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review 2017-11-10 14:06
"At Risk - Liz Carlyle #1" by Stella Rimington - fast-paced, plausible espionage thriller
At Risk - Stella Rimington

"At Risk" is the debut thriller by Stella Rimington, former Director General of MI5. I didn't have high hopes of "At Risk" but I picked it up because I was curious to see how a woman with twenty-six years in the service would portray the counter-intelligence world of MI5. I've just bought the next three books in the series so you can count me as a new fan.


"At Risk" has a solid plot with a credible terrorist threat at the heart of it but it wasn't the plot than won me over, it was the point of view.


This isn't the black and white world of Jack Bauer, where our hero is using any mean necessary to defend the free world from evil foreigners intent upon mindless destruction. "At Risk" set in a world that is more nuanced and more complex than Jack Bauer's.


The terrorists in this book are in the UK to kill and to demoralise. They take the lives of anyone who threatens their mission and their mission will inflict death and pain. They are also dedicated, disciplined people who have strong reasons for what they do.


Liz Carlyle, the MI5 counter-intelligence officer hunting down the terrorists, does not carry a gun and no powers of arrest. Her job is to dig through the evidence to find the threat and prevent it. She does this in a down-to-earth methodical way, working closely with the police, the armed forces and MI6. To succeed, she has to find and shape data that will get her inside the heads of the terrorists.


To me, the way the data was assembled and the way the different groups worked together felt authentic. Liz Carlyle is completely believable and I want to see more of her in action. That I felt some empathy for the terrorists by the end and yet still wanted them stopped, shows that the book worked.


Overall, the book is well written, with a strong plot, good pacing, believable action and the ability to immerse me in the counter-terrorist world without drowning me in research.


There were a few places at the start of the book where I found the physical descriptions of the people and their body-language to be a little clumsy but things got much better once the story started to move.


The end of the book is surprising, memorable and refreshingly human. I'm on board for the rest of the ride with other eight books in the series now.



If you're interested in knowing more about the author, I've included Dame Stella Rimington's bio and interviews with BookBrowse and Nowtolove from when "At Risk" was released in 2004. They give some insight into how grounded in reality the book is and explain how MI5 compares to the CIA or FBI.







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text 2017-11-10 07:05
Release Boost - Risk Me

good looking man wearing a black hat in a smoky textured background


Can you risk it? RISK ME by Bella Love-Wins & Shiloh Walker IS NOW LIVE!



risk me - FINAL



She was mine before I ever laid eyes on her.
It took an instant to know we were meant to be. She wanted an escape and my arms were wide open. She endured a life of pain. I could give her solace. She saw baggage. I saw hope and connection. But most of all, to her, I was forbidden. I wanted her more because of it.
And just when I thought I had her, we were ripped apart.
One innocent act to escape forced our families onto a collision course. I was fooled into believing she could risk everything for me. Her hands were tied. She was more of a prisoner than I'd even thought possible. She was just out of reach. And watching, waiting and wishing wouldn’t bring her back to me. But people like us never got lifetimes of happiness. Moments, maybe.
We didn’t get fairy tale endings.
Our love story was destined to end in tragedy.
Grab the FREE prequel NOW!
Barnes and Noble → http://bit.ly/2h1ZXCZ
Google Books → http://bit.ly/2A3pnHB






Everything happened in the blink of an eye.


Less than a week after LeVan and his mother walked into the boutique where I worked, he and I were together.


A couple.


In secret.


Although there were few secrets in this small town, we tried. And probably failed. It could’ve been that the rumor started right there in the boutique when I took his hand and held on for too long. It didn’t matter. For one week, I spent every spare moment with LeVan. I’d sneak out of the house every night Mother was on one of her continual drunken benders.


The cat was away, so this mouse got out, and boy did I ever play.


But it was more than that.


What LeVan and I discovered was that we weren’t just playthings to each other.


We were in love.


Love at first sight.


Love at first touch.


And our first kiss was nothing but magic.


Then I gave myself to him completely.


And he did not take the gift for granted.


LeVan treated me like a princess.


Tonight, it was our one-week anniversary since the day in the boutique.


“Pretty lady.”


I loved it when his voice got all rough like that.


LeVan Vanderbilt had a voice like sweet cocoa, thick and rich, almost excessively so. It only got rough like this because of one thing…me.


I absolutely loved what I did to him—and what he did to me.


I loved him, period.


The weight of his dreads fell toward me, rubbing against my bare chest as he kissed a path lower, lower, lower…


When he pressed a kiss to the short, neatly-trimmed hair at my mound, I closed my eyes with a moan and reached for him.


“Not yet, pretty lady,” he said, nuzzling me.


“You’re a tease.”


“And you love it.” He bit my clit. I shivered at the sensations, hot and cold chills licking their way up my spine as he licked his tongue straight into my core.


He growled against me and I knew—I knew—that if I could just touch him, he’d stop this and put his hands, his weight on me, thrust inside me and put an end to this never-ending ache.


But he’d pinned my wrists to the bed and now, as I arched my hips up to meet his mouth, I moaned again, need driving me to the edge.


“Come for me, baby doll. Come on, Thea…let me feel it.” I came.


It wasn’t like he gave me a lot of choices.


When it came to my body, he owned me completely and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t coax out of me.


And just when I thought I had everything I could ever need, we were ripped apart.



RUIN ME is on sale for only $1.99! Start the whole series today!


Amazon → http://amzn.to/2vOVZat

iBooks → http://apple.co/2eOJYut

(B&N) Nook → http://bit.ly/2xgme9l

Kobo → http://bit.ly/2wK9O94






About the Authors:


BELLA LOVE-WINS is a Wall Street Journal (Begging for Bad Boys, April, 2017) and USA Today (Begging for Bad Boys, Alpha for the Holidays, Shifters in the Snow: Bundle of Joy, Shifters in the Shadows) Bestselling Author.


She loves reading and writing steamy, high-action romance stories about firefighters, billionaires, and alpha males who know what they want and aren’t afraid of laying claim to the women who catch their interest. She loves a happy ever after ending. She enjoys reading, hiking, the countryside, and traveling to destinations unspoiled by commercial tourism, like Las Vegas…

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review 2017-09-26 12:00
Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: A Bundle of 14 Wholesome Holiday Romances - Mona Risk,Josie Riviera,Beate Boeker,Christine Bush,Lyn Cote,Denise Devine,Raine English,Jean C. Gordon,Shanna Hatfield,Milou Koenings,Roxanne Rustand,Magdalena Scott,Kristin Wallace,Merrillee Whren

he Gift of Yesterday by Milou Koenings part of Sweet Chistmas Kisses 4
Book starts out with Bailey and she moving forward with her life and career after all the living relatives have passed away and left her much in the way of inheritance.
She moves back to Green Pines where she grew up with Joe 15 years earlier. Each chapter alternates with Bailey and Joe as life goes on in the town.
An old fashioned fair during the fall months excites her so she can get the word out she's open for business. She also meets others in town that help her and she's able to solicit her pastries to the local diner who wants to sell them.
She recalls the Larsons who are in the ministry and she hopes to get together with them and maybe Annie who's in Africa (from a previous book). The woman who answers the door gives her information about the Larsons and sets it back...
Love how strong and so sure of herself as she sets out to prove she can do the shop and make a go of it. Carnival time in town and so much activity going on, can't even imagine the smells from the place!
She fits in as her food is used to help many who need the goods. Friends are trying to set Joe up with females and they aren't having any luck...such fond memories of when they grew up and the things they did-very similar to our childhood.
Some twists and turns along the way. Easy going holiday read, light romance, loved it!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with reviews from her other works.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

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text 2017-07-31 08:05
IBS Consultants Corporate Legal Start ups – Structuring




The Start up ecosystem in India has seen tremendous growth since 2010. With over 3000 start ups and 800 more every year, India is the 4th largest country after US and China. This reflects the growing entrepreneurial spirit and risk taking disposition emerging in the country, with most of the founders profiling in the average age group of 32 yrs of age. This is further encouraged by the new Start up policy that has been initiated by our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.


While the entrepreneurs/founders have ideas that can be potential game changers, they need to be guided on the policies, procedures, regulations, taxation and other directives that can complement their vision. A start up thus has to deal with a number of issues to grow into a successful organization. In this article, we will look into one of the initial aspects that contribute significantly to the success of the Start up that is “Structuring”.


Structuring a Start up


Structuring in effect means designing/organising the Start up primarily from the point of view of:


  • Choice of legal entity


  • Choice of Jurisdiction


Choice of Legal Entity


Most of the founders/entrepreneurs come from technical backgrounds and need to be guided on the appropriate legal entity and various formalities as it gives the basic identity to the Start up and ensures it does not get into any future legal hurdles.


The Start up can choose from any of the entities below:


  1. Proprietorship: This works when the idea is new and you want to test at the proof of concept (POC) stage without inviting any investor and to avoid cumbersome legal compliances and expenses.


  1. Partnership: This applies when you have two/more partners involved with an idea. For instance when 2 or more enthusiastic IITians come together with an idea and want to do POC of the same. This form again involves bare minimum legal compliances & expenses.


Both of the above involve a personal liability in case of any losses/failures associated with the start up


  1. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): This is a very popular entity at the POC stage where the promoters can restrict their personal liability with few legal compliances.


  1. Company – Private Limited Company/Public Company: This is suitable for a more matured start up where the idea has been externally validated and is thereby moving on to the next level of growth. At this stage, an investor is typically sought for venture financing options.


Choice of Jurisdiction


A Start up can opt for inward structuring, whereby the promoter establishes the entity and does business within India. This option is best suited for local business, income & expenses. However, if your idea has a global appeal and has expenses to be payable outside India, then it may make sense to go for an outward structure, i.e. setting up the entity outside India.


Further if you are establishing a parent entity within the country or outside, you need to consider various implications. A Start up has to take into account the appropriate jurisdiction of the holding company as it needs to look into tax implications, adequate protection for its intellectual property, venture financing requirements, future potential of business to go global in which case the holding company may have to be shifted to an offshore location in future, and more. The decision has to be analysed from a long term perspective and accordingly structured at the initial stages. The Start up could also opt for an outward structure and choose a location/country with the preferred advantages. Singapore, for instance, has a number of government schemes and grants in various sectors and has also consistently topped the world rankings in ease of business.


In effect, structuring the right kind of Start up helps to mitigate future risks and avoid any complications that may arise while the Start up is nearing maturity.


In the forthcoming issues, we will cover other aspects affecting Start ups in detail.


This article is authored by A. Loganathan, representing India Business Solutions (IBS) which is a boutique advisory firm helping a lot of Start ups in India and Singapore in fulfilling their aspirations.  Loganathan is heading the Singapore operations of IBS and can be reached on loganathan.a@consultibs.sg. Website: www.consultibs.sg

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