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review 2018-01-09 19:53
Cookies and Coffee by Mathew Ortiz Review
Cookies and Coffee (Cookies and Coffee. An unconventional love story) - Mathew Ortiz

Peanut butter cookies…are they the key to finding true love? Douglas never imagined he would meet the man of his dreams, while wrestling a bag of cookies from him! No way that smoking hot Dr. Stanopolous would be interested in him…would he? 

Dr. Antonio ‘Tino’ Stanopolous couldn’t decide what he wanted to take a bite out of first; the peanut butter cookies in his hand or the delectable nurse trying to snatch them away…or could he do both?




I was bopping along and then I realized it is a serial. Agh. Even with Kindle Unlimited where I can get all of the books, serials rarely work for me. 

This is a sweet romance between a doctor and nurse. The nurse is a plain joe which is a favorite of mine and other heroes are super kind. No man whores here. 

Some editing needs.

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text 2017-12-28 16:47
My Five Favorite Books From 2017
The Sunne in Splendour - Sharon Kay Penman
The Blue Castle - L.M. Montgomery
Evergreen - Belva Plain
My Dead Parents: A Memoir - Anya Yurchyshyn
How the Light Gets In - Louise Penny

It's that time of year again!!


In looking at the books I read this year, I realized I had a lot of ho-hum reads. Which means I will be examining my reading choices in 2018 more closely.  It was a busy year- planning a wedding, getting married, moving my grandmother into my parent's house and becoming a caretaker for her ... That all may have something to do with it. BUT I did read some winners and here are my favorites. 


#5 How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny


Just a great addition to the series and tied up the overall arc nicely. I was on the edge of my seat at the end of this book. If you haven't read this series, please do.


#4 The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery 


A pleasant surprise.  I had never heard of this book and a good friend of mine did a buddy read with me. This book is witty and entertaining. I will definitely be doing a re-read. 


#3 Evergreen by Belva Plain


Epic, sweeping historical fiction following one woman's life through all its ups and downs and a few wars. When I was reading it, I couldn't stop talking about it. I could not wait to pick this book up. Loved it. 


#2 My Dead Parents by Anya Yurchyshy.  


This memoir was riveting. I was impressed with how she expressed herself and how she shared her life with the reader.  Her journey was universal, trying to understand your parents as well as yourself. Though I will be reviewing it next year when it comes out, I read it this year and had to include it on this list. 


#1 The Sunne In Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman


This isn't a real surprise. I LOVED this book. It's one of the best books I have ever read. Historical fiction doesn't get better than this. I will definitely be reading more of her in 2018.


Those are my five faves!


Looking forward to hearing your favorite books of 2017. 


Happy Reading!




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text 2017-07-20 21:18
Just Plain Sadie by Amy Lillard $1.99
Just Plain Sadie (A Wells Landing Romance) - Amy Lillard

The Amish of Wells Landing, Oklahoma, treasure their close-knit community, and the promise of their growing families. But one young woman is struggling to choose a future that is true to both her heart and her faith…

Everyone in Wells Landing has long expected Sadie Kauffman and Chris Flaud to marry--despite Sadie's telling them differently. While she loves Chris, it is more as a friend than a husband. Yet at twenty-two, the plainest girl in her group, Sadie is also the only one who is still single. Perhaps it's time to be practical and marry Chris--though he still has not asked. But when Sadie meets a kind, handsome Mennonite, it seems her prayers have been answered…

With Ezra Hein, Sadie at last feels the joy she nearly gave up on. Unfortunately, others only feel shock that she would consider marrying an outsider. To complicate matters, Chris has finally begun talking to Sadie about their future. Distressed, Sadie will have to search her heart to recognize God's marvelous gifts to her--and find the courage to accept them, challenges and all…

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review 2017-07-10 00:00
No Plain Rebel
No Plain Rebel - M.C. Frank No Plain Rebel - M.C. Frank Did you fall in love with No Ordinary Star? Was it amazing and wonderful? Well multiply that times a hundred and you get its sequel, No Plain Rebel.

I usually do not enjoy sequels more than the first book but NPR has made that short list for me. If I could get it ten stars out of five I would it was so great.

While I'm still reeling from that ending I'm going to start at the beginning on the novel for this review.

Astra and Felix, our match girl and tin solider, discover more about the lies and secrets around them. I was left shocked by the mysteries that were revealed in NPR. Literally, my jaw hit the floor. It's those types of revelations that either make or break a book. Either the mystery is revealed and the book becomes boring or the truth of the mystery propels the story further. I'm happy to say it was the latter win this novel.

Going back to our two main characters...be still my beating heart. Oh, this book just gave me all the feels. And then my heart was thrown in a blender.

image image

I love Astra and Felix so throughly. They're so pure and innocent and adorable. I could use all the words to describe them but for purposes of keeping this review on the short side I'll leave it at that.

For me there was one big OMG moment in this book and if you read it you know what it is. If not, let's just say this was the moment my jaw hit the floor. I just stared at the page after it was revealed. With that, there were other moments where I just sat there, mind-blown as well.

The world is also more built up in this novel. I think all the questions I ever had about how the world go so screwed up were answered. The Library is built upon; the Colonies are explained more; and more relationships are added.

And...that ending. But you know it's a good book when the cliffhanger makes you want to dive off that cliff in search of the answer.
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review 2017-05-02 11:02
Totem Animals, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need - Celia M Gunn

Not the only book you will every need as this is a mishmash of Native American (without tribal attribution) and Celtic (without tribal attribution) beliefs with some other flavours thrown in as well for spice. The illustrations are great and it does contain the basics but it isn't the only book you'll ever need on the topic if you get into it.

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