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6 Signs That Your Workout Is Not Suitable for You

It’s sometimes difficult to understand if a certain sport or workout intensity is not suitable for you because physical activity is always an endurance test. In order not to harm yourself, pay attention not only to the trainer’s words but to your body also. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to adjust your workouts.


Signs That You Need to Change the Workout

1. You Feel Lethargic After Workout

Workouts should add energy and not take away your last strength. If you feel exhausted and lethargic after training, perhaps you are strained too much. Try other types of training like yoga and Pilates or add some free days to recover. Make sure that you eat well and get enough sleep since the result of exercises and your well-being directly depend on this.


2. Dizziness During Workout

Dizziness, headache, and nausea during active exercises indicate that your body is extremely overloaded. It doesn’t matter how simple the exercise is if your body can’t cope with the load. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, or dehydration may be the cause of this. You should not ignore these symptoms and must immediately stop your workout.


3. Experiencing Severe Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is the main sign that you did your best at training but if the unpleasant sensations are so strong that they interfere with your normal functioning or don’t disappear in the next 3 days, this is a bad sign. The body shows that the load you chose is too strong and your body does not have the time to recover. 


Take more breaks between classes, reduce the load, and then gradually increase it, allowing the body to adapt. This applies not only to pain after a workout. You also should not continue classes with discomfort in the joints or internal organs.


4. Training Has Become Easy

Absolute comfort and lightness during training is no less disturbing sign than unpleasant sensations. If the exercises you performed before no longer require effort, then they won’t bring you any benefits. It means your body has adapted and stopped developing. As soon as you feel this, slightly increase the load.


5. You Are Often Sick

Excessive training can seriously harm your health. Such training reduces your immunity, causes problems with the adrenal glands, disrupts the menstrual cycle, causes loss of appetite, insomnia, and anxiety.  If you feel that you have become ill, pay attention to your workout regime and take a break from training for a few weeks. In order to not gain weight during this period, you must follow a healthy diet or try lymphatic drainage massage.


6. Push Yourself to Train

The need to force yourself to train periodically happens to everyone, especially at the beginning of training. But every visit to the gym should not be a trial for you. In pursuit of results, do not forget about your own psychological comfort. If training causes hostility, fear, and insecurity, you should try other sports, change the regime, or even the gym. Learn to enjoy the process.

How to Choose a Suitable Physical Activity?

For calm people, calm sports and exercises will be suitable. Do not force yourself to play football, basketball or other fast sports. It is unlikely that they will bring you the desired pleasure. A good choice for you can be ballroom dancing, cycling, perhaps even rock climbing.


For people with an active character, any sport and physical activity are suitable, except that which inspires boredom. If you are a social person and you have a good company, you can play soccer, basketball, volleyball, or water polo even without a coach. If at first you can not make the right pitch or throw directly in the ring, a few days of practice and you will not be able to live without sports.

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