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review 2017-08-30 23:27
I really like this retro cozy series!


Ellison has had a trying time with the death of her husband and her mother trying to set her up with who she believes is good marrying material. Her mother is so snobbish and old fashioned and she also expects her parties to go over without a side of murder. 


Lately it seems Ellison has been in the vicinity of a few near misses and detective Anarchy Jones thinks someone is trying to kill her and puts protection around her. So she has to deal with that and a full house as her aunt shows up as well as her sister. She really has her hands full with both of them and its a bit stressing, then a woman is killed at her mother's party and they think it was meant to be Ellison, but was it.


Ellison refuses to think someone is trying to kill her and starts looking into things but more and more things keep happening. If she doesn't figure out what is going on it could really end up killing her.  I thought it was a very good mystery though I kind of had it figured out but I still enjoyed it. :)


According to the info on Goodreads this book's story line started one year before I was born...lol. Which is why I deem it retro since it's not historical. :) I really like the 1970's setting and I really enjoyed this one. Ellison was hurt by what she found out about her husband (in book one) so she doesn't trust men to much although she has two who are vying for her attention. I like Hunter just fine but I just like the detective more, there is just something about good ole Anarchy Jones. I also think I like him because her mother doesn't...lol. 


I would recommend this to anyone who loves cozies and it's not a cutesy one either which I like from time to time. 


I love the narrator of this series Callie Beaulieu she just has the right tone of voice for this one.

Source: www.audible.com/pd/Mysteries-Thrillers/Clouds-in-My-Coffee-Audiobook/B01M0D1IZU/ref=a_search_c4_1_1_srTtl?qid=1504127578&sr=1-1
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text 2017-06-06 23:13
Robots, A.I., Mad Scientists ...
Run Program - Scott Meyer
Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom - Bradley W. Schenck
Terminal Alliance (Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse) - Jim C. Hines

Ooh, I just can't wait.  My reading future looks exciting but boy is my budget taking a hit.  


(Run Program - Scott Meyer  has some giveaways on the usual book sites.)

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review 2017-01-26 15:22
Falling in Death and Love- Magnus Stanke

     This is a good suspense thriller written with an easy read style and a good deal of wit. The 1970s setting in Mallorca works very well, as do the bunch of main characters. All of who are unique enough that one has little danger of confusion. We read into a holiday romance that promises to be so much more, and then for tragic reason proves to be life changing for one and life ending for the other.

     This is a plot easily ruined by knowing too much, like so many popular films one sees a week too late. Try to avoid reading the plethora of spoiler reviews. Not easy I know. As to the question of converting this book for film medias, it would make a gift of a screen script.

     I don’t usually manage to read books in a sitting, however good they are, and I didn’t quite manage with this one, but not through lack of trying. Young readers for who the ‘70s are ancient history, and older readers put off by early pages of period ‘hippiness’, read on, you won’t be disappointed. This really is a good adrenaline rush read, not just another middle-aged author dreaming up a regretfully missed life of dope, speed, and sex in the sun. And yes, Sushi chefs really were moving in on Europe right back when baby-boomers were still young, even though we associate Japanese style cuisine more with western city life in the new millennium.

     The book is so well written, especially when one accounts for the fact that Stanke is German, and writing in a second language, English. Correct me if I’m wrong, someone, but I don’t think this book has versions in German, Spanish, or any other language, and it certainly hasn’t been translated by anyone other than the author. Stanke has both a feel for language and the skill to weave a good yarn.



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review 2016-10-26 19:29
Ready Player One Review
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

The game is set. The hour is near. The wait is over. Find a comfortable chair to sit; you’ll be here for a while. Tighten up your gloves. Fasten your seatbelt. Strap on your virtual reality goggles. Log in to the system. Wait for the words to pop up…wait for it…READY PLAYER ONE. Now, you can begin.


Welcome to the year 2044, where the air is dense, there are more buildings than trees, mobile homes are stacked on top of each other to make room for more stacks, and the sky is just horrendous. A time where people stay in their virtual world (game), forgetting about the real world. A place where you can be whoever you want to be and no one is the wiser. You can go to school in this virtual world; you can explore strange new worlds, seek out new friends and even find relationships with all the comforts of home without ever leaving your home. And spare no expense! In this beautiful and wonderful escape, we will find our hero, Wade Watts. A geeky, shy, lonely teenager, who doesn’t fit in the outside world, finds his ambitious side in what the kids call it an Avatar. An Avatar is an icon or figure representing a person in a computer game. And with this Avatar, Wade can do whatever he wants, be whoever he wants to be and all is right in the world.


That is until multi-billionaire creator of this virtual world, James Halliday who passed away, left his entire fortune to a player who can uncover a series of Easter Eggs within the game. Whoever unlocks all the Easter Eggs will not only inherit his entire fortune, but the company that created the gaming system!! Any gamer worth his salt will try to unlock the secrets that Halliday left behind. And Wade is going to do whatever he can to find those Eggs. But Wade isn’t the only one trying to find these Eggs. And there are dangerous people out there in the virtual world as well as the real world that will stop at nothing to get their hands on that fortune.


Will Wade be the one to find the Easter Eggs? Or will he lose what little he has left?



Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1649758462
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text 2016-09-06 16:51
99 Fear street saga R.L Stine ((Retro Horror 90's))
The First Horror - R.L. Stine
The Second Horror (99 Fear Street, No. 2) - R. L. Stine
The Third Horror - R.L. Stine

I decided i was going back to the 90s with a retro kind of Horror read!



I was browsing through my local library's Ebook section when these caught my eye. At once I was drawn back to my childhood when I passed whole rows of this series of book's and point horror in the teen section. For anybody who remembers the 90s! From a teenager's prospective. R.L Stine and Point horror were the book's to read for Teen horror. There was ton's of them! And some of them were absolutely terrifying! Goosebumps were more for the younger ages.


It's really good to see that R.L Stine is still Much requested. I chose the fear street saga not really expecting much, but was proved pleasantly surprised! I'm going to give a complete breakdown of The ones I got my hands on in one post.


Cally,Kody,James,Mr and Mrs Fraiser had just moved to 99 Fear street,and the twin sisters weren't thrilled to move in...After their arrival the accidents follow first a tree branch almost falls on cally's head,then the rats attack them,the window panel falls on kody's hand,and other accidents happen...soon the twin sisters are sure the house is haunted or cursed after hearing the terrible story from a boy in their neighborhood.
everything turns more mysterious when the house owner whom they had bought the house is found dead long ago, and strange things keep happening! Infact they get more crazy from there. A Very sad ending that was kind of expected in the end.




I actually prefer this one to the first one. This house still stands and a new family move in. All sorts of turmoil awakes again and the house and its ghosts are intent on trying to kill the new family!



Kody Frasier, makes a return. She always swore she would come back. And this time she brings a whole Hollywood film team with her! In my personal opinion not as good as they other two, but still a very good read.




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