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text 2018-04-02 05:29
New Age Electronic Systems for Your Offices

Your offices should be well equipped with systems that reduce the burden on the shoulders of your employees and they are able to focus on work, instead of running errands around the office. Time is often wasted in communicating some messages around the office, which can easily be avoided by having phone systems installed in the office. This would save time and would allow the employees to enable better and faster communication; also the messages won’t be distorted as the same message would reach directly.

 Techcom Engineering understands the requirements of your office and hence offers Panasonic phone systems which are ideal choice for facilitating all sorts of communication in your organization.Another electronic system that has made to the list of necessities in the office is the security systems. With the rising concern about the safety of organizations and attacks on the offices, it is very important to keep a check and safeguard all the belongings of your company. Techcom Engineering offers electronic door lock systems which ensure that only the authorized persons are allowed entry inside the premises of your office. This will make sure that no unwanted person who is not allowed to enter can have access to any of the documents of belongings of your office.


There is no guarantee of people these days, and hence just having security guards for your office is not enough. To keep your office out of danger’s way, you can rely on electronic door lock system by Techcom Engineering. These systems will make sure that all your work related data, or hard earned wealth is completely safe and is away from the intervention of strangers. Keep your organization secure from the negative intentions of the unknown people, and give authority to only the trusted ones with Techcom.

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text 2018-03-30 07:06
How To Prepare For A Skype Date?

Long separation relationship sucks and the miles amongst you and your cherished one normally influences the consuming enthusiasm in your love life. Be that as it may, on account of Skype, you can in any case make the most of your Friday night with him, regardless of where he is in the globe.

 ‘Skype Support Number 1-800-296-0288

One of the geniuses in Skype dating is you could simply check what you look like, without excusing yourself to go the washroom like clockwork. You don't need to stress over sustenance stalling out between your teeth! So between picking eye to eye supper and Skype dates, there will be days you'll favor the last mentioned, particularly amid times where you feel you're not taking care of business.

So amid Skype dates, make the most out of it by following the tips underneath.



Tips while getting ready for a Skype date:

  1. Skype some place private
  2. Have a solid web association
  3. Wear brilliant, glad hues
  4. Get great lighting
  5. Set the ideal edge

For More: Skype Technical Support

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text 2018-03-14 11:46
How to Check If You Have Skype Audio Problems?

Most people browse on internet about Skype Problem and find Skype Help number to quickly fix the issue. One of the common issue is Skype Audio problem, so if you faced these issue then just follow some steps to fix your Skype audio Problem.

  • Check your audio device working fine
  • Check Your internet connection could be working

Even though everything ready, don’t get too confident start a Skype Call. Check some common problem firstly with following steps:

  • Check your microphone and speakers are plugged in
  • Check device mute button is not clicked
  • Make sure your environment is quiet
  • Check you Skype settings
  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of Skype
  • In Skype, click Tools > Options > Audio Settings, then click the Play button under Speakers.
  • If you can hear the Skype sound being played, your speakers are working fine
  • You can adjust the volume by dragging the speaker slider left or right.
  • If you can’t hear anything, make sure that your speakers are selected in the drop-down list.
  • You can also click the call quality icon in the call bar to adjust your audio during calls

Now you can able to use Skype audio call. If nothing happens after doing these steps, then you can dial Skype Support Number 1-800-296-0288 to quickly fix your problem. The Customer care available 24x7 for your help.


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text 2018-03-14 09:06
Why Should Contact AOL Email Support Number?

The importance of communication to the customer care executive cannot ignore for particular problem solution of customer. For the authentic way of communication generally use emails and there are many email service provider companies which don’t take any charges. AOL email services one of them, which is since 1993. It provides services in 54 languages over the world. AOL also gives its tech support team to fix problem of its customer related to AOL email through AOL Email Support Customer Care.

Below are some issues related to AOL email:

  • Login Problem
  • Forget password.
  • Error to send or receive emails.
  • Email server down.
  • Technical error to import email contacts.
  • Technical fault to synchronize other emails.
  • Problem with AOL email Configuration.
  • Unable to clear history or cookies of emails.


These type of all issues can be fix by tech support team via dial AOL Email Tech Support 1-833-706-8800 number 24x7. The customer care team always available and reachable for all user, so user can contact anytime when they required help to resolve their problem.



Source URL: AOL Support

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text 2018-01-23 05:30
Give Your Office The Top Security

Are you concerned about the security of your office? Is a thought of a mishap always pestering you at the back of your mind? Are you always worried about the safety systems in your office? If yes, then you need Techcom Engineering services for your office, which secure the organization from any sort of approaching danger. Don’t leave it at risk; it is your dream. The primary method of securing an office is installation of CCTV camera which monitors who enters and exits the premises; and what were the activities he performed. This is very necessary as no one can be trusted these days with the responsibility of taking care of your company.


Another way to monitor entry in the office, since CCTV can only read faces, but not disguises is the biometric door access. Biometric systems have made it much easier to control entry of unknown people. Only an authorized person can get entry in the office. These use either fingerprints or other scans that are unique to every individual, so that no one who is not recognized by the system can enter there. These are the perfect methods to make your organizations secure and safe from any outsider.


Along the same lines of Biometric systems, Biometric attendance can be done to make sure who was present in the office premises and who was not. This way the employees have no chance to fool you about their being present or not. It can monitor time of entry also; that further helps you to know and manage the system of the office in absence of you. You can access the data and monitor the entry and exit of your employees. This is the most beneficial system. Techcom engineering provides all these facilities and much more to their clients that safeguard their organization from any insecurity.

Engineers at Techcom Engineering keep in mind the needs of their clients and provide them technological solutions according to their requirements. Offering a wide variety of services like CCTV installation, PABX phone system, and other such technologies that an organization needs to walk hand in hand with the rest of the world; all are provided by Techcom Engineering. It’s very wise to entrust one company with all security solutions, rather than juggling with many at a time. It makes harder to manage the enterprise. Techcom Engineering is your one stop shop for solutions to any problem!

Source: tech-com.com.sg
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