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text 2018-03-19 18:08
Win one of 100 copies of Cold-Blooded - The Mattie Saunders Series Book 2
Cold-Blooded - Rod Raglin

The second book in The Mattie Saunders Series, Cold-Blooded, has just been released and you can enter to win one of 100  free E-Book editions on BookLikes until April 15, 2018.


In Book 1, The Rocker and the Bird Girl, you'll meet the heroine, Mattie Saunders, a twenty-something, slightly eccentric loner who loves birds and so far has devoted her relatively short life to the rescue, care and re-homing of exotic ones people keep as pets, like parrots.


The sanctuary her grandfather left her is out of funds and in an effort to raise some money so her birds won't be homeless yet again, she reaches out the Bodine, the lead guitarist of the bad-boy rock band Seditious. She's learned Bodine has a pet Macaw and since she assumes he's fabulously wealthy hopes he'll by sympathetic and use some of that wealth to help these precious creatures.


Telling you more would be like shooting myself in the foot since I want you to buy the book.


In Book 2, Cold Blooded, Mattie receives a call from Liz, an old friend from high school, asking if it's possible to temporarily board some reptiles at Saunders Bird Sanctuary. The Reptile Refuge where Liz volunteers has been closed be police while they investigate a suspicious death that took place on the premises.


Mattie's not concerned with the circumstances and sees it as an opportunity to reconnect with Liz as well as help some animals in distress, but she soon discovers it's not just the displaced inhabitants of The Reptile Refuge that are cold blooded.

Cold-Blooded also addresses contemporary issues including love, friendship, family, the rescue and rehabilitation of exotic pets including birds and reptiles, and the devastating impact of the opioid epidemic.


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Link to BookLikes Giveaway http://booklikes.com/giveaways


To purchase The Rocker and the Bird Girl, Book 1 in The Mattie Saunders Series as either an E-Book or Paperback go to my Amazon Author Page at




Stay calm, be brave, watch for the signs



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text 2018-02-18 03:12
#1, 2, 3 in The Series of Unfortunate Events
The Bad Beginning - Lemony Snicket
The Reptile Room - Lemony Snicket
The Wide Window - Lemony Snicket



I love the writing and the way "Snicket" breaks the fourth wall. Every book begins with the admonition that you would be better off doing pretty much anything else than reading this book. When the Baudelaire children lost their parents, it was a bad beginning, but it only gets worse from there. The only thing they can count on from Mr. Poe, the inept banker who is acting as their guardian, is that he coughs and he will fail them.


The first book introduces Count Olaf, a villain who is constantly trying to get his greedy hands on the Baudelaire fortune. The second two follow the same basic formula of the Baudelaires moving on, finding guardians who fail them, and facing Count Olaf. Violet is the oldest and ties her hair up in a ribbon any time she needs to invent something. Klaus is a bookworm and amazing researcher. Sunny is the youngest and has unusually sharp teeth which sometimes help the siblings get out of trouble.


The Bad Beginning

The Reptile Room

The Wide Window


I enjoyed the first three books, they are entertaining, easy reads. It only took me a few days to get through all three and I kept going...

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quote 2018-01-27 04:58
I am sorry to tell you that this story begins with the Baudelaire orphans traveling along this most displeasing road, and that from this moment on, the story only gets worse.
The Reptile Room - Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket

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review 2017-03-03 16:43
Alien, Mine by Sandra Harris
Alien, Mine - Sandra Harris

Torn from modern day Earth and stranded on the far side of the Galaxy, Sandrea Fairbairn must use every particle of courage she possesses to adjust to her new life and live for tomorrow.

Eugen Mhartak, a general in the Tri-Race Alliance Army, refuses to bow to the merciless Bluthen. Haunted by the loss of far too many innocent lives he has vowed to drive the ruthless invaders from Alliance space.

The strength and valor of Eugen Mhartak attracts Sandrea as no man ever has, but she struggles to read the enigmatic general’s heart. Determined to help him triumph over the Bluthen she uncovers a diabolical plot against the Alliance.

Drawn by the courage and exotic beauty of Sandrea, Mhartak battles to overcome the barriers of cross-cultural differences that separate them and claim her ardent interest. He must conquer his deepest fears to be the man she needs. When his principles are betrayed by his own government and he is faced with the impossible prospect of taking Sandrea’s life in order to save his home planet, Mhartak desperately searches for a way to keep safe both his world and the magnificent woman who has stolen his heart





Hmmm. I liked this book better while I was reading it then when I finished. 


It was hard going the first chapters because the heroine's brain has been messed with and she is recovering from massive trauma. 


The characters are compelling as is the basic plot line. I love reptile aliens so that helps. 


However, so much is dangling in the writing and makes little sense and then there is the uneeded angst and the creepy fact that the heroine's and author's names are too close. Eww. Fan fiction about yourself? No. 


To give you all the things that don't make sense would be spoiling things such as they are.


However, why the hell is the heroine so amazing? What was her job back in home? 


Also, the use of some Aussie words was very hard to figured out from context. 


And I can keep complaining because there was something I liked about the book--the hero when he was actually communicating, the friendships the heroine created, her bravery-- so all the flaws are that much more annoying. 




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text 2017-02-13 23:19
Week 6 of 2017
"Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?" (All the Wrong Questions) - Lemony Snicket,Seth
The Bad Beginning - Brett Helquist,Lemony Snicket,Michael Kupperman
The Reptile Room - Brett Helquist,Lemony Snicket,Michael Kupperman
The Wide Window - Brett Helquist,Lemony Snicket,Michael Kupperman
The Miserable Mill - Brett Helquist,Lemony Snicket,Michael Kupperman
The Austere Academy - Michael Kupperman,Lemony Snicket,Brett Helquist
The League of Frightened Men - Rex Stout
Too Many Cooks - Rex Stout
The Final Descent - Rick Yancey

This post is a little late this week. We were without internet since Sunday morning after a truck driver came through and took out a cable.


Books Read: 9


"Why is This Night Different From All Other Nights?": This is the last book in the All Wrong Questions series and just like A Series of Unfortunate Events, it doesn't end on a positive note. 4 stars.


The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, The Wide Window, The Miserable Mill, The Austere Academy: After finishing the All the Wrong Questions series I had to go and start reading this series again. I didn't realize it had been so long until I looked at my shelf on Booklikes. This is one of those series that I could read over and over again. I will say as much as I enjoy this series, I find that it doesn't really pick up until the fifth book The Austere Academy, though the preceding four books are still enjoyable. 4 stars for The Bad Beginning. 5 stars for the other four.


The League of Frightened Men, Too Many Cooks: Two more Nero Wolfe books and two more re-reads, I really am trying to cut down on re-reading. I'm actually enjoying these more the second time around and I'm curious how I'll rate the other books in this  series as I work my way through. 4 1/2 stars.


The Final Descent: This is the final book in The Monstrumologist series and I have to say, I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in a series ending (excluding Sherlock Season 4, I'm just pretending it never happened and hoping for another season). The author warns the reader going in that the format of this final book is quite different than the others, but it was still annoying. The ending itself was just ... I knew it was headed in that direction from the previous book, but I was just so unsatisfied in the ending. 1 star.


Ongoing Reads: 2


The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Reveled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime: This book is quite interesting, but it's a slow read as well. I'm stuck reading this book only at home because my co-workers, who have never previously taken an interest in what I read, insist on coming over and asking a million questions about it. Aargh!


Champagne For One: Another Nero Wolfe book and I actually finished it Sunday morning, but it didn't seem right to count it in the previous weeks tally.


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