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photo 2018-06-13 13:38

The Guardian is one of my go-to sources for international news; refreshingly, they've so far refrained from putting up a paywall.  I'd like their content to be able to continue being freely available on the web, but more importantly, I think these days it's more important than ever to support journalists and media organizations that are committed to reliable, in-depth reporting and aren't afraid to call out abuse and corruption.


And in (sort of) the same spirit ...


This T-shirt is a treasured gift from a Canadian penfriend, on the occasion of my first visit to Canada 30+ years ago.  In light of recent events, I decided it was time to bring it out again ... (miraculously, I can even wear it still, which has a lot to do with my friend's wise decision to opt for "too large" rather than "too small").


We now return you to your regularly scheduled reading.

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review 2018-06-11 00:23
"Real Tigers - Slough House #3" by Mick Herron - Part of my Summer of Spies reading
Real Tigers - Mick Herron

Slough House is where MI5 stables its Slow Horses, screw-ups assigned soul-destroying make-work tasks designed to drive them to resign from the service, Except each of them believes that, one day, they'll earn their way out of Slough House. That unlikely hope keeps them working at pointless tasks that very on self-harm.


The atmosphere in Slough House, this purgatory for fallen spies, reaks of quiet desperation sustained through sheer bloodymindedness in the face of failure, weakness and disregard. In that respect, the Slough house books are quintessentially English.


"Real Tigers" starts with the abduction of one of the Slough House crew and rapidly escalates into a situation which could end Slough House and bring the Intelligence community under the close control of Home Secretary Judd, an unscrupulous right winger, with his eye on the premiership who is willing to do anything to advance his career.


Where it not for the fact the Boris Johnson is indirectly referred to in the book, one might think that Judd, this clown-on-the-outside-elitist-narcissistic-sociopath-on-the-inside character was Boris under a different name.


Although the plot is clever, the pace is tense, the action is vivid and violent and the . contemporary politics is convincing and provocative, the reason I enjoy these books is the quality of Mick Herron's writing which has the same dank smell as a London Underground stairwell on a Sunday morning. He manages perfectly to blend the lyrical with the cynical to produce a beaten up, abused-by-its-owner sort of hope.


He describes an online forum for conspiracy theorists or whack jobs as the professionals describe them as a place where:

"the prevailing attitude resembled what you’d get if you spliced the DNA of an only child, a Daily Mail reader and a viciously toxic bacillus: an organism that was self-obsessed, full of pent-up rage, and sprayed poisonous shit everywhere. Symptoms included a tendency to lapse into capitals, the dismissal of all dissent as Establishment toadying, and a blinding ignorance of Occam’s razor."

He evokes Judd's character with deft throwaway descriptions of behaviour like:

"Judd worked his way through a train of thought, carriage by carriage."

and follows up with interior dialogue like Judd telling himself to put his game face on to deal with a situation and then saying to himself:

"Yes, well, anyone who didn’t have a game face for the plebs didn’t deserve their vote in the first place, was Judd’s view. Not that he’d say it out loud, of course—always important to stress that. Never say 'plebs' out loud."

"Real Tigers" is an excellent book to read if you want a spy novel that will make you glad you're not a spy, make you cheer for the underdog and give you hope that Boris  Judd will get his comeuppance very soon.


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text 2018-06-08 13:30
How a Real Estate professional can help you to sell your property?


Cyprus is the Island of love. It is the originator of the world's oldest wine "Command aria”. It is the only capital in the world which is divided into two nations Greece and Turkey. Many tourists visit Cyprus every year. It is the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love.  Folks from the world and many investors are willing to invest in Greek real estate. As per the survey, more than 5 lakh houses are available for sale in Greece.


As supply is too high obviously prices are low. Moreover, people are not expert in such businesses. A professional real estate agent can help you better in selling your property at a reasonable rate. Below I have mentioned some points in regards to it:


A good real estate agent can better evaluate your property. He will give you an approximate figure which you will get after all expenses.


If you have an Island home for sale in Cyprus your dealer can help you to sell it a little high rate. As such properties are good for rental income and always in demand.

The real estate agent can guide you, how you can raise the value of your property by investing very little amount on its repairs and fixtures.


These property agents have contact with many potential buyers. They know very well how to list Cyprus houses for sale on property portals.

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text 2018-06-06 12:49
Look Before You Decide To Have Luxurious Property

The recent decade has experienced a steep rise in the living standards of people across the world. With better opportunities and exposure, people are able to give shape to their dreams. This is one of the main reasons that people are earning handsome amount of money these days. It is not a dream anymore to reside in a country of one’s choice. In this realm, Greece luxury real estate has experienced a demand for luxury residential properties.


Many real estate agents in Athens are hired nowadays for getting information about properties by the wealthy clients across the world. If you are also looking for something similar, you have to keep some important points in mind. Below is some briefed information about luxury properties and agents which can help you a lot as a client. Go on and read!


Hire the Experienced Agent

For most of the people, spending in property is their lifetime investment. This is why the agent should be experienced and should have the solid moral background as well. In Athens Greece real estate, people are demanding villas and, mansions with almost amenities of a five-star hotel. If the agent is not the right person, your investment in the wrong property can become an irreparable loss.


Look For Each and Everything

Luxury property means that each and every facility should be of top quality and there is no compromise in it. Buyers sometimes do not understand it and end up settling with mediocre amenities even in luxurious properties. Therefore, they should research well in about the type of amenities that qualify the standards of luxurious properties.

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review 2018-06-02 00:00
Real Kind of Love
Real Kind of Love - Sara Rider Sara Rider gave me so many reasons to fall for Clementine and Jake. Real Kind of Love is a knock your socks off kind of subtle. I fell in love with the individuals before I gave my heart to the couple. Their story is about stepping out of the fantasy and facing a new kind of reality. Clem is used to rooting around in fictional worlds full of otherworldly creatures, but when it comes to the idiosyncrasies of love and lust, she's at a lost. Jake spends his hardest moments in the real world. Can clueless Clem teach him what it means to dream again? Real Kind of Love is a sweet escape into the arms of heartwarming romance.

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