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text 2018-09-12 13:06
Become a Professional Baker

CCDS School includes different flavors, shape, and sort to your ability and perceives how effectively you will get advantage of the baking shop classes. The courses composed at this establishment in Delhi, India covers different perspectives like the historical backdrop of pastry shop items, styles of setting them up, pressing procedure and conveying new alternatives to individuals to encourage their craving A superior comprehension of the improving essential chocolates and giving them an engaging look eventually add to the fame. You can hold dominance in this in the wake of going to the baking shop classes where you will find out about things like making outskirts, utilizing blossoms and other beautifying things to improve pastry shop items.

Baking Diploma


The Baking Diploma in Delhi at CCDS has profited different individuals so far who are currently effective experts in the business. The vast majority of them has their own particular baking shop and appreciates this little scale business in Delhi and India.




The classes educate the specialty of making exceptional treats, cakes, and pies. The Dessert shop and cake baking standout amongst the most inside and out Projects offered at CCDS. Mix your Adoration for Workmanship and Plan with your energy for heating and making top notch baked goods in this complete program, which will upgrade your aptitudes and completely set you up for you confectionary business.


In the event that you are occupied with enhancing your baking aptitudes and learning most smoking strategies that will make you a specialist in the business, at that point these classes are uncommonly intended for meeting your desire. In the event that you are keen on cooking, at that point go to the classes to augment and enhance your Wilton Cake Decorating Supplies cooking expertise under the direction of experts.



For more information about our cake decorating and culinary programs, visit our website: https://www.ccdsschool.com
Follow us on our social profiles links:


Our Contact Address:
New Delhi, India - 110025
Phone: 011 46323679, 011 40537256
Email: ccdsschool@gmail.com, info@ccdsshop.com





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review 2018-09-09 21:54
Esperanza Rising
Esperanza Rising - Pam Muñoz Ryan

Esperanza Rising is a book about a young girl named Esperanza who lives with her family in Mexico but a sudden tragedy forced them to flee to California during the Great Depression. Esperanza's life was turned upside down and forced to work to help support her family through the situation. The text displays her struggles and how she overcomes them. When I read this book I felt connected to it. It reminded me of how strange and out place I felt when I moved to the US as a little girl. This book could be used successfully while teaching about immigration and the Great Depression. It could also be introduced while discussing point of view in the classroom.



5-8th Grade

Fountas and Pinnell: Level V




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review 2018-09-09 21:34
A Kiss Goodbye
A Kiss Goodbye - Audrey Penn,Barbara Leonard Gibson

This is another book my mom use to read to me as a little girl. She specially read this book to me when we had to move and change schools. This book is about a young racoon  named Chester who is forced to move from his home due to deforestation and into a new home. The text displays the obstacles Chester encounters while saying goodbye to his home. The book ends with chester loving his new home and making new friends.  This book could be used in a PreK-2nd grade classroom. The teacher could have new students read the book and talk about their thoughts on their new school or teachers might even read this to a group of children who transitioned from elementary to intermediate school. 



Fountas and Pinnell: L 

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url 2018-02-14 06:34
My Zedua

Zedua is a School discovery platform that provides, in depth information of around 1.6 million schools across India. 

Zedua offers search and compare of all the schools. Parents can compare 3 schools in a single frame and can choose the best school for their child based on facilities offered, and rating and reviews by fellow parents.


Connectivity - the mere definition of the concept has undergone a multitude of alterations over the past few decades. Technological advancements and changes in day to day lifestyle is the number one contender when it comes to reasons for the change in the concept and definition of connectivity. Zedua keeping itself abreast with the latest requirements and fast paced change, attempts to bridge this gap in connectivity between different groups and individuals.

Our core belief lies in the assumption that when individuals are connected, the world is a more harmonious place to live in. Focusing in the field of education and child care alone, there is a deep void in the connection between the various involved stakeholders. Stemming from this school of thought, Zedua provides 3 fundamental services – all linked to connectivity in some form of the other:


Search and Compare Schools: Day by dayit is increasingly becoming difficult to find a perfect school for your child. We at Zedua bring you a single platform that gives you complete information of all the schools across India, with rating and review given by parents. Search options based on a free drawn map by the parents according to their convenience and preferred locality will ease the process of choosing that perfect school for your child.  With data of as many as 1.5 million schools across India, it is sure to help you find a school in a jiffy.


Communication:We at Zedua believe that communication has the potential to solve any major crisis. It is with this motive that we attempt to be the largest platform providing a vista for communication to all the stakeholders involved in a child’s education. From parents, teachers, school authorities and even alumni, we intend to get them all on the same page. Our aim is to encourage staying connected, and herald a healthier ecosystem of learning for the students. We believe that when the various partakers in a child’s education are connected, their involvement increases the learning capacity of any student. 


GPS:Security, a major point of concern for modern parents, and rightfully so, is one of the pivotal factors that influence a child’s life. In light of the same, Zedua boasts of a wide range of services using the latest GPS system – to connect to every child’s bus service and track their movement during bus rides to and from school. It is with the vision of keeping our future generation safe that Zedua ventures into this space of GPS and tracking, thereby enhancing the importance of the issue of child security. 


Alumni Connect: Ever wondered what your batch mates have achieved in life till date, or which part of the world your favourite school gang is scattered? Look no more – Zedua is here to connect all the batch mates, seniors, juniors and the like to one another. We at Zedua believe that the collective effort of an alumni association has a far better outreach than the efforts of a single individual. It is with the vision of building the strongest community of alumni and contributors to world change that Zedua is proud to present this facility as a unique service.


Teachers: We at Zedua believe that we ought to be more grateful and appreciative of the efforts of all our teachers and mentors who have sculpted us into who we are today. Teachers all across the world have always been side-lined and are never given the importance that they deserve. Teachers are the second parents who nurture all their students to believe in themselves, dream and achieve.

All of what we have grown into is more often than not attributed to the sole efforts of our teachers. In an attempt to bring to fore the efforts of our mentors and teachers, Zedua attempts to put together a platform wherein we as students can be reunited with our teachers and express our gratitude to them, thereby enhancing the special bond between a teacher and a student. We at Zedua consider it an honour to be a catalyst in bridging the gap between the makers of leaders as well as the leaders themselves. We also strive to bring to light our sense of appreciation towards our teachers and mentors by way of virtual gifting and other means of virtual appreciation. It is with these principles and beliefs that we urge you to reconnect with your childhood and relive the good ol’ days.


Zedua’smission is to encourage constant communication between the various partakers in the field of education. We intend to curate discussions, tips, resources, blogs and many such useful parenting hacks that we believe will contribute to a more holistic development of our children. Our mission is also to sustain a lasting relationship between students and their teachers which will uphold high morals of respect, gratitude and togetherness.


In long sight, Zedua’svision is to enhance the quality of childhood, make the world a safer place to live in, and contribute widely to giving back to society. Zedua is excited to be a part of the change making process, and grow with children into the largest platform for all things relating to education and child care. Last but not the least, Zedua envisions a world wherecommunication structures in the education sector of the country witness a fourfold change in the path of harmony, safety and respect. 


To know more read about us at Zedua.

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review 2017-08-11 00:39
Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America’s Universities
Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America's Universities - Daniel Golden

I received this book via LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program in exchange for an honest review.


The openness of American colleges and universities for thought and research is seen by academics as the keystone to higher education.  However Daniel Golden writes in Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America’s Universities this is seen as opportunities to recruit agents and cultivate operatives as well steal technological innovations both by our own intelligence agencies and those across the globe.


Golden divided his book into foreign and domestic intelligence agencies exploitation of American universities.  The first focused how foreign agencies, mainly the Chinese, have been exploiting American universities need of prestige and tuition money to gain partnerships between Chinese universities and their American counterparts resulting in an exchange of students and professors.  Yet the most important focus of Golden’s investigation was on how the openness and collaboration within American university labs opens up opportunities for individuals to funnel research, including those paid by the U.S. government and American companies, to their home country to be exploit by their own government or to patient and start up a business.  The second half was on the complicated relationship between American intelligence agencies and universities, some of who encourage a relationship and those that do not.  The aspect of conflict between secrecy and openness is seen throughout the latter half of the book with 9/11 playing a pivotal role in each side’s views.  Unlike the first half of the book, this section is seen over the course of 60 years compared to more near 2000 but in a way to show that past is prologue.


As an investigative journalist, Golden uses extensive research and a multitude of interviews in giving a full history and the scale of a front in the global spy game that many in the United States haven’t been aware of.   Unfortunately for Golden the timing of this book while on the one hand current and on the other potentially dated.  Nearly all his interviews take place no later than 2015, but since the election of Donald Trump with a seemingly nativist groundswell behind him and student demonstrations against conservative speakers might have begun a fundamental shift that could drastically change how both American and foreign intelligence services are seen on American universities especially as a post-9/11 “tolerance” on campus changes to hostility.


Even though the subject Daniel Golden has written about could be in the midst of a sudden sea change, Spy Schools is still a book to read in at least to understand an important part of the global spy game.  Although no up-to-date, the recent and long-term history is significant for anyone who is concerned about national security and foreign intervention in American affairs.

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