be the consumer to gain trust or attention towards your service. As a costumer, review your own page or site and mention appreciation on the company’s work. Don’t make it look like a fraud work. Keep it limited and stop it after a while, when the business picks up pace.


To buy medicines, health products online is definitely an easier choice and online pharmacies can sure shot flourish. But, it’s a success when the market functions in commitment towards consumer’s wellness and safety.

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text 2020-06-17 08:19
Kidney disease: Signs, symptoms and treatment

A pair of fist- sized organs, located at the bottom of the rib cage are the kidneys. Each kidney lay on each side of the spine. They are responsible for filtering waste products, excess water and others impurities out of the blood. They also help make blood cells, help keep bones strong and work to maintain the right amount of minerals in the body.

What is kidney disease?

The gradual loss of kidney function is diagnosed as kidney disease or chronic kidney failure.  Due to the disease, levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes build up in the body. It may not become evident until the kidney’s function is significantly impaired.

Signs & symptoms of kidney disease

As the build- up of toxins and impurities in the blood increase, it may cause a person to feel tired, weak and make it hard to concentrate. Another complication is anemia, which can cause weakness and fatigue. Since the toxins aren’t leaving the body through urine, a person may have trouble sleeping. It also links between obesity and chronic kidney disease, and so, sleep apnea is more common. Often dry and itchy skin can be a sign of the mineral and bone disease that accompanies with advanced kidney disease. Urge to urinate more often especially at night is of the sign as the kidney filters are damaged. Also, the blood cells start to leak out into the urine. Excessive bubbles in the urine turning it foamy, indicates protein in the urine. And, this can lead to puffiness around the eyes. Decreased kidney function can cause swelling in the feet and ankles due to sodium retention. While, poorly controlled phosphorous may contribute to muscle cramping. One may have poor appetite too.

Causes of kidney disease

Kidney failure can be a result of several causes or conditions. A sudden loss of blood flow to kidneys can prompt kidney failure. Few conditions that cause loss of blood flow to kidneys include, a heart attack or disease, liver failure, dehydration, an allergic reaction and a severe infection such as sepsis. Some cancers can block the urine path way, building toxins and overloading the kidneys. Such cancers of prostate, colon, cervical and bladder. Some of other causes that may lead to kidney failure include, a blood clot in or around the kidneys, an overload of toxins from heavy metals, certain antibiotics, uncontrolled diabetes, drugs and alcohol. It can also be related to lupus, an inflammation of many body organs and glomerulonephritis, an inflammation of the small blood vessels of the kidneys.

Diagnosis of kidney disease

The first step of diagnosis of kidney disease is the discussion of personal and family history regarding consumption of medication that might affect kidney, diagnosed with high blood pressure or any family member have kidney disease. Doctor may perform physical exam to check for signs of problems with heart or blood vessel, and conduct a neurological exam. Certain tests and procedures also may be needed like blood tests, urine tests, imaging tests and kidney tissue biopsy.

Treatment for kidney disease

Treatment method vary depending on the cause or reason for the kidney failure. Dialysis, the machine performs the function of the kidneys which doesn’t cure kidney failure but can extend the life expectancy. One may have to follow a low- potassium, low- salt diet along with dialysis. Another treatment option is a kidney transplant though there is a long wait to receive a kidney donor. Immunosuppressive drugs are a must to prevent the body from rejecting the new kidney. Buy medicine online in India, to avail the prescribed drugs for an easier recovery when one has undergone such risked surgery. There is a guideline for what to eat will depend on the stage of kidney disease. Some recommendations include limit phosphorus, sodium and potassium.

Prevention of kidney disease

One can reduce the risk of kidney failure by maintaining a healthy lifestyle by following the doctor’s advice. Take prescribed medicine as directed and preferably purchase them from best medicine app in India. Keep the high blood pressure and diabetes in control to avoid kidney failure.

Avoid factors like smoking, obesity and alcohol consumption to decrease the risk of kidney disease or kidney failure. Complication in the kidneys will eventually complicate the complete lifestyle or living of a person. 


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