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text 2018-07-16 11:41
Ladies and Gents, you can never go wrong with the Inside Makeup Mirror in Leather Wallet Case!

You can become the classiest and safest individual with this product.  Here is the scenario for having this product. Imagine you are on your way to an interview or meeting a big client at the office; running a bit late.  Oops! The darling you, forgot to place on makeup and lipstick. Problem solved, open up this secret unique and classy phone cases to find a mirror.

Tone, A company that utilizes shopify e-commece and dropshipping, will be entering the cell phone case market in the USA but providing a different angle for customer interaction and value.  Tone will be providing cool, unique, classy, durable and awesome phone cases and gadgets to customers.

Our online website to help customers search for the best cell phone cases, by means of recommending cases that fit a particular mood or occasion.  Moods listed range from Let’s Play, to All Business to You Show Off. In addition, Tone provides customer reviews and feedback and helps these customers know they are getting value.

Additional features include sleek slots to place your credit cards, driver license, paper money or receipts.  No need to worry about your card numbers being stolen. Not to scare you but the data found in RFID chips on your pay cards (Radio Frequency Identification) can actually be read from 10 ft distance.With this cutting-edge material built in on the inside, this case can block anyone from reading or copying your electronic data.  Tone will always be here to provide you with unique and awesome gadgets for sale.


We all read from a device in this modern era, anything from the latest gossip, news or cute videos and this brings up the next feature here.  Just slash up the built-in kickstand triangle and wall-la and take your time or as little as time needed. No need to cradle and cramp your hands on that small devices or bend your head at a weird angle!  Pain gone, and you can look very professional and high class with this case.

Therefore, you cannot go wrong with these
cool designs for a phone case.

Customers will not have to worry about being compromised when buying cell phone cases or gadgets, as Tone provides secure and convenient checkout payment process via PayPal services and Amazon Pay.

For more info on Tone go its website of tonethisphone.com.

Source: tonethisphone.com
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text 2018-07-16 04:48
Out of Warranty: 5 Smartphone Accessories to Shoot Better Pictures

The cell phone has been widely regarded as the most popular type of camera in the world. It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, or even a CAT cell phone camera with thermal imaging, the main point is that the vast majority of the pictures being taken today are mostly from cellphones. However, when it comes to utilities and accessories for cellphone picture taking, the only thing which is commonly used is the selfie stick.


There are a lot of other accessories which can make your photo shoot with a cell phone produce better results. These range from lenses, handles, microphones, stands, remotes and others. The list below is just a sample of what products are out there for you to better enjoy your picture taking. If you still have problems with your picture taking skills, then it might be time to seek help with your nearest cellphone repair shop.




Unlike DSLR’s which have used remote control devices for a long time, cellphones have been taking too long to have their own remote control device. The shutter is a third-party remote control for the iOS and Android. The excellent thing about Shutter is that it does not need an app installed. After setting up the camera, you can just press the button to shoot the picture.


Those who have gotten used to selfies don’t realize the degree that their faces get distorted in a picture taken with a cellphone camera. The easiest solution for most of these selfie barreling is to take pictures a little farther away than your arm’s length, or even the length of a selfie stick. The distance afforded by the remote control results in immeasurably better pictures.


Smartphone Ring Light


Ring lights are a big thing for photographers. They provided a light source which is soft and centered around the lens. The light also reflects well on the subject’s eyes, creating a halo effect which adds to the image’s aesthetics.


The Smartphone Ring Light can do everything that a ring light can do for a DSLR. It can be placed around the camera lens like a traditional ring light. It can also be detached and used elsewhere for an external light source. This versatility is something which few camera light sources have, and this is what makes the Smartphone Ring Light a must have for any cellphone photography enthusiast.




The secret to a good podcast or vlog is to have a great microphone. The Solocam is the solution to this problem. It has a telescoping selfie-stick and a dual-grip handle with a microphone on top. The high definition mic synchs to the cell phone via Bluetooth. When you take the video, and you speak through the mic, it does look a bit more professional, and it sounds as good. Before the Solocam came along, the best microphones for podcasting or vlogging were studio type mics with vibration free stands. This time, with a good enough cell phone camera (1080p or 4K video), you can have a great sounding audion to go with the great video quality.




It seems that 360-degree videos are the next thing in cell phones. There are several apps already playing 360 interactive videos as well as live streaming 360-degree videos. It would not be an extent to say that you should consider a 360-degree video cam attached to your phone and start vlogging as you take in the sights of your area.


The Kogeto Dot is a360 degree interactive video fun lens for the iPhone. Its users can shoot panoramic 360-degree pictures and videos for sharing online. The Dot comes with a free app, called Looker, and you can shoot interactive 360-degree videos. 360-degree videos are, by their nature interactive. That means that the videos can be swiped, moved around, clicked or dragged to show other parts of the screen. You can share the video via the Looker app.


Pocket Sunlight


One problem for almost all cell phones is the lack of light. For most uses, even the cellphone camera’s flash is usually not bright enough for picture taking. The only solution is an external light source or a flash. The Pocket Sunlight fits the bill for this need. It is an external light source which can be attached to the cellphone via the headphone port. It uses batteries which can be recharged via USB.


It uses 32 LEDs in a 4×8 matrix. An advantage of the Pocket Sunlight is that it provides consistent soft light, compared to the harsh, intense lighting of the cell phone flash. If used correctly, it can improve a person’s cellphone photography. If you want to shoot better pictures with even lighting, this is the accessory you should consider.


Where are a lot of other accessories out there in the market? Cellphone repair shops carry most of these accessories cellphone repair shops. If you want to buy a microphone or headsets, you can do it online. One of the best sources is unlimitedcellular.com. However, the above accessories have something new to offer, and there are others like the above.

Source: phylljam14.strikingly.com/blog/out-of-warranty-5-smartphone-accessories-to-shoot-better-pictures
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text 2018-07-13 07:28
Gmail Helpline Phone Number 1-833-284-2444 Import Your Contact Into Your Gmail

Gmail is a free webmail service provider. We know that Gmail has so amazing

 features. Like Chatting, fetching data and document, attachment of images and so on

. It has one of best amazing features is that you can store backup 

contact from I-phone.  I-phone is an advanced feature as compare of 


 In I phone to secure contacts is not a simple task. We know that the contact list is so important. So keep your Secure your account by our guidelines to move your contacts to

 Gmail. If you want your contact list safe then you

 can import your contact list into Gmail. In Smartphone’s, it can easily

 import it but I phone have so advanced and different features from Smartphones.

 so it can so difficult to import your contacts.

So don’t need to worry we will guide you to move your contact to


There are following steps to import your contact.

  • Go to I-phone Setting 
  • In Setting option, you will tap the option of icloud 
  • Add Account and password
  • Tap Google. You will find an option in the middle of the page. Doing so opens a Gmail Login page.
  • Type Your Email Address and Password
  • Tap Next. Go To the Gmail Account and Open The Page Of Gmail Setting
  • Make sure that contacts are enabled. If a switch is off then you will do the right swipe of contacts List.
  • Tap the option Save

Follow these Steps to Import your contact. It is a simple step. 

Still, you are unable or face any difficulty to import your contacts. 

Then you can contact

Gmail Helpline Phone Number. It Provides the best and instant solution. If you have any difficulty face any steps then

 you can visit our Of website.

Contact Number 1-833-284-2444

Website:- https://www.contactxpert.com/blog/how-to-import-Iphone-contacts-Into-gmail.html


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url 2018-07-13 07:20
Buy Wholesale Portable Power Banks in USA

Hypercel Corporation is the finest place to buy power banks at the best price in Santa Clarita, California. We have an extensive range of power banks from top brands like Naztech, HyperGear and many more. For more info, visit our website or contact us at +1 661-310-1000.

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text 2018-07-11 20:16
Call HP Support Number 1-844-298-5888 to Solve HP Device Issues

HP is one of the best manufacturer for desktop, laptop, printers, and other hardware related devices. The organization has a huge client base all over the world. Our main focus on customer satisfaction. Our HP Support team provides best solution for customer issues. We work 24×7 with a specific end goal to provide best HP Technical Support for customer query. Their definitive point is to expand every one of their clients a smooth and bother free involvement. Officials offer a brilliant answer for all HP administrations and items.

If you have any query and issues related to HP product dial HP Support Number. At HP technical support number, our experienced experts offer the best answer for the clients. We offer remote support of the customers through the HP Support Number.


Reasons to Call HP Technical Support


Plenty of reasons are out there to contact HP tech support service and some of them mentioned here.


  • Slow speed of HP laptop
  • HP laptop hardware damaged issues
  • Poor performance of HP desktop
  • Virus attack on HP device
  • Blue screen errors occur
  • Bugs have stolen from the internet
  • Incompatibility problems in the Web browser and others

Benefits of Calling HP Support


We provide HP Technical Support for all HP devices so if you have problem with printer, desktop, laptop simply call HP Support Number. When you put a call, proficient from help group will answer your call and tune in to your inquiry painstakingly to offer a superior answer for settle the issue. Along these lines, it takes out the entrance of an unapproved individual to repair your gadget and get high charge for repair benefit. HP Support benefit gives the accompanying advantages to its profitable clients and clients.


  • Affordable and reliable service
  • 24/7 hour’s availability
  • Instant solution
  • Experienced and talented expert
  • Use the latest technology and others

Source URL: https://onestepitsolutions.blogspot.com/2018/07/call-hp-support-number-to-solve-hp.html

Source: onestepitsolutions.blogspot.com/2018/07/call-hp-support-number-to-solve-hp.html
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