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review 2020-05-13 13:58
Romantic, funny, amazing
Psychic Princess (Tong Ling Fei) - Tencent Animation & Comics

If you love an easygoing, full of humour, historical but also with some supernatural elements and a romance to die for manga/manhwa/manhua then this is the right one to pick up.

Short summary in my own words:

The female protagonist, Qian Yunxi, was raised on a Mt. Lin Yun because she has the ability to see the supernatural which is deemed bad and that it brings bad luck. She is the prime minister's daughter and although she is the older sister she is a concubine's daughter so she is not held up to such high standards as the second sister who is the legitimate wife's child. Prime minister wants more power so he is not on great terms with the royal family so when the order comes that his daughter must marry one of the princes he sends the daughter he doesn't care about. Qian Yunxi accepts this proposal because she wants to get off the mountain. Marriage goes through and on the first night the prince tells her she is not wanted and there is one other he considers to be good enough to be his wife. Qian is sent to the worst rundown part of the palace. But for Qian, this is not so bad. She, as a wife, has enough freedom and yet, she doesn't need to do her marital duties. She takes this situation as a positive and with a positive attitude and extreme bravery slowly changes the lives of everyone around here, as well as the cold prince's heart.


My thoughts:

In my opinion, this is almost as good as it gets in this genre of manga or if you will, manhua or manhwa (manga not produced in Japan). It is on point of everything it presents itself to be. It is very funny (I laughed my heart out in the scene where she throws a chicken she purchased at the market, just trust me on this one, go read please), it is very romantic, it is serious when it needs to be, the supernatural element enriches the whole plot, it doesn't shy away from the political discussions and we come to the most important part perhaps - the heroine - she is amazing.

The heroine is truly a heroine. She is independent, she is extremely intelligent and capable, she knows how to handle herself in most situations, she is not a damsel in distress, she is the one who often saves those around her, she kicks as% and she has a pure heart. I have not come across such a capable and well written heroine in a very long time.
The prince starts off as an unlikable tyrant-like-bastard who is cold, ruthless and cunning but unwilling to deal with anything that doesn't personally benefit him. As the story develops we actually see that that is just a front. He has much more layers and a lot of the things he has done can be interpreted differently with the right context. He grows significantly when around our capable heroine. He has a great aura about him and the way he handles situations makes me giggle and blush like a little girl. But he has his vulnerable side too and later on we learn that he is actually much more innocent than we could ever have imagined. Now that is great character writing, totally takes you by surprise.
There are many more other characters who are more or less important, and more or less developed but I believe it is better left for the actual reading experience now that the basics have been laid out.

The romance is the type that makes your heart skip a beat, you blush and you also wish you were the heroine. Prince is the possessive type and I really honestly love that. I know some people don't and that is okay. We are all different. I respect people who say they don't like even a little jealousy or possessiveness but for me that is absolutely amazing. The prince takes care of our heroine and he would go to the depths of hell for her. Since this is a fictional story I think it is safe to enjoy it and savour it. Boy, is this romance delightful.

The Chinese setting and the animation style is absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed every single page, every single image. It is different, it is unique and it is definitely worthy of reading and admiring.

For the final note. The anime that was made based on this manga is pretty much faithful to the manga, although there are differences. As always, manga has much more details, much more characters, a lot of the special moments between our hero and heroine that anime just cannot condense the same in a dozen episodes. If you are interested in this story I would definitely say go first with the manga and then enjoy the anime rendition.

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review 2020-03-13 18:13
Review ~ Awesome!
Ghost Walk (A Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Book 1) - Melissa Bowersock


Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited


Lacey Fitzpatrick works as a security guard for a self-storage place because her ex-boyfriend was a dirty Vice cop and ended up in prison. With all of the reporters hounding her at every crime scene she decided the best thing to do was to resign from the LAPD Homicide Unit. But man does she miss it. Then, 6 months after leaving, the newspaper reports that a girl’s body is discovered and it may be connected to a serial killer cold case she was obsessed with. So, she goes to the crime scene to see what’s up and finds out that Sam Firecloud was called into the home by the owner because of unusual paranormal activity. Sam is a medium and he’s the real deal. In order to catch the Fairfax Stalker Lacey needs to convince Sam to work with her on it.


I had this book on my list for a while and finally decided to give it a go after going on a blogging break. This is an easy book to read. It flows smoothly and the pages turn themselves. Not literally. But I was done before I realized it. Lacey is a flawed character who tries to fix herself. She doesn’t usually wallow in her mistakes. Sam is a half-Navajo medium who keeps pretty much to himself. He doesn’t flash his gift around. He just wants to release spirits that are trapped and live his life. He’s not real excited about helping Lacey, but they end up making a terrific team. There’s not much gore to this. Bad things happen to girls in this book (revealed by the spirits), but it’s not front and center. I really like Sam and Lacey. The end up meshing really well together and I enjoy the writing and Lacey’s research so much I grabbed the next book in the series. And the next. And the next. Well, I binged, so that should tell you how much I enjoy these books. I highly recommend this cozy paranormal mystery.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2020/03/ghost-walk.html
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text 2020-01-06 07:32
How to release blocked energy and negative emotions healthily with Chakra Balancing in Scottsdale?

Chakra balancing in Scottsdale


What are Chakras?


Chakra word is derived from the Sanskrit language which means wheel or disk. Chakras are the places of energy (energy centers) available in our body that start at the top of your head to the bottom of your spine. Chakras have deep roots in history. The first reference is found in ancient Hindu texts called the Vedas (an oldest written tradition in India).


Concept of Chakra Balancing


Throughout the history of seven Chakras, the idea of balancing them has got good popularity. Although there are a lot of benefits of balancing them, this is also essential to balance these seven chakras. If in any case, seven chakras are blocked, a person can be surrounded by physical or mental illnesses.


Types of Chakra Balancing in Scottsdale


chakra balancing in Scottsdale


1.    The Root Chakra (Muladhara) – Red Color


 Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, near the tailbone. It connects all of your energy to the Earth, which is called grounding. By getting Chakra Balancing in Scottsdale for this Chakra, the blockage will be removed that leads a person towards anxiety, feeling run-down and sick, knee and constipation.


2.    The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) – Orange Color


It is located right below the belly button and extends to its center. The blockage of this chakra will remove the energy that motivates and inspires you for enjoyment and may also lead to sexual problems.


3.    The Navel Chakra (Manipura) – Yellow Color


If you’re surrounded by uncertain situations getting Navel Chakra Balancing in Scottsdale increases the sense of personal power, knowledge, and determination and can help you grow faster.


4.    The Heart Chakra (Anahata) – Green Color


It is located at the top of the heart and related to social identity, unconditional love and compassion. This Heart Chakra Balancing in Scottsdale increases the feelings of love, compassion, and kindness for others.


5.    The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) – Green Color


It is located between the collar bone of a human. The meaning of this Chakra (Vishuddha) is very pure. The blockage of this chakra can lead to nervousness over others. Balancing this chakra will allow you to speak the truth with more clarity.


6.    The 3rd Eye Chakra (Ajna) – Indigo Color


This chakra is located between your eyebrows. This Chakra is very helpful for intuition or psychic energy and extrasensory perception. After Eye Chakra Balancing, you will equally feel in tune with both the physical world and the material world.


7.    The Crown Chakra (Sahaswara) – Violet Color


This Chakra is located at the top of the human head. This Chakra is pure consciousness energy. Getting Crown Chakra Balancing in Scottsdale will bring happiness, motivation, good health, power, and wisdom.


Some unbelievable benefits of Chakra Balancing


Chakra balancing in Scottsdale

Chakra balancing in Scottsdale has incredible benefits for mental, physical and emotional health. Some of them are mentioned below.

• Improves overall health and well-being.

• It also encourages self-confidence and motivation.

• Experience greater ease and clarity

• It makes you able to speak the truth and listen well.

• Supplement your spiritual, meditation, and yoga practice

• It gives you a sense of connection with the divine.


Get Chakra Balancing in Scottsdale from Psychic Angel


If you’re in Scottsdale area and looking for Chakra balancing in Scottsdale, or you want to balance your seven Chakras, then don’t hesitate to come to the Psychic Wellness Center of Scottsdale. At here, Psychic Angel has more than two decades of experience of healing people all over the world.

We have a peaceful and calming environment that will heal you and remove all your physical and emotional worries.




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text 2019-11-29 06:28
Discover the New Journey of Your Life by Getting Readings from Psychic in Mesa

Are you looking to get a clear vision of your future? Sometimes you don’t understand what actually is going on in your life, or what is going to happen in your future life or what may be blocking your true happiness is not so good. For us, it’s not easy to figure it out alone. If you’re feeling lost or wandering in your life, getting readings from Psychic in Mesa – Psychic Angel can help you provide clarity and the right direction in your life. Psychics are considered to be the spiritual counsellors who have the proficiencies and accurate insights to predict the future and solutions to your worries and problems. History provides evidence that people have been visiting psychics with a firm belief throughout their lives. In some countries, psychics are regarded with the same respect that modern-day scientists have.

Spiritual Cleansing in Mesa


Negative energies are attached to everyone and there may be many reasons behind that, including past lives, alcohol abuse, drug addictions, sexual abuses or sexual problems, and love life issues. If you think you’re spiritually blocked person, Spiritual Cleansing in Mesa is the best cure we suggest you. Spiritual cleansing (Spiritual Healing) is the process of identifying and clearing the lousy energy that prevents the natural flow of energy within us. In simple words, it removes the negative energy that prevents us from achieving the goals. It ultimately gives you the reset you need.

The benefits of a Spiritual Cleanse are never-ending. Spiritual cleansing not only removes the negativity inside you, but it also balances your body, mind and spirit.

State-of-the-arts benefits of Spiritual Cleansing in Mesa


• Gives you a better sleep

• Sharps sense of awareness

• Increases the sense of awareness

• Balances chakras, aura, and meridians

• Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing

• Gives you internal peace & peace of mind

• Clears negative influences & negative energy blocks

Does the question arise from where to get a spiritual cleansing service? Well, Spiritual Cleansing in Mesa is done by the individual or by a religious professional such as Psychic in Mesa to relieve stress & pain as well as live a life free from all kinds of worries.

Spiritual Cleansing in Mesa Service by Psychic in Mesa (Psychic Angel)


Psychic Angel is a passionate psychic known for helping people in all affairs of life with powerful psychic reading abilities. She is a third-generation spiritually gifted Psychic in Mesa with more than two decades of healing experience. She can provide quality Psychic Readings to help you better recognize your life in the past, present, and future, including your relationships with yourself, your partner, and your family. So consult today for a better tomorrow.

I am looking forward to helping you with your journey in life!

Contact Psychic in Mesa


US CALLERS (480) 800 7405

UK CALLERS (0207) 096-0918

Email: – angelpsychic212@gmail.com




Source: www.yourpsychicangel.com/blogs/2019/11/28/discover-the-new-journey-of-your-life-by-getting-readings-from-psychic-in-mesa
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review 2019-11-28 06:41
Vashikaran Specialist in Fiji | Best Psychic in Fiji | Famous Astrologer in Fiji

Meet Pandith Manjunath, best psychic in Fiji.He's a Vashikaran Specialist in Fiji, Expert at Black Magic Removal,pandit manjunath real and right Astrology, His real and right Astrology, Horoscope Readings, Future Predictions, Astrological Solutions make him Renowned astrologer in Fiji. Visit him to know your astrology, how is your future, get in Touch with the Vashikaran Specialist in Fiji to create your destiny as the best. Our astrologer Pandit Manjunath is always here to help everybody and give a solution to their problems. He’s widely known for offering a wide Assortment of services, such As, Vashikaran Specialist, Reuniting Loved Ones, Stop Breakups, Divorce, Evil Spirits Removal, Job Problem, Removing Bad Luck and Witchcraft, obtain your Love Back, Dating / Family Problem, Financial & Business Problem, Jealousy and Curse, Astrology and Horoscope Reading, Black Magic Removal Mantra, Negative Energy Removal, Partner in your hands, Stop cheating partner And many more.

Indian Famous Astrology Centre is one of the Famous and Best Astrologer in Bangalore to deliver positive Astrology recommendation, counseling, suggestions and remedial solutions touching on numerous aspects of people’s life, together with finance, career, relationships, health, marriage, and so on.

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