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url 2018-08-21 15:36
Printing Industry Mailing List | Printing Services Email Database

Our printing industry email lists and 3d printing industry mailing lists connect marketers with decision makers in the printing industry with ease.

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text 2018-08-21 07:58
Online Digital Passport Size Photo Printing Service

Print passport size photo with Tamilnadu best online photo printing website. Online digital passport size photo printing service around India.



Order and print multiple photos of different sizes.  Krishna Studio offers Online passport photo printing India, online passport photo printing Tamilnadu,  and online passport photo printing Madurai.


Print your passport size photos online easy. Upload your passport size photo for passport, green card, visa or any ID photo needs.


Feel Free to Contact Us,



Visit: http://www.krishna-studio.com/


Mail Us: customercare@krishna-studio.com


Looking for Passport size photos just make a call, KRISHNA STUDIO.


+91 888 3946 999 (or)
+91 888 3949 999.


Receive photos at your doorstep within 72 hours. Absolutely free of postal charge in all over India.


Source: www.krishna-studio.com
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text 2018-08-04 06:04
Customize the Way You Carry Yourself

Everything we carry with us becomes an identity of ourselves. The latest addition to this list is the bag we carry around. It is trademark of your own brand, which you showcase to the world as your own style statement.


To present the best impression to the people of your personality, custom tote bags from Print and Pack are the ones you’ll find completely in accordance with you. You can select from a wide range of styles and add the print you like to the bag. The exceptional designs and colors will add to the beauty of the bag you want to own. Print and Pack is the new name to get trendy and put your best foot forward in front of the world.


Tote bags are becoming widely popular due to their spacious and largely varied options. The different designs are widely attractive, and if you can’t find one that suits you; Print and Pack offer custom tote bags which will fulfill all the requirements you wish to have in your bag. Print and Pack is the provider of creative and innovative designs which will catch the eye of everyone you meet on the street. Take all your belongings with you without compromising with style.


Presents from the heart are liked by all. But sometimes adding a personalized touch to the gift is needed to make the recipient feel more special. You can now add the good memories or a message dedicated to the dear one on the custom gift boxes available at Print and Pack.


They give a number of options that you can use to decorate the present and share a special bond with the person. No matter whether it is your colleague, boss, a friend, family, or your spouse, all are going to love this gesture of special gift box.

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text 2018-08-03 11:29
Epson Printer Printing With Missing or Blank Lines: How to Fix the Banding?

The system including the printing aspect is a widespread issue with the Epson Wireless Printers. However, often times there are problems with the Epson printer printing with lines missing or any other printing error for that matter. In such cases, the printer fails to work. Sometimes the user chooses a wrong IP address and loses to configure a static IP address with the Printer. The problem is faced mostly by the new Epson Wireless Printer users. A new user may not know how to configure the network settings in the Printer, hence miss-configured the device. Similarly, there are times when the user faces issues in its banding. They have no idea on how to solve the error, therefore to troubleshoot it the user needs to follow the following instructions which would help them with the solutions and support.



Troubleshooting Banding Issues in Epson Printer


To fix the printing and banding problems which include the  can be conquered via these steps:


Horizontal Banding


  • Verify that the printable surface of the paper is face up in the sheet feeder.
  • Operate the head cleaning utility to clear any clogged ink nozzles.
  • Operate the Printhead Alignment utility.
  • Remove all customized settings by choosing automatic as the mode setting on the printer software's main menu (Windows) or in the print dialog option.
  • Verify the ink out of the light. If the light is flashing, substitute the appropriate ink cartridge. Verify by replacing an empty ink cartridge for details.
  • Verify that the Maximum is not chosen as the printable area setting in the printer software. When this setting is chosen, banding may happen in the expanded area.
  • Verify that the media type is selected in the printer software is suitable for the kind of media loaded in the printer to troubleshoot Epson printer printing blank lines.
  • Verify that the microwave checkbox is chosen when available in the advanced dialog box. For Windows users, see making advanced settings for details.


Vertical Misalignment or Banding


  • Verify that the printable section of the paper is facing up in the sheet feeder.
  • Run the Print Head Alignment service.
  • Often times Epson printer prints the image where the lines are seen above it.Epson printer lines through pictures due to the error in vertical banding
  • Clean the High-Speed checkbox in the advanced dialog box. For Windows users, see the making of the advanced settings for details.
  • Operate the head cleaning utility to clean any clogged ink nozzles.
  • Verify that the media type setting is chosen in the printer software is a suitable way for the kind of media loaded in the printer.
  • Make sure the microwave checkbox is chosen when available in the advanced dialog box. For Windows customers, see making advanced settings for details.

If the user is still facing issues in the print job of Epson printer where there is the hindrance of vertical and horizontal banding, then the user can contact the helpline service of Epson printer support number. It is a 24/7 online service which helps the user with all the issues and problems. The experts and professionals help the user at any point in any time.

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text 2018-08-03 08:24
Top 3 Shops to Buy Shirt Online


Whether it’s a Darth Vader shirt or your favorite Adventure Time character, there will always be a personalized tshirt for that. Nowadays, Shopify and other ecommerce platforms had made it so easy for both consumers and sellers to connect resulting into thousands of products and orders.


And one such niche that continues to make a killing in terms of sales is personalized tshirt. Just try Googling for this term and you’re bound to see thousands of websites each with literally hundreds of design to choose from.


Today we’ll take a closer look at 3 popular shops where you can cop your next personalized tshirt.


Johnny Cupcakes


Before JC became a behemoth of a clothing store, it started as a brick and mortar business from the founder, Johnny Earle’s, car. He literally sold his Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts at the back of his outside of friend’s gigs. This was in 2001. Several years later, he would open a string of retail shops across the world and ultimately reach global success after launching his clothing store online.


JC is most popular for its cupcake and bones design, which captured that perfect balance of cute, funny, and angst-y philosophy of its fans.




This online T-shirt company is credited to be one of the pioneers of crowdsourcing. Back in 2000, the founders started polling forum members to rate various designs where the winning entry would end up in various merchandise like tshirts and other products which will be sold and shipped all over the world. The artist with the winning entry will get paid with royalties from sales of his or her design along with a couple of bonuses from the company. This made the concept very popular among designers and kept Threadless from getting amazing designs from artists all over the world.


Nowadays, Threadless proves to be one of the biggest online and brick & mortar stores that sells a wide range of products with eye-catching designs.




COOTD is a budding online T-shirt company based in the Philippines that sells a cute collection of designs covering popular characters and other categories like Food, Drinks, Animals, and more. The designs feature a simple yet engaging appeal that’s a sure hit across customers from all sorts of ages.


What do you get from shopping in COOTD? Aside from their niche collection of catchy designs, they offer shipping all over the world. And perhaps the most amazing part is the price---COOTD shirts are priced so competitively you can grab a couple of shirts for the price of one from the first two stores we mentioned above. Does this make COOTD a better store? Probably not, but it definitely is a hit among shoppers looking to find the best bang for their buck.

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